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Tree Seedlings Distributed for Earth Day and Arbor Day

tree seedlings being distributed for Arbor Day

Spring is a favorite time of year to enjoy the weather, work in the garden and just be outside in nature. The season also brings the holidays of Earth Day and Arbor Day. Celebrating these holidays means finding ways to protect the earth and give back to our environment. It’s no surprise that here at Bartlett that means trees — caring for trees, planting them and helping others in our communities embrace and acknowledge their benefits. To help do our part, Bartlett gave away over 30,000 trees this past April!

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Leaves Look Bad? Prevent & Treat Foliar Disease

dogwood anthracnose

We all know what healthy leaves look like, but what happens when they’re not healthy? Leaves can become discolored, have bumps or brown or red lesions. Smudgy spots on foliage or leaves that appear dried out or burned are also a sign of poor health. Problems impacting the leaves of trees have many causes. These foliar issues may be serious or simply cosmetic. Insects or mites are sometimes the cause. Further, drought or improper watering as well as root disease can make leaves turn yellow and die. However, foliar fungal diseases are most often the culprit.

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White Fir

foliage of white fir

Evergreen trees are frequently associated with sparkling snow and the Christmas season. Indeed, these trees shine in the landscape during winter when other color is hard to find. But the real value of evergreens is in their true, four-season beauty and adaptability. The white fir (Abies concolor) tree is no exception. This hardy species has good looks to offer all year long!

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Watch out for Hidden Ambrosia Beetles

ambrosia beetles

What do you do as soon as a warm spring day arrives? Get outside of course! But you’re not the only one anxious for temperatures to rise. Many overwintering insects are just waiting for warmer weather so that they can wake up. With the spring season now upon us, one tree-dwelling denizen that’s important to watch out for is ambrosia beetles.

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Analyze Before You Fertilize: Why Soil Analysis is Critical

soil sample

Healthy soil is the basis for healthy trees and shrubs. But all soils are different. The characteristics of the soil as well as nutrient levels vary from site to site. With this in mind, the best way to fertilize your trees and shrubs is to do so on the basis of a soil analysis.

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