Leafminers on boxwoods will sound like snap, crackle, pop – If you are hearing this sound, give us a call as these pests will do some major damage.



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Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Kalamazoo, MI Area

Arborists in our Kalamazoo office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Kalamazoo area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Kalamazoo tree services.

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From our presence in Kalamazoo, MI, Bartlett Tree Experts provides tree care services such as pruning and pest management to Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • Gull Lake
  • Kalamazoo
  • Mattawan
  • Portage
  • Richland

Popular Services Provided by Our Kalamazoo Office

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Bracing

Fertilization and Soil Care

Fertilization and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics



Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Kalamazoo, MI Office Staff

Scott Van Wyk

Scott Van Wyk

Arborist Representative
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Keith Byville

Keith Byville

Safety Coordinator
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Bronze Birch Borer

Bronze Birch Borer attacks birch trees that are under stress from other factors. Keeping you birch trees healthy and actively managing for borer will greatly lengthen the life of your trees. Call today to schedule an appointment with an Arborist Representative to evaluate the health of your birch and develop a plant health care program.

Euonymus Scale

Euonymus scale is a piercing sucking insect that wreaks havoc on the Euonymus species. Left uncontrolled, this pest can kill sections of Euonymus ground covers and ornamental plantings. Detection and timing are crucial for this pest. Treatments should be applied during the spring months when the insect crawlers are feeding. Act now to protect your Euonymus against this prevalent pest.

Two-Lined Chestnut Borer

Two-lined Chestnut Borer is a secondary pest of oak, beech, hornbeam, and chestnut trees. Stressed trees can attract the borer, which quickly contributes to decline. With this in mind preserving tree health and actively managing the pest can reduce risk of invasion of your trees. Mature trees can decline rapidly once the borers have invaded a stressed tree.

Apple Scab Symptoms

Symptoms: The fungal disease forms pale yellow or olive green spots on the upper surface of leaves. Dark velvety spots may appear on the lower surface. Severely infected leaves become twisted and puckered. Scabby spots are sunken tan and get larger, turn brown and corky. Infected fruit becomes distorted & crack allowing of secondary organisms. Symptoms on fruit are similar to those found on leaves.

Scab and Rust Diseases

Scab and rust diseases are types of fungus that affects apple, crabapple, hawthorn, and occasionally pear trees. The fungus affects the leaf causing “splotchy” appearance and excessive leaf drop during the summer months. Annual spring applications will help keep this fungus under control.

Crticial Care for Trees

Now is the most critical time of year to prepare your trees and shrubs for the coming summer. This season brings everything from high temperatures to severe storms. Healthy trees are better able to withstand these extremes so trees should be inspected.

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Are Your Trees Blocking a Great View?

If the trees between your deck or windows are blocking a great view, consider vista pruning. This involves removing live branches that are blocking the view, and retaining the rest of the tree for screening.

ReLeaf Michigan’s 14th Biennial Michigan Big Tree Hunt Contest is underway!

Can you find the biggest tree in your county - or maybe in the State of Michigan? Grab your measuring tape, a friend or family member and head into the trees.

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Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

Emergency Tree Service

If you require emergency tree service, call 269-276-9000 anytime.


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