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Property Evaluation

To have someone visit your government property for a consultation, schedule an appointment with an arborist representative.

Bartlett's market reach covers residential, commercial, and government properties. As a government contractor, we can offer competitive bids and provide service with timely implementation.

Our local tree service offices provide comprehensive tree and shrub care services regardless of property size or scope of work. We can also service multiple locations. We have the training, crews, and equipment available to manage work on a large scale.

Our trained Arborist Representatives will consult with site landscape management to discuss our programmes and to offer specific recommendations for the property.

An international company, Bartlett has been providing tree and shrub care services for over 100 years and over 100 offices worldwide. Our trained and certified arborists will visit your location for an assessment and offer recommendations for your property.

Green Initiatives

Bartlett promotes green initiatives company-wide. We're dedicated to developing environmentally sound products and promoting their use on our clients' properties.

Learn more about our green initiatives…

Company Highlights

Over 100 local offices serving 30 U.S. states, Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland
A commitment to treating trees and nurturing them back to good health – to achieve a balance of nature, science, and environmental responsibility
A staff of scientists including Ph.D.s and technicians trained in plant pathology, entomology, and physiology that aid our field staff in plant diagnosis and treatment
Advanced arboricultural technology like hand-held computers to store landscape data, global positioning systems to map plant locations, and a patented root care programme that leverages supersonic air tools
An unsurpassed safety record in the arboricultural field with a commitment to ongoing training in safety techniques and procedures
A tangible plan for reducing our carbon footprint through naturally based service offerings as well as sustainable operating practices like use of bio-diesel fuels in many trucks and other equipment
The 350-acre Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories in Charlotte, North Carolina where new discoveries are made to benefit the industry as well as customers
1,500+ employees worldwide including highly skilled arborists who understand the unique needs of the plant life in the areas in which they operate
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