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Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: Services

1. Question: Will you (as my representative) be doing the work?
Answer: A fully qualified crew will be assigned to implement your tree care. The representative will as a rule visit your property at the beginning of the job to review the work order with the foreman and more importantly at the end of the job to approve the work done. He/She will perform plant assessments and diagnose plant health problems. For complex problems, plant samples can be submitted to the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories for analysis and recommendations.
2. Question: Do I have to be home when you do the work?
Answer: In most cases, no. If you prefer to be present, we will try to accommodate your schedule.
We have to be able to get onto your property and bring in equipment if necessary. It is our goal to perform tree services safely and efficiently with a minimum of inconvenience to the client.
3. Question: Will the products used on my property for pest management and other plant health care treatments harm my pets and children?
Answer: Bartlett uses products that are registered for landscape pest management by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, our Laboratory Scientists carefully evaluate and approve company products. We use the least toxic products available for landscape plant care. In addition, our crews undergo annual training to ensure proper application techniques.
4. Question: Will all of the pruning cuts be painted?
Answer: Research has shown that tree paints do not suppress insect pests, disease or decay or provide any benefit to the plant. Certain wound dressing may actually damage plant cells.
5. Question: Will heavy equipment be brought onto my property?
Answer: It is possible, with your permission. If we have to we will use plywood to minimize the impact on the landscape. Keep in mind that this is heavy equipment and some impressions in the lawn are likely.
6. Question: Will you remove the debris from the job?
Answer: Yes, unless otherwise agreed upon at the point of sale. Cleanup is an important factor in tree care, it's advised to clearly discuss what you expect with your Arborist/Representative.
7. Question: How deep will the stump be ground?
Answer: Normally 4-6" unless otherwise agreed upon at the point of sale. You should also discuss any surface roots or other obstructions you'd like attended to. Also discuss debris removal with your Arborist/Representative. A large stump will produce a small truckload of chips.
8. Question: Do I need a permit for this work?
Answer: You may. It will vary widely from area to area. Check with your Arborist/Representative.
9. Question: Will you (the representative) get the permit for me?
Answer: It is normally the responsibility of the property owner to obtain any necessary permits. We can advise you about the permits you'll need. We can get the permits, but there will be a charge for this service.

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