Many tree species in our area, including sycamore, dogwood, oak & maple suffer from a fungus disease called Anthracnose. Call TODAY to protect and preserve your landscape plants.



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Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Washington, D.C. and suburban Maryland Area

Arborists in our Washington, D.C. and suburban Maryland office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Washington, D.C. area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Washington, D.C. tree services.

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Bartlett offers tree care services such as tree cabling and tree trimming to the greater Washington, D.C. area, including suburban Maryland and the District of Columbia; Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, and Germantown in Montgomery County, Maryland; as well as the city of Laurel in Prince George's County, and parts of Howard County, including Fulton and Columbia, MD.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • District of Columbia
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George's County

Popular Tree Services for the Washington, D.C. and Suburban Maryland Area

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Bracing

Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service

Fertilization and Soil Care

Fertilization and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management



Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Washington, D.C. Office Staff

Bill Eck

Bill Eck

Local Manager/Arborist Representative
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Ryan Grubb

Ryan Grubb

Arborist Representative
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Christopher Larkin

Christopher Larkin

Arborist Representative
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Tim Zastrow

Tim Zastrow

Arborist Representative
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Nick Scaletta

Nick Scaletta

Arborist Representative
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Michael Leibfreid

Michael Leibfreid

Arborist Representative
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Joshua Nadler

Joshua Nadler

Arborist Representative
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Michael DeGregorio

Michael DeGregorio

Arborist Representative
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James Maddox

James Maddox

Arborist Representative
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Patrick Quin

Patrick Quin

Arborist Representative
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Riley Smith

Riley Smith

Arborist Representative
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Forest Bowen III

Forest Bowen III

Arborist Representative
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Phil Kline

Phil Kline

Safety Coordinator
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Joyce Baldo

Joyce Baldo

Administrative Assistant
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Kim Actis

Kim Actis

Administrative Assistant
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Louisa Demmerle

Louisa Demmerle

Administrative Assistant
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Irimar Waters

Irimar Waters

Administrative Assistant
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Prepare trees for spring

After winter ends, your trees and shrubs will be working hard to establish spring growth. A soil test in early spring can help determine the precise nutrients needed for that growth, yielding a fuller canopy and vibrant, health foliage.

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Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Many thanks for the superb work of the crew in cutting our big Redwood tree. It was challenging but they did a great job.
Dilek B. , Washington, DC

We have had the pleasure of working with Bartlett since the late 90's at our current address and have always found them to be thoroughly professional and most solicitous of our needs. Michael is the fourth representative we have known over these past twenty years and he has upheld the high level of competence we have come to know and expect from Bartlett.
Greta H., Potomac, MD

I was delighted at the rapid response and work done. The tree seemed ready to fall and was removed in time with no damage done to my property.
Donald N., Bethesda, MD

Ryan and the crew have been wonderful. They represent the company very well.
Neil B., Bethesda, MD

I always enjoy meeting with Joshua Nadler. He is knowledgeable and informative and never feel pressured by him to spend money we do not need to. I feel I can trust him to give very good advice. He is always very responsive whenever we have questions about our trees.
Kerry B., Gaithersburg, MD

You promised artists to trim our trees and you certainly delivered. They did a fabulous job.
Kathleen M., Hyattsville, MD

Mike DeGregorio is always courteous and responsive and is very professional. Our experience with Bartlett has been excellent. I do have confidence that the work will be done correctly. Very reliable company.
Paula S., Potomac, MD

Mike Leibfreid is an excellent arborist and provides superior customer service. Patrick also does a great job treating our property.
Jennifer E., Rockville, MD

Bartlett already works with us on two properties, and I have already referred my mother to Bartlett. We very much appreciate all you do.
Linda K, Silver Spring, MD

Nick Scaletta keeps better track of our trees than we do, thankfully. The crews that trim and fertilize are polite, friendly, and speak English well.
Larry O., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta was very knowledgeable and responsive. It took no time to schedule the work and the crew members who pruned our myrtles were very polite and did a great job.
Carol N., Chevy Chase, MD

The Bartlett crew was extremely courteous and helpful. I have confidence in their work.
Barbara Z., Bethesda, MD

Everyone was polite, courteous, and did an excellent job.
Leonard B., Potomac, MD

The onsite crew was very polite and capable. Great job.
Melanie H., Boyds, MD

Mike DeGregorio responded so fast to my phone call and helped us when our driveway was blocked by a tree.
Amelie T., Potomac, MD

Mike is amazing. Usually comes to inspect damage the same day and tree removal is within a few days. He is a pleasure.
Carol Y., Potomac, MD

They were exceptionally careful in their work.
Margaret F., Silver Spring, MD

I am very pleased with Michael Leibfreid. He is professional and courteous.
Robert K., Olney, MD

I found Mr. Leibfreid and the administrative staff to be responsive and knowledgeable. Miguel and the crew members worked quickly, but with due care, and left the site in a neat and tidy condition. Overall, the Bartlett service was first class. I have quite a few mature trees, and I will be calling again in the future. I will also recommend Bartlett to friends and neighbors.
Callum M. , Silver Spring, MD

Ryan Grubb and Luis are the best. So kind and personable, always calls me by name, a smile, or a wave if working elsewhere on the street. Their good nature is as weighted a factor for me in doing business with Bartlett as is the excellence of your pruning and tree care.
Mary J. P., Bethesda, MD

The crew did a great job and it was perfect for the relocation of the satellite dish which was moved into the back yard between the pine trees. The signal is wonderful, I might get some grass to grow now that there is light over that way. You really came through for us.
Jennifer T., Gaithersburg, MD

The crew did a great job removing a large tree from our property. They did exactly as requested and cleaned up the debris which was everywhere. What a nice job done by two hardworking young men.
Bob and Helen S., Derwood, MD

I was amazed by Bartlett's prompt service after a wind storm took down trees in the area, many on top of houses and cars and in situations far more dire than my own. Bill was able to come by within three hours of my call to look at the tree, and a crew showed up that afternoon, well ahead of when I thought it would be possible. Thank you for making the trauma of losing a beloved tree so much easier to deal with.
Allison G., Washington, DC

Very impressed with Mike and the crew. All knowledgeable, arrived on time, efficient, friendly, and they cleaned up beautifully after their work clearing a fallen tree. I look forward to upcoming work this spring to bring my sugar maple back to good health.
Brad D., Gaithersburg, MD

The crew members are always polite and respectful. Josh Nadler always listens to me and helps me decide what my husband and I should do on our property.
Lynn J. , Laytonsville, MD

I have been very pleased with your service over many years and will be happy to recommend Bartlett to my friends. Ryan Grubb has been very helpful in dealing with Montgomery County.
Barbara W., Bethesda, MD

Bartlett is prompt, pleasant, and thorough and I was an "add-on" customer that day. I will never use anyone but Nick and his crew again.
Ketch R., Chevy Chase, MD

Chris Larkin gave careful, considered, and informed advice. The crew executed the project expertly and professionally. Bartlett charges a pretty penny, but in return does an beautiful job.
Stanley B. , Silver Spring, MD

I have been using Bartlett for years and they are fantastic. They have consistently gone above and beyond in their service, providing both advice and future planning. They are especially sensitive to the landscaping making sure to have as little impact as possible. Great company.
Jerry E., Silver Spring, MD

Could not be better! Exceptional service, great communication, and yay, I finally know what that weird tree on the corner is called.
Meghan S., Gaithersburg, MD

Ryan is always so prompt and all your staff is courteous.
Nancy H., Bethesda, MD

Bill Eck always comes as soon as I call and explains all the work that has to be done.
Pegi M., Washington, DC

Josh has always made everything easier as to the care and advice on our trees. We went with a tree suggestion for our backyard, a paper bark maple, we ended getting two! The crew that did the work on the trees in the yard were excellent, polite, and efficient and the trees look great!
Sheila C., Washington Grove, MD

The staff has always been pleasant and courteous. I am very pleased and proud with Bartlett and I always let people know that I am a customer that is why my place always looks so nice.
Marge S., Gaithersburg, MD

Josh Nadler is a great guy who is genuinely interested in what he does. He is very responsive when I email questions, and he is always helpful when we discuss what needs to be done on my property.
Marian W., Rockville, MD

Elvin is great, a very talented and patient tree trimmer. We think the world of Mike, knowledgeable, responsive, reliable, and an all-around nice guy.
Nancy H., Potomac, MD

I appreciate Ryan's customer service and honest opinion. He is open to discussion and our needs with reasonable considerations.
Wayne F., Bethesda, MD

All who have attended to our home these past years have been wonderful. Ryan as my contact, Louis the sprayer, Bill the tree trimmer, and those at the office I thank so much. We are selling our home at the end of February, but we will put in a good word regarding Bartlett. I am so grateful for the maintenance system we put into play regarding the white pine, dogwoods, azaleas, and shrubbery. I leave a healthy landscape as my gift to the new owners.
Emily K., Bethesda, MD

I was able to learn somethings from Joshua about the trees in our yard and he explained the issues he saw and how to fix them.
Alan F., Kensington, MD

Michael DeGregorio was terrific. Not only knowledgeable but very patient with the many questions from this novice. I feel I have a friend at Bartlett.
Mary Lou D., Potomac, MD

I really appreciate Michael's help getting our work done and the hard work of the crew cleaning everything up. The trees/bushes look so much better. I look forward to working with Bartlett again in the future.
Keri T., Poolesville, MD

Excellent work, have used you for years.
Ronald S., Washington, DC

Nick was prompt and professional. Provided important information about the work performed and why. The crew did a great job.
John T., Chevy Chase, MD

Service was accomplished by experts in a very professional manner.
Malcolm L., Derwood, MD

The staff is very knowledgeable about the trees and carefully checks my property for potential problems as well as the health of the trees. Ryan is very helpful in explaining information about any concerns.
Nikki M. , Bethesda, MD

Arborist is very knowledgeable, timely, and responsive. Gave very sound advice.
Jane V., Washington, DC

I greatly appreciate the individual attention Joshua Nadler has given to our yard over several years. He has a keen eye for potential problems and opportunities in the landscape. Years of care and disease treatment have saved a great Dogwood tree that is now gorgeous!
Linda M., Montgomery Village, MD

Your technical support staff, who did the trimming and spraying, are always very polite. I can't say enough about them. We appreciate Michael's careful attention to our property.
Janet W., College Park, MD

Josh Nadler and all the technicians who have worked for us are prompt, professional, polite, and thorough. We are very pleased with the work they have done for us.
Ellen H., Kensington, MD

I have always had good service from Nick and his crew.
Anne B., Washington, DC

When I got home yesterday and looked things over, I was astounded. Everything was cleaned up perfectly, the yard, the generator, the house roof, the trees. You are certainly right that you have a top quality crew. Their work was highly professional, smooth, and fast. They worked safely and clearly knew the best practices for their potentially dangerous profession. I also appreciate your professionalism and sound rational advice. It was very good that we could make the change in plans for the back yard silver maple. With our aging population of trees, and our desire to keep them going as long as possible, I'm sure we'll be asking for your help on a regular basis.
Phil N., Derwood, MD

I always enjoy working with Mike DeGregorio. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Frank L., Potomac, MD

Christopher explains things so we can understand our particular landscape without being confused. We appreciate that Mike calls us before arriving, also that he takes time to answer any concerns with patience. I liked the card that's was left on the front door after the a job is done.
Doris S., Washington, DC

Bill, your help and deep knowledge of tree health have been outstanding on all levels!
Emily H., Washington, DC

Great team to work with. I fired my previous tree people for poor work, Mike and Gilberto do excellent work at fair prices.
Irv E., Potomac, MD

Ryan Grubb was very helpful in getting the huge limb cut up and removed as soon as possible, they did an excellent job.
Sharon O., Bethesda, MD

Mike explains his recommendations clearly and honestly, so I trust him.
Sigrid H., Gaithersburg, MD

Nick Scaletta is responsive, available, and always on the job to help us.
Fred P., Chevy Chase, MD

Ryan has always been quite responsive and helpful in addressing our concerns. The same can be said for Luis.
Marshall S., Bethesda, MD

Very kind people. Very knowledgeable and patient with my million questions. I would highly recommend Bartlett tree services.
Laurie S., Germantown, MD

Mr. Grubb has been very professional and helpful with any concerns I have about my trees and shrubs.
Sharon O., Bethesda, MD

Josh did a great job, all concerns were addressed. I certainly will recommend Bartlett.
Diane M., Kensington, MD

I am pleased with all of the staff at Bartlett. They always show up when they say they will and they do a good job.
John E., Germantown, MD

Appreciate the call ahead about opening the gate, the professionalism of your worker, and the flexibility on letting us choose what we want done by year.
Ann D., Rockville, MD

Josh is very helpful and very responsive. He is very knowledgeable and works with us on our needs. I enjoy working with him.
Patty B., Rockville, MD

Prompt and courteous response. Josh always clearly explains what the problems are and what needs to be done to resolve them. Excellent service from the crew.
Josefina C., Rockville, MD

Thank you to Mr. Leibfreid, and to Ms. Actis, for prompt, accurate, and courteous service, and to their crew for their work. I continue to rely on them for keeping my trees healthy and in bounds.
Dave T., Rockville, MD

Ryan Grubb and all the crew members who have worked on my property have been extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and great to work with. I depend on them to keep my trees growing beautifully every year.
Jill M., Bethesda, MD

Mr. Scaletta has saved our holly trees, he was very flexible in scheduling the trimming of our oak during our half-year of thinking about it. The three man crew doing the trimming had Mr. Scaletta's instructions on what to trim and carried them out. They worked very efficiently and I was amazed at how much dead wood they found. The two working in the tree were incredible the way they worked at those heights. The man on the ground was kept busy gathering branches as they fell. Our yard was cleaner when they left than when they arrived. The price was competitive with another bid.
Larry O., Washington, DC

Ryan is always very responsive and helpful. Your crew is courteous, arrive on time, and leave the site clean.
Lori M. , Bethesda, MD

Always glad to see the Bartlett truck in front of my house, It means my trees and shrubs are receiving the best possible health care. This translates into the improved safety and appearance of my home and other structures on the property.
Sherwood M., Silver Spring, MD

Josh is always helpful and patient. I always appreciate his honesty in his recommendations and in answering my questions.
Melissa R., Rockville, MD

Mike seemed very knowledgeable. Look forward to working with him.
Carol J., Potomac, MD

Nick is a pleasure to work with and the crew who did the pruning were polite accommodating, and very neat. The holly looks even better than I imagined it could and my yard was left immaculate. The neighbors have been commenting on the great job on.
Carin R., Washington, DC

I especially appreciate the personal service I receive from Ryan. Each time a member of the team comes to provide service, he rings the doorbell and lets me know what he is going to be doing. I appreciate that extra touch very much.
Susan P., Bethesda, MD

The crew did a superb job in spite of a very uncooperative neighbor. Very professional, respectful, and excellent.
Ann S., Adelphi, MD

Danny and Ezekiel were professional, efficient, and friendly. They join many of their colleagues at Bartlett as excellent representatives of their company. Joshua Nadler has been so accessible and pro-active throughout our relationship with Bartlett. We will always use Bartlett for any tree-related needs.
Sean F., Derwood, MD

Josh Nadler, our arborist rep is fantastic, always courteous and most informative regarding all of the work that was planned and eventually completed. The tree crew with Danny at the helm, was amazingly fast, neat, and thorough. I have always been very pleased with the work Bartlett has done over the years and this year has been equally as good.
Sheila C., Washington Grove, MD

Staff was great, very helpful in taking care of all of our concerns.
Michael B., Gaithersburg, MD

Nick Scaletta clearly described the work that should be done and when. Earlier, his solution to the scale infestation saved our bushes. The work then, and on November 5, was carried out thoroughly and efficiently.
Ralph & Sandra M., Chevy Chase, MD

The tree trimming crew completed the job quickly and according to all specifications, they did a beautifully artistic job as well, not just tree surgeons, but plastic surgeons! I wouldn't have thought that possible. Also they were kind enough to clean out the section of rain gutter that was clogged with leaves where the tree they removed had been overhanging the house roof. I am beyond satisfied I am delighted!
Patricia M., Rockville, MD

Josh is very helpful and takes time to explain. I feel I can discuss different options with him without pressure.
Carol A., Laytonsville, MD

Bill Eck is always very helpful and responsive . I count on him to take care of our trees and have always been fully satisfied.
Susan L., Washington, DC

Michael Leibfreid and crew member Patrick were always courteous and responsive to our concerns and questions. We enjoyed working with them very much.
Peggy S., Brookeville, MD

Josh has been very professional and responsive. All Bartlett crew members have been polite, punctual, and efficient. We think Bartlett has done a great job for us and look forward to continuing to work with Josh and other crew members.
Ellen H., Kensington, MD

Josh Nadler is a true professional, and seems very dedicated to his job and to his clients. I enjoy working with him, and having the value of his expertise.
Anna H., Kensington, MD

The receptionist who took my call was wonderful, so helpful and professional and the arborist Josh Nadler was outstanding in every way! He always replied to my e-mails, answered questions or any concerns we had about the tree removal in a timely manner, always called us back and was friendly and professional. I am thoroughly impressed with the work you and especially with your staff and customer service. We hope to do business with your company again. Thank you for a job well done!
Anna W., Gaithersburg, MD

I find it easy to make arrangements with Ryan Grubb and communicate with him. The trees on my property are being saved and are well-maintained.
Neil B., Bethesda, MD

Josh is awesome. He is patient, attentive, and listens to our wants. Then he follows through with our wants.
Tom M., Gaithersburg, MD.

We thought Nick was terrific and appreciated his honesty about the outlook for our ailing tree. Would happily recommend him!
Renne B., Washington, DC

Josh, the representative who came out to see what I wanted trimmed, was very professional and nice. The guys who came to trim the trees were also very nice.
Charlene M., Germantown, MD

Josh Nadler is always so informative and courteous. He makes recommendations about our property, but is never pushy. Our trees look great! Mike came out this time and was also very nice about explaining what he was doing (spraying and fertilizing). He was knowledgeable about the products and generous with his time to talk to me and answer questions.
Kerry B., Gaithersburg, MD

Great service from everyone who did various jobs. The yard was cleaned up after the trimming of the biggest tree - I would not have known they had done anything. I was about to email about feeding a tree and the tech showed up. Great timing.
Margaret P., Rockville, MD

Try asking plumbing questions at Home Depot. Good luck. Expertise is hard to find, and there is no substitute for knowledge. I particularly enjoy Mr. Christopher Larkin's expertise. I value that Bartlett sends me an expert, not a salesman. This is my second time working with Mr. Larkin, and our work is ongoing. Great job.
Erich H., Washington, D.C.

Mike Leibfreid is a very conscientious and pleasant person whom I believe goes above and beyond his duties as an Arborist Representative. We appreciate working with him. We have been pleased with the punctual services provided: tree repair, tick, and fertilizing of large trees in our yard.
Betty H., Upper Marlboro, MD

Michael Leibfreid has been great to work with. He was patient with us and came to our home more than once to help us figure out the best plan of action for removing the tree. He was able to answer all of our questions.
Kevin B., Oxon Hill, MD

I work with Nick Scaletta on several properties I manage in Washington D.C. He and the crews never fail to be professional, courteous, transparent, flexible, and do their best to make sure every job is done right.
Mike A., Washington, D.C.

Scott is knowledgeable and helpful. On time for his appointment. Friendly, but not overstaying.
Sigrid H., Gaithersburg, MD

Ryan Grubb is amazing! We were out of town, and returned last Friday evening to find a huge tree branch covering our front yard. In less than 24 hours, on a Saturday(!) it was all gone and cleaned up. Ryan and the crew have done several projects at our house and I have been delighted with all of their work.
Helen S., Bethesda, MD

My arborist representative, Bill Eck, was extremely knowledgeable, informative, and thorough in his assessment of the trees on our property. He offered a variety of recommendations, allowing me to discuss the level of work to which I wanted to commit my resources. Scheduling was a breeze, and the crew arrived precisely at the appointed hour. They worked efficiently, taking care with every item on the work order. The supervisor, Phil, was pleasant and professional throughout the day. And the clean-up was amazing - one would never have guessed the extent of the work that was done. An A+ rating for all personnel!
Sara M., Washington, D.C.

I am very grateful for the wonderful service I have received from Bartlett in general, and Ryan Grubb in particular. I rely on his judgment and trust his recommendations, and have been extremely satisfied with all the work that has been done.
Helen S., Bethesda, MD

Mike and his crew were outstanding. We will be using them for future services. Mike has spent time on-site and in e-mail answering my questions and ensuring he understood my requirements and that the work Bartlett has accomplished would satisfy those requirements.
Craig B., Clarksburg, MD

Joshua Nadler is a very knowledgeable arborist, and he did a great job planning our work. Luis, Edward, and Sergio did a great job on site, and were very friendly and professional from start to finish. They were very respectful of my neighbors' properties as well. Sean F., Derwood, MD

Josh Nadler was very personable, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional to work with in determining the scope of work to be done. I greatly appreciated that he worked with me to have our pruning done by Michael Burke, which was my special request. I am impressed by Michael Burke's artistic eye and the obvious care and enthusiasm that he has for trees and plants. I trusted him to prune and care for our beloved oak leaf hydrangeas and our Japanese maple tree that my husband had received as a seedling from his father and planted in our yard. Our yard is small and our plants are few, but they are special to us and the quality of care they receive matters a lot to us. That's why we choose and trust Bartlett! Margaret G., Kensington, MD

We have used Mr. Kaplan for many years now and have always been impressed with how he manages our property. We are very happy with him, and the crews that come to work on our trees. Always a good job. Fred G., Potomac, MD

Nick Scaletta is a real pro and a pleasure to work with. Charles K., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was a pleasure to deal with he responded rapidly to all of my questions. He efficiently prepared an estimate for the project. The crew was incredible, efficient, polite, and hardworking. I was impressed that they all used the proper safety protection. I will not hesitate to use Bartlett for all my future needs. Anne K., Chevy Chase, MD

It is a pleasure to be working with Ryan Grubb. He is competent, very knowledgeable, and personally pleasant, as are all of the Bartlett staff who have worked here by the way. I have made some neighborhood referrals and everyone finds Ryan and his team the best to work with including those who are true horticulturists. Nan K., Bethesda, MD

Ryan was great to deal with. He gave us great advice about our trees particularly after Pepco wanted to take down one of our trees. Matthew H., Bethesda, MD

Bartlett staff is always courteous and informative. They make sure the client understands what is needed on the property and why, and when working always explain what they will be doing. Mary H., Bethesda, MD

Scott Kaplan and his team were great. Gregory B.,Gaithersburg, MD

They were great! Josh is a wonderful consultant - thoughtful and knowledgeable - instructive and not at all "pushy" about work that may or may not need to be done. I have had a lot of work done this past year - several large trees removed and other smaller projects - couldn't be happier! Mary M., Rockville, MD

Scott Kaplan provides great service and is always willing to go that extra "mile" to help us or give us great advice. He was a real life saver after the extensive tree damage we had from the horrible storms that came through our area on 6/29/12, quickly clearing our driveway so we could get out and Pepco and other repair services could get in. And he's been very responsive to periodic storm damage or just general tree care as needed. Please keep Scott as our area rep! We don't have much contact with your crews - but when we have, they've all been very professional and polite. Nancy M., Potomac, MD

Josh is a knowledgeable and personable professional. He puts up with my lists of questions regarding the plants in our yard and approaches all topics with clear answers and a sense of humor. I look forward to seeing the results of the work. Daniel M., Kensington, MD

All were professional and obviously competent, beginning with our Arborist, Chris Larkin. We appreciated his oversight visit during the day of work to ensure things were going smoothly and to see if we had any questions. At the end of the job, the crew chief walked us around the property to show what had been done, and why. They said they would be here between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., and they were at our door at 8:28 a.m. Very pleased. Julia T, Bowie, MD

Bill Eck was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The team that did the work (led by Phil) was quick and courteous. Lauren W., Washington, D.C.

Joshua Nadler is the only staff member I have met and he has been extremely helpful in providing me with the information I need to make informed decisions. Ann M., Rockville, MD

Ryan Grubb is awesome and visits our property frequently because he works in only our "hood" which makes us know we are in capable hands and watchful eyes. That kind of service is golden. Victoria G., Bethesda, MD

Bill Eck is very responsive and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with. The people he sends are always courteous and do a great job. Greer G., Washington, D.C.

Representative Ryan Grubb is knowledgeable, helpful, and never pressured me. He went out of his way multiple times to meet my needs and insure excellent service. The head of pruning crew was professional and conscientious, contacting me each step of way with issues that arose, and taking full responsibility for the exemplary execution of the project. Mary Jo P., Bethesda, MD

Bill Eck is very knowledgeable and helpful. He noticed and brought to my attention an infestation affecting shrubs on my property even though that was not the purpose of his visit. Roberta C., Washington, D.C.

All of your representatives were polite, professional, and willing to answer all of our questions. Robert D., Rockville, MD

Josh has been great! Very knowledgeable, responsive, and honest. Steve F., Kensington, MD

Absolutely top notch in every respect. Really artistic and careful about the shapes and creating beautiful skeletons in the branches. Careful and safe even though it is pretty "hairy" doing what they do. Nick wrote a very thorough contract and was extremely knowledgeable from the get-go. Jill L., Washington, D.C.

Excellent service. I highly recommend them. I appreciate their expertise and trust their recommendations. Amy L., Gaithersburg, MD

Both Nick and Harry are very professional, and communicate well about the issues we are working on; they are a pleasure to work with. Peter D., Chevy Chase, MD

Scott Kaplan is a total professional, knowledgeable, and responds promptly to any perceived problem or question we present to him. We are completely satisfied with his service and Bartlett generally. Marjorie M., Potomac, MD

Having arrived home safely from vacation, I went over to my son's house to see the "lack of tree." As I expected, the work was done well. Nothing damaged, no debris left behind, and the fence gates both closed tightly. I spoke with my son and he is also very happy with the job. Thank you! Christine S., Germantown, MD

I have absolute confidence in Bartlett's assessment and suggested maintenance. Glad to know the Bradford's in such healthy shape. The kids will love playing outback under its shady goodness for years to come. Matt A., Washington, D.C.

We have had a wide variety of services performed this spring -- tree removal, stump grinding, soil analysis, fertilization, and tree spraying. Chris Larkin and his team are always professional, courteous, tidy, and knowledgeable&and they seem happy at their jobs. It speaks well of the company. We have dealt with Chris for years and find him to be a valued consultant for our garden. Bill K., Adelphi, MD

We have used Bartlett's services since we moved to Bethesda in the early 1980s. We really appreciate the knowledge, care, and courtesy Bartlett staff bring to the job. And, it's especially nice to know that in case of a serious event like a fallen tree, we are confident about who to call. Thank you to Frido Van Kesteren, Tim Zastrow, and now to Nick Scaletta. Anna A., Chevy Chase, MD

I am super happy with the work on my Crepe Myrtle. The guys were careful and neat. I will definitely use Bartlett for now on. Amy F., Gaithersburg, MD

Thank you so much for arranging Michael B. to come over and do the pruning and fertilization and teaching me how to do it (although I would still approach it with the awe and fear of brain surgery)! He was excellent! His expertise was clear and his love of his work totally evident. He was infinitely patient with my thousands of questions and answered each one clearly and kindly. He never once implied that I was totally out to lunch!

With all the mistakes that I have made over the many years of home ownership, finding Bartlett and hiring you was one of my most notable moments of brilliance.

Thank you for coming to my rescue with my lone little crepe myrtle. If there is anyway I can help you or your company, please let me know!Kathy S., Gaithersburg, MD

Ryan was great to work with&I had confidence in his recommendations, and he and the crew did a great job in thinning out my large tree canopy, safely, and cleanly. I also appreciated their flexibility and responsiveness when my neighbor came by and asked that we also include some work on my side of the fence that would improve her property. Many thanks! Kathy S., Bethesda, MD

Nick was great  very flexible in scheduling and rescheduling due to multiple weather delays; and very diplomatic and patient in dealing with my difficult neighbor whose agreement we needed to do work on her tree. Christopher S., Washington, D.C.

I could not say enough good things about our arborist, Nick Scaletta. He was extremely professional, honest and helpful. I was very impressed by the quality of service. Thank you, Nick. Brett D., Washington, D.C.

Scott has always been very attentive, prompt, knowledgeable, and exceptionally careful with all his jobs here. Some of the work (from another job) needed to be taken care of from the neighbor's yard. They have a *sports court* that had to be protected. Scott made sure to take excellent care of their property and keep them directly updated on all aspects as well. Scott knows I have 8 dogs and makes sure that he and any workers give me advance notice and close and lock all gates behind them. On this recent job Mike was head of the crew. Before he brought his trucks in the driveway he knocked on the door to let me know they were here. Scott had held the work until the ground was frozen to prevent damage to a septic field. Mike and his two men worked all day. They removed a 35 year old pin oak. It was closely situated among mature pines, a privacy fence, a two story pool house and the patio and pool. They also removed a very large dead willow tree at the back of the property and a large branch from a cherry tree that was too close to the front of the house. I asked if they could pick up and take some light branches that had blown down from the pine trees. Although it was not on their work order they were happy to do so. It was a very cold day and at the end of it Mike was still relaxed, smiling and clearly loved the work he does and takes pride in it. Although I didn't have a chance to chat with the other workers I'm sure they were as excellent as their supervisor. I've lived in this home for 32 years. In all that time Bartlett Tree has proved to be the most professional company with the nicest people I have ever worked with. Thank you so much! Dianne S., Potomac, MD

Services performed included: Pruning and shaping a Magnolia Tree, Crepe Myrtle and several other trees. I was met by a company representative (this is my second time using Bartlett). We talked about what the work entailed, a work order was written up and reflected everything that was talked about at the visit. Prices reflected that as well. The workmen showed up in the window that was discussed and the work was done and the yard was left immaculate. Carolyn B., Kensington, MD

We have two very large 100-year old sycamore trees behind our house, both with deadwood which had started to break off and fall on our patio area. We were concerned that this was a dangerous situation, so we contacted several tree companies in the area to get estimates. Tim Zastrow, the arborist sent by Bartlett Tree Experts, did a really nice job explaining to us the type of maintenance sycamores need, we were confident that the solution he proposed was the right one. He also recommended putting in a lightning protection system in both sycamores, which we thought was a pretty good idea.

Bartlett's wasn't the least expensive of the companies we contacted, but it also wasn't the most expensive (by far). Tim offered a discount if we wanted to wait until November to get the work done, but since the deadwood was falling now, we decided to go ahead and schedule the work. The team that came out was excellent -- they arrived exactly when they said they would and did exactly what we contracted them to do. The tree climbers are highly skilled. We were worried that falling branches might hit our new metal roof, but the climbers were careful. They did a great job, and our new lightning protection system will be a conversation piece for sure. The job took most of the day, and Tim came out to check on the work himself. It was an all-around nice experience.

We have a dying pine tree that needs to be removed and we will schedule this work with Bartlett's in November to get their winter discount. We are really happy with the work they did for us, and we will be repeat customers for sure. Shawn T., Chevy Chase, MD

They removed a large Black Cherry tree with basal decay, removed one dead Elm tree, pruned a huge Black Cherry tree next to house (some of the crew said it might be one of the largest BC's in Maryland), and pruned a Pin Oak. They removed all wood and debris.

The crew was amazing. These trees were all near gardens, fences, houses, and a narrow but critical access road. Absolutely nothing was damaged during the work. A bucket truck was used and large trunk-sized branches were tied and lowered to the ground gently. A crane removed huge pieces of tree trunks. At one time, there were at least four large work trucks parked along side the road for this work, but the crew was careful to ensure that the road was always passable for car traffic while they were parked and working.

Two of the crew used ropes to climb into the large Black Cherry being trimmed. They made their way to the very tops and outreaches of this tree to do their work, and they too used ropes to gently lower larger pieces to the ground. Their work was so amazing that we brought chairs to the work site and watched in amazement nearly all day. We all took lots of pictures.

One aspect that I was very pleased to see is their use of personal safety equipment. The crew used ear, eye, and head protection at all times, and body and leg protection as well. From chatting with members of the crew, we learned they were all experienced in their trade. A supervisor with many years experience was always on site. In chatting with them, we learned that Bartlett is very safety cautious and has a routine for checking and replacing all equipment including the ropes used by the climbers. Every one of the crew were pleasant and professional.

After they left, there was very little evidence that they'd been here other than some sawdust around the trunk locations. There was no damage to the lawn and no dents or gulleys in the ground from falling branches due the manner in which they were removed. They raked up every twig in the yard and along the road where they had parked.

The only thing that could have been improved on slightly was office communication. We had also contracted to have some tree fertilization done and we were not sure when this was happening. Another employee came by about 10 days later and did that work, so all in all everything was done and we are very pleased. Beverly B., Bowie, MD

The company analyzed the soil, fed all the trees, and used a pesticide to kill the pests causing root damage. Bartlett recommended not removing the oak, but feeding the trees on the the property. Bartlett treated the oak for root damage caused by pests (ants and a woodpecker). However, before the treatment, the company analyzed the soil to ensure the correct treatment. Another tree service company suggested taking a large oak down because of root damage. I contacted Bartlett to get a second opinion. The fellow who came to assess the situation advised not removing the tree, but suggested feeding all trees on the property and treating the tree with root damage. I signed a contract and the treatment began. The tree with root damage responded well and the others have been fed. Bartlett performed the work on time and in a very professional manner. I am completely satisfied with their service. Brenda F., Silver Spring, MD

We have been long-time Bartlett clients. We have had the same arborist for many years, Chris Larkin. He knows our trees and property well. We trust him and pay close attention to his recommendations. Conversely, he listens carefully to our questions. The staff that has worked at our home over the years has been wonderful. They work carefully and with great expertise. We appreciate everything that has been done on our behalf. We enjoy a high level of trust with Bartlett. They have been very responsive to our needs. David and Gail, Silver Spring, MD

We have always been impressed with the professionalism and expertise of all the Bartlett staff and crew members over the years! Alice K., Bethesda, MD

I want to thank you for a job well done. The tree and stump removal was quick and all was cleaned up well. Sorry it had to happen on our coldest days! Your team did a great job, some neighbors commented too. Thanks again! Margaret V., DuFief Mill HOA

Tim is, of course the tree guru of Montgomery County, and he was exceptionally helpful as we decided the future of a sycamore on our property -- actually two sycamores. He was also patient as he taught me about how a tree feeds sustains itself and grows -- and where to look for the weak spots and the signs of decay/trouble. We decided to have one large sycamore trimmed and re-cabled. His crew was prompt, professional, skilled, and considerate of us and the neighbors. They left the work site spotless, and left everyone involved happy. Debra R., Bethesda, MD

Scott inspects my property yearly to let me know what needs to be done to keep my trees and shrubs healthy. I typically follow his advice if the service fees seem reasonable. I typically don't see anyone do the work on my property since it is done while I am at work. I know someone has been here from the form left on my front door knob and the warning label in the yard that work has been performed and chemicals have been applied. Steve M., Germantown, MD

Previously when we had the treatment performed on the Laurel, there was spray residue on the windows above them. I am pleased that that did not happen this time. The tech was courteous and professional when he came to the door before commencing work. I appreciate Bill's knowledge and being able to consult with him when necessary. Deborah B., Washington, D.C.

Prices were fair. When we asked to modify the original proposal, it was also a fair change and met our needs. Asked for a confirmation that work was done properly, and Scott came back to check on the job and sent the crew out again to finish the work. Very good customer service. Will definitely use Bartlett again and recommend to others. Becki W., Gaithersburg, MD

I cannot pay enough in praise of their professionalism and personal efforts. Their relationship with each other was seamless. Each knew what he had to do, alone or with the others, without "to do", did it. What's more after all of the cutting, sawing, chipping, stacking, etc., they cleaned up my garden, front and back, and finished by sweeping the area in front of the house…I'm still impressed. June S., Chevy Chase, MD

Excellent work beginning with Nick Scaletta and the crew who took care of the trees. Nick was especially considerate and helpful dealing with the neighbor and her tree overhanging our property. Kathy S., Washington, DC

An extremely hard-working and diligent crew. Undertook the job with great care, and made sure that that everything was cleaned up before they left. William H., Rockville, MD

I waited really too long to seek help for a cherry tree. It was very hard to determine from the yellow pages who the reputable firm is. However, when I read in the FONA newsletter that Bartlett took their time to trim some trees for the Arboretum, and for free, I felt I found a company who had personnel that would take good care of the ailing cherry tree. Michael Sharp and his staff were great and I look forward to a flourishing cherry tree in the next few years. Susan R., Montgomery Village, MD

Have used Barlett's service over the years with great satisfaction, this was no exception. Many thanks to Bill Dunn and wish him well in his retirement. Joan N., Washington D.C.

Nick gave us great options for how to prune our fruit trees and restore their health. He was really responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous. The crew that pruned our trees was careful and did a great job. Amy P., Washington D.C.

Chris Larkin has always been a wonderful person to work with; when we lost our tree in the last storm (not the derecho),the one after; I called on the Saturday when it happened and Chris returned my call that day, which I did not expect. Chris had a crew at our house early the next week. They did a great job. However, the person who really deserves special mention is Gilbert who came with the stump grinder and to maneuver it into our backyard, do the grinding, and then get it back out. He didn't lose a plant or ruin anything; our yard looks as if no one was here, except, the stump is gone. You have wonderful people working for you. Gail B., Silver Spring, MD

Mike Burke and his crew just finished a great job removing a really enormous amount of storm damaged trees from our property without damaging what remains of our landscaping and gardens. In addition to working very hard in hot humid weather, they were careful, polite, and friendly. Many well-earned Thanks to them. Tim Zastrow was an absolute necessity in planning the work. Also thanks to him for his help and for his prompt attention to our needs. Altogether a job very well done. Ann M., Chevy Chase

We are always impressed with the work done, and with Bill Eck's attention to keeping our trees healthy and beautiful. John M., Washington, D.C.

Great job and I appreciate the extra effort by the staff on caring for the property and attention to the dog! Rob R., Gaithersburg, MD

I think Scott Kaplan is a definite asset to your company. I think he gives fair and reasonable estimates - nothing ridiculous or outrageous. That's why he gets my business. Very smart guy. Have a good day! Elaine W. Gaithersburg, MD

I want to add a special thanks to our representative, Scott. He came over and spent a lot of time with me, discussed all of my needs, and, really, I mean just went above and beyond, in my opinion, taking care of us. Actually, he is the reason that I ended up going with this company. When I met him last week, he knew I had to leave my office and he made sure he was exactly on time and spent as much time with me as I needed. It really made all the difference in my schedule! After this work, I plan to pick the other options in the future, and frankly, probably any other need we may have and would like to stay with him as our rep, if that is okay. Glen W., Gaithersburg, MD

The most recent spraying was completed within the last week or so. The staff member was so knowledgeable about all the issues I had questions about. I was most impressed. Scott is always extremely helpful, supportive, and appropriate in his recommendations. He is like a walking encyclopedia! Margie L., Potomac, MD

We were pleased with the original consult with Michael Sharp and the subsequent work done by the Bartlett crew. Mr. Sharp was very knowledgeable and spent considerable time "talking trees" with me and making excellent recommendations for care and treatment. The crews who performed the work were self-sufficient, left the area clean, and were very courteous. We thank you for your fine work! Jenny G., Kensington, MD

Chris Larkin was fabulous in explaining what needed to be done for my holly trees. The "tree guys" were very professional and did amazing work the pruning trees. Not one holly leaf was left for me to clean up. I will definitely use your company again if I need additional work. Thank you. Nancy S., Rockville, MD

Arborist is exceptional (Tim Zastrow)- high competent, and truly interested in his work. Crew members are incredible - they sure know what they are doing. Monroe N., Chevy Chase, MD

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