Find out answers to the commonly asked questions about Bartlett Tree Experts.

General Information FAQs (34)

  1. What is an Arborist?
  2. Why can't my tree be topped?
  3. What is wrong with my tree? What do you recommend? Does it need Pruning/Pest Management/Fertilisation/Removal (hazardous)?
  4. How often and how much should I water my trees?
  5. What causes those green clumps in my lawn?
  6. How do I pay for the work?
  7. Can I pay my bill online?
  8. Where can I find my customer account number?
  9. My Magnolia tree is roughly 30 feet tall and about 40 years old. As of late spring, some leaves are wilted and the newer leaves are a lighter green. The flowers are still blooming but quickly wilt and die. We had a dry winter but I've been giving plenty of water. Any suggestions?
  10. I have two acres that have 100 to 200 year old Post Oak trees with Spanish Moss on the branches. I would like to get them trimmed properly, so I don't lose the trees to disease. Neighbors have lost other trees from pruning at the wrong time. What is the cost of getting them pruned? Also, there is a Peach Bouganvilla tree I would like to plant on the land but have been unable to locate a nursery that carries the type. It has a thick trunk and it is at least 30-40 ft. tall. Could you direct me to a nursery that would carry such a tree?
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