Yesterday at a fall festival, there was a tree giveaway, however I never was told the names of the trees I acquired. Since I do not know the names, I do not know how to care for them. One reaches 15 feet with purple and white flowers. The other is 20 feet and supposedly has bright fall colors, but its leaves have already fallen. Could you identify these for me?

The smaller tree is a vitex and the slightly larger tree is a Shantung maple. Both get the same treatment for the first year or so. Plant them in a pot outside making sure their roots are level with the top of the soil - don’t bury them at the bottom of the pot and pile on a bunch of potting soil. You don’t have to water every day but to make sure the soil doesn’t get completely dry. After the root systems have developed you can plant them in the ground. Again make sure the roots are close to the surface. Or you can contact us by clicking here.

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