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Evergreens and Winter Injury

winter burn evident on evergreens resulting from temperature extremes and drying winds 300x225 - Evergreens and Winter Injury

Signs of winter burn on evergreens.

Winds are fierce. Storms can break branches. But winter weather may bring other tree and shrub issues. Cold weather and fluctuating temperatures often result in damage called winter injury or winter burn.

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Quick Tips for Checking the Health of Your Trees

It’s always good to take a walk around your property and notice what’s happening with your trees and shrubs. You may spot something not quite right that could signify an underlying issue with the health of your landscape plants. If you do, it’s important to contact a Certified Arborist to determine what’s causing the problem.

H0A6416 300x200 - Quick Tips for Checking the Health of Your Trees

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Preparing Young Trees for the Future

Did you know that many structural defects that occur in older trees are preventable? Pruning trees when they are young helps ensure a strong and more structurally stable form as the tree grows. We call this practice structural pruning. It helps mitigate the need for more expensive tree care practices later in the life of the plant and can extend the lifespan of the tree by decreasing the likelihood of branch failures.

Chris small pruning saw cut89 300x199 - Preparing Young Trees for the Future

Pruning trees when they are young and growing helps encourage a stable form and minimize structural issues.

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The Trees of Christmas

christmas tree

How much do you actually know about the tree you bring into your home at Christmas? Whatever your favorite type of Christmas tree is, each has its own unique characteristics and fascinating history. Read on to learn more about some of the trees most commonly selected and decorated for a festive holiday!

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Spotted Lanternfly: Insect Invader

Sometimes when a non-native species is introduced to a new environment there is a devastating result. Whether the invasive species is a plant, animal, or pathogen, the presence of these invaders causes ecological or economic harm. Emerald Ash Borer, for example, has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees and now become well-established in North America. More recently, the invasive Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) has made its presence known, steadily increasing its range and causing feeding damage on a wide range of plants and trees since first being discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014.

adult spotted lanternfly 300x204 - Spotted Lanternfly: Insect Invader

The adult spotted lanternfly is easily identified by the spots on its wings and its crimson hindwings.

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