Commitment to a Greener Environment

Our company was one of the first to develop and implement an integrated pest management programme that uses alternative products and methods for control of pests and diseases. These options are used whenever possible with the clients' approval.

Organic Products and Programmes Developed by Bartlett

BOOST™ NaturalOMRI Listed
Our OMRI-listed fertiliser, BOOST™ Natural, is the only organic tree and shrub fertiliser proven effective for supplying nutrients in a single application.
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Monitor Rx™
Monitor Rx™, our organic pest management programme, helps maintain naturally healthy landscapes while preserving the environment and communities in which you live and work.
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Bartlett Tree Experts Arborist Representative

Bartlett is committed as a company to using environmentally sustainable products and equipment. As a result, we use alternate fuel sources and hybrid cars in many of our operating areas and look to further expand their use in our fleet.

The latest Bartlett introduction is BOOST® Natural fertiliser, an organic all natural-based treatment. Its use yields a number of benefits for trees that include enhanced color, denser foliage, increased root growth, and better resistance to pests and disease.

BOOST® Natural is the only organic-based fertiliser that meets industry standards for supplying nutrients in a single application. It has also been approved for listing by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

BOOST Natural® organic soil management
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