Celebrating Trees in our Communities

During spring, we celebrate trees and the important role they play in our local communities! The holidays of Earth Day and Arbor Day both occur in April and provide many opportunities to get involved.

Tree Planting and Tree Care

As a tree service company, maintaining tree health is the core of our business. It’s what we do every day and what we love to do. That’s why it makes so much sense that we’re excited when April’s holidays come around. Earth Day helps raise awareness of protecting our natural resources, including trees of course! Arbor Day is a special time completely dedicated to the preservation of trees. We routinely work to promote these causes and are continually looking for ways to share the importance of trees and tree health. To emphasize this message in April, our offices frequently help plant trees. Further, we provide tree services like pruning for local organizations. For example, this year we pruned pin oaks at a middle school in Massachusetts. Additionally, we provided tree care for a park in Connecticut, to name a few.

Tree Seedling Giveaways

Whether we are at a local garden center, an Arbor Day event or a school, distributing free tree seedlings is one of our favorite things to do. Bartlett Tree Experts established the Bartlett Legacy Tree Program in 2014 with a goal of increasing tree planting and stewardship. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the program. Locally, Arborist Representatives will hand out more than 40,000 seedlings for Earth Day and Arbor Day. Through the program we communicate the benefits of planting trees while helping to reverse the increasing deficit of urban and suburban trees lost to development.

Community and School Event Participation

There are many activities to attend in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day. Visiting school children is one example. Kids love getting their hands dirty and learning about trees! This year, middle schoolers in New York enjoyed talking with arborists as much as elementary students in Pennsylvania. Not surprisingly, grownups can be equally passionate about trees.  We chatted with attendees at an Earth Fair in North Carolina and a Daffodil Festival in New Jersey.

Latest News

Being a leader in the tree care industry means continually focusing on learning and innovation. Bartlett’s Tree Topics blog follows in that tradition by offering a place to receive advice on trees, tree pests, tree preservation, and more.

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