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2220A Gamble Road
Savannah, GA 31405

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Savannah, GA Area

Arborists in our Savannah office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Savannah area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Savannah tree services.

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Call us today to schedule your appointment with our ISA Certified Arborist so that we can provide professional tree service to you in the greater Savannah area; including Pooler, Garden City, Thunderbolt, Richmond Hill, Tybee Island, Rincon, Bloomingdale, and Port Wentworth.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • Berwick
  • Bloomingdale
  • Garden City
  • Georgetown
  • Guyton
  • Henderson
  • Hinesville
  • Isle of Hope
  • Pooler
  • Port Wentworth
  • Rincon
  • Sandfly
  • Savannah
  • Savannah Quarters
  • Skidaway Island
  • Springfield
  • The Landings
  • Thunderbolt
  • Tybee Island
  • Whitemarsh Island
  • Wilmington Island

Popular Services Provided by Our Savannah Office

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Bracing

Fertilisation and Soil Care

Fertilisation and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection



Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Savannah, GA Office Staff

Shannon Baughman

Shannon Baughman

Local Manager/Arborist Representative
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Johnny Freeman

Johnny Freeman

Arborist Representative
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Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen

Local Office Safety Coordinator
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Tonya Hankerson

Tonya Hankerson

Administrative Assistant
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Summer Tree Threats

Summer is a time of high activity for pests as well as tree diseases caused by fungi and other organisms. Some problems may be simply aesthetic, while others can be a real threat to tree health and vitality. As such, it is important to have an arborist inspect your trees to determine the underlying cause.

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Don't Miss These Warning Signs

Trees under strees display key symptoms indicating a serious problem may exist. This includes wilting or loss of leaves/needles, yellowing of leaves or browning of needles, premature autumn color, early leaf drop, and sappy spots on branches. Correctly identifying the underlying cause is critical to addressing tree health issues.

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Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Johnny Freeman was an absolute pleasure to work with. When he first arrived, he quickly and honestly assessed what needed to be done, and he provided a proposal in a timely manner. When I followed up on some details on the quote, we decided to remove one of the items, he promptly rewrote the proposal and got it back to me ASAP. Johnny is a real asset to your company. Seth Jackson, and Anthony Caracci were fantastic. Really hard workers, friendly, and conscientious, they would not leave until the job was done perfectly. I honestly could not recommend the two man crew more highly. They are an absolute testament to the quality of your company.
Christpher G., Savannah, GA

Shannon and his team strategically sculpted my view for the best line of sight possible. He is a true artist. I could not be more pleased. I would highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to anyone who needs tree work.
Jennifer S., Savannah, GA

Terrific experience, showed up when promised, very fair pricing. Made suggestions on how job should be completed and the clean up was exceptional. Will definitely use Bartlett again.
Sam D., Savannah, GA

Johnny and his crew did a fantastic job. Very professional and wonderful to deal with. All work was done beyond my expectations. By the time they were done, my yard did not even look like they had been there. Would highly recommend them. Looking forward to using then again in the future.
Carl F., Savannah, GA

Bartlett Tree Experts did a very difficult pruning job for us. They have the right crew and the right equipment. I would recommend them highly.
Matt W., Savannah, GA

Bartlett is up front, honest, friendly, and informative. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. My trees look better, the yard will now get some sun and I have gotten many compliments on the job from my neighbors. I will be recommending Bartlett to anybody that needs tree work done.
James J., Savannah, GA

My wife and I had an awesome experience working with Seth and his team. Seth is a skilled professional and really delivered a phenomenal customer experience.
Jeff B., Savannah, GA

Thank you for fully explaining the issue to me and then getting me on the schedule immediately. It is my second time using your services and both times have been a great experience.
Lauren B., Savannah, GA

The crew arrived early and were extremely quick to get to work. Jake Summers was excellent. He responded to my requests and was a pleasure to speak with. Really glad to have this crew.
Christopher G., Savannah, GA

You all did a great job. We have hired other tree companies and you are the best we have ever worked with.
Stephanie Y., Savannah, GA

The guys arrived on time and did a great job. Everyone I dealt with was efficient and professional.
Oliver W., Savannah, GA

As a homeowner it is great to hire a company that comes and does their job and does it well with minimum muss or fuss. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Don P., Savannah, GA

You all exceeded my expectations in every way, quality, timeliness, effectiveness.
Jess P., Savannah, GA

Everyone was courteous and very knowledgeable.
Cynthia C., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased. Everything looks great. They did such a nice job. We will have more work for you in the Fall.
Audrey A., Savannah, GA

The crew was on time, extremely efficient, and knowledgeable.
Billy O., Savannah, GA

The crew did a great job.
Lynne W., Savannah, GA

The crew did a great job.
Don S., Savannah, GA

What great teamwork. They work really well together.
Stephen T., Savannah, GA

They did such a great job.
Lynn W., Savannah, GA

Your crew did a very professional job.
Wayne D., Savannah, GA

Great work.
Howard L., Savannah, GA

Looks great. I appreciate the friendly and professional service.
Christina L., Savannah, GA

We are quite satisfied with local staff and crew. Shannon is competent and efficient.
Edward W., Savannah, GA

They were on time and did a great job.
Nancy C., Savannah, GA

Seth, Liam, and Juan worked on our trees today and did a wonderful job in making them look great after trimming. We will definitely call Bartlett for our tree needs.
Jackie S., Savannah, GA

They did a very good job. We will definitely use Bartlett again.
James F., Savannah, GA

They were on time and did a great job.
Nancy C., Savannah, GA

Excellent work as always. I have been a Bartlett client for twenty plus years.
Dobie G., Savannah, GA

The guys did a super job with the trimming and tree removal. Anthony took a couple of limbs off a tree over my tool shed. It was such a help. Please say hello to Shannon and all the crew.
Kay S., Savannah, GA

Thank you for sending such a professional and polite crew to do the tree removal and trimming at my house. They did take care with the job and it was fascinating to watch. If there is additional work to be done, I will certainly be in touch with you.
Judy K., Savannah, GA

Shannon, Tonya, and the crew are all helpful, informative, conscientious, and do very professional work. Thanks so much for being timely, courteous, friendly, and going beyond the expected.
Kay S., Savannah, GA

Thank you for a great experience. We appreciate your informative explanations and care of our trees and shrubs.
Julia H., Savannah, GA

Very efficient. They left my yard looking great.
Barbara N., Savannah, GA

Great work. Very knowledgeable.
Martha M., Pooler, GA

I am very happy with the way the trees look. The two young men were very nice and did a good job.
Donna G., Savannah, GA

The guys worked so hard. I am very pleased.
Charlie J., Savannah, GA

We were very impressed.
Bruce E., Savannah, GA

Great guys, great job.
Robin H., Savannah, GA

You guys are just great, everything was done on time, courteously, and effectively.
Paul H., Savannah, GA

Alex and Christian did a fantastic job. Both were polite and checked often to make sure I was happy with what they were doing. I definitely want them to come back.
Helen D., Savannah, GA

You guys are just great. Everything is done on time, courteously, and most importantly, neatly.
Paul H., Savannah, GA

The workers were very friendly and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the work. They explained the process very well.
Corley N., Savannah, GA

The crew did a great job. They were professional, friendly, and our backyard looks terrific. Thanks again for your help.
Bill S., Savannah, GA

Excellent job, very customer friendly, charming, knowledgeable, work well together, and a great team.
Luis C., Hinesville, GA

We were very impressed.
Bruce E., Savannah, GA

Great work.
Dan L., Savannah, GA

Excellent attention to all of my requests. Good work, on time, and very helpful.
Gloria B., Savannah, GA

Most professional tree company I have dealt with. I highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Mike L., Savannah, GA

Great folks. I really rely on Shannon and Jon.
Edward W., Savannah, GA

Very professional, kind and attentive. Everything looks great.
Lois G., Savannah, GA

Very good communication and work.
Erin C., Savannah, GA

Honest, hardworking, and kind people. We will never go anywhere else for our tree needs. The trees look amazing.
Trae G., Savannah, GA

Great job. Now I actually can see sunshine in my backyard. Your guys were very nice and respectful. Thanks again.
Nelma W., Savannah, GA

Staff was professional, efficient, and very courteous.
Mrs. P., Savannah, GA

Johnny Freeman is very responsive and courteous.
David S., Savannah, GA

Great job, thanks.
Barbara P., Savannah, GA

I do not know where you find such great people, but Alex Brown was really great to work with. He listens carefully, communicates back to express his thoughts, and left our trees and the yard looking perfect. Thank you so much for getting your team here so quickly after I called. Jon Blackwell also arrived about the same time and they worked around each other very well. In just two hours they were finished. I am sure glad you are my "go to" man.
Kathy C., Savannah, GA

The crew is the best I have had. They were very knowledgeable, attentive to detail, intent on getting things right. They seem to work very well as a team.
Ruth M., Savannah, GA

Thank you so much. Our trees look lovely.
Carolyn R., Savannah, GA

Great job.
Marion M., Savannah, GA

Knowledgeable crew that really cares about the trees. Learned a bunch from Shannon as he showed the work done. Very happy customer.
Cythia S., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased with the work and the clean up.
James L., Savannah, GA

Knowledgeable crew that really cares about the trees. I learned a bunch from them as they showed the work done. I am a very happy customer.
Cythia S., Savannah, GA

Great job.
Marion M., Savannah, GA

My husband told me they did a great job. I am out of town, so I was not able to see for myself. My husband kept calling me throughout the day while you were there, telling me how beautiful and how much different the trees were looking. He was very happy with how it all turned out.
Sue L., Savannah, GA

Thank you so much. Our trees look lovely.
Carolyn R., Savannah, GA

You are all wonderful.
Judy W., Savannah, GA

Good work, very helpful!.
Marilyn S., Savannah, GA

The gentlemen were helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. Our Live Oak tree looks fantastic.
Pat D., Savannah, GA

Great work, pleasant, and knowledgeable crew. This is why we call you.
Norman J., Savannah, GA

Guys were very accommodating on positioning the new tree in the front area. They were very pleasant to work with.
Bob M., Savannah, GA

We received the nicest thank you card from Shannon and Tonya. Our trees seem to be doing very well after the expert trimming they received from Bartlett.
William M., Savannah, GA

We are definitely pleased. It is always such a pleasure doing business with you. We are thankful for you.
Jackie R., Savannah, GA

Your Foreman, Seth Jackson, was so well educated and he gave me several ideas for the property. This is why I always go with Bartlett. I could go with any guy with a chainsaw, but you are bonded and insured and so knowledgeable. They did, and always do, such a great job. I could not be happier.
Marsha W., Savannah, GA

Thank you, Tonya. You have been very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Will be in touch next time I can make it to the area.
Kelly G., Savannah, GA

Your guys are so wonderful. Thank you so much.
Judy W., Savannah, GA

Alex, Liam, and Colby were here this morning and did a terrific job. We are delighted. It appears that the two Live Oaks in front required less pruning than we had expected, all good news. They are in good health. Your crew is excellent.
Ted M., Savannah, GA

Jon Blackwell was wonderful and everything looks great.
Linda C., Savannah, GA

They did a great job. Colby was very kind and knowledgeable.
Wayne M., Savannah, GA

We are so pleased. Such nice guys. They were such a pleasure to have on my property.
Cathy W., Savannah, GA

I am pleased to tell you that the crew was so sweet, efficient, and cleaned up very nicely.
Mike P., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased. The crew was the nicest, most polite young men I have ever dealt with. They worked so hard and did such a nice job.
Donna H., Savannah, GA

Very professional. The job was very well done.
David M., Savannah, GA

Your crew did an excellent job. My trees look perfect. I have already recommended your services to two people.
Lisa T., Savannah, GA

Trees look wonderful. Thanks for doing an excellent clean up.
Howard B., Savannah, GA

Thanks for getting this done so fast. Everything looks great. I plan on being a repeat customer and will definitely recommend you to everyone.
Julie S., Savannah, GA

Thank you for the very professional way you handled my tree project, you and your team did a great job. Believe me, I will let people know about you.
George C., Savannah, GA

Thank you for the prompt and efficient removal of our Pecan tree. We appreciate your attention to leaving our yard so clean.
Jerry K., Savannah, GA

Thank you for an exceptional experience. We appreciate you and your crew's courteous manner and professional standards. We are happy to recommend Bartlett to anyone looking for tree service.
Jonathan D., Savannah, GA

They did an excellent job. They got the rakes and blower out and everything looks beautiful. We are very pleased.
Richard S., Savannah, GA

We are always pleased with Bartlett. You always do a wonderful job.
Susan W., Savannah, GA

Bartlett did a great job.
Lori O., Savannah, GA

We are so pleased with the work that was done. They did a very nice job.
Jessica W., Savannah, GA

Congratulations on removing the fallen limb for me so quickly today. The crew was so nice and efficient. They cleaned up all the debris to the point you can not even tell the prior damage. I very much appreciated the work they did.
S.L., Savannah, GA

I am thrilled. The guys were so hard working. They were all so sweet and the foreman was wonderful.
Barb H., Savannah, GA

They are fascinating to watch. I am very pleased. They did a great job.
Jessica N., Savannah, GA

I am very happy with the job the nice young men did.
Wendy H., Savannah, GA

They did such a good job.
Anna G., Savannah, GA

Everything looks great. They did an awesome job and cleaned up very well.
Andrew F., Savannah, GA

I am so grateful for the staff and Shannon showing up on Thursday before Hurricane Irma visited Savannah. It gave me a lot of peace when I left town. When I returned there was very little debris from the Oaks in the front yard. Very professional experience.
Becky C., Savannah, GA

Everything looks great.
Kristen G., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased. Everything looks wonderful.
Aimee B., Savannah, GA

We keep coming back because you always do a good job.
Chris V., Richmond Hill, GA

We are so pleased. They did a wonderful job.
John N., Savannah, GA

Our shrubs and trees are looking so much healthier. Thank you, Bartlett.
Linda C., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased. Dan Allen did a very good job, he was very professional. He asked me to walk around with him to ensure we were both on the same page. Everything looks great.
Al D., Savannah, GA

Shannon always listens and makes a good assessment of our trees. The Bartlett team has always been on time and completes the job to satisfaction. I am so pleased.
Gary W., Savannah, GA

We are so very pleased. They did a great job on that huge tree. They actually saved the plants around it so that made us very happy. They could not have done a better job.
Eric H., Savannah, GA

Just a brief note to thank you for the work which was accomplished today at our home. The three young men arrived on time, introduced themselves, reviewed the information, and set about to do a terrific job. Their professionalism was evident in the workmanship, the clean up, and caring for the property.
Roger M., Savannah, GA

I am very pleased. Everything looks wonderful.
Winifred M., Savannah, GA

Two wonderful guys showed up this morning and have just left. Both were friendly, knowledgeable, and hard working. Could not have been nicer and did a marvelous job getting rid of all the dead limbs and trimming the Palm trees. As always, your troops are the best and it is greatly appreciated.
John R., Savannah, GA

They did a fine job. Thank you for getting out here so quickly.
Teresa G., Savannah, GA

Everything looks beautiful. I am very pleased.
Bill H., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased.
Barbara R., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased. The young men worked so hard. They did a great job.
Patti Y., Savannah, GA

Everyone I dealt with was very prompt and knowledgeable.
Linda K., Savannah, GA

Always wonderful doing business with you.
Kathleen H., Savannah, GA

They did a beautiful job.
Jamee B., Savannah, GA

I was so surprised that they could get the work done in one day. It looks beautiful.
Chuck A., Savannah, GA

I am very pleased. The trees look beautiful.
Tom H., Savannah, GA

The work that was done was just lovely and the boys were just as sweet as could be. When we were doing the walk thru we noticed a little nest with eggs in it. It was the sweetest thing.
Anita K., Savannah, GA

The crew was not just intelligent, they were sweet as well. He got one long limb and the limb was flying through the air and he knew exactly what he was doing. I was quite impressed.
Jerry D., Savannah, GA

Casey Johnson provided excellent customer service. Thank you to the crew as well.
Ethel W., Savannah, GA

Your crew did a great job and are very professional. They are the nicest gentlemen I have ever had work around my place.
Karla M., Savannah, GA

Thank you very much for your kind gesture to help with the Wymberly Garden Oak. We are proud to do business with you and your company.
Seth S., Savannah, GA

Bartlett has gone above and beyond my original service call. One man in particular, Casey Johnson, gave me a personal number to get in contact with him if need be. I know I have probably been bugging him with random questions here and there, but he is always upbeat and very responsive to any questions I may have. Will definitely use these guys in the future and will recommend anyone who needs tree work done.
Lucas S., Savannah, GA

The guys were here early which was great. They cleaned up their mess very nicely and even some of mine. We were very happy with how it all went.
Montie A., Savannah, GA

After the work was done I called my best friend, she called Bartlett and you are doing work for her now. Just fantastic working with you.
Catherine M., Savannah, GA

Your crew did a great job. They went above and beyond. They did a great job and everything looks excellent.
Jack C., Savannah, GA

Your guys did an excellent job.
Benjamin P., Savannah, GA

You need to drive by my house to see how good it looks. They did a great job.
Joe W., Savannah, GA

Everything looks great and the crew was wonderful. They actually worked much faster than I thought they would. They are very good at what they do.
Randy R., Savannah, GA

The crew was very professional. We have used other services in the past and they were no good. I was very pleased with Bartlett.
Dave N., Savannah, GA

I give them an A+. The crew was great and so polite. Everything looks beautiful.
Ruth Q., Savannah, GA

The staff was very efficient.
Chuck A., Savannah, GA

Everything looks beautiful.
Teresa G., Savannah, GA

I can actually see out my front window now. It looks beautiful. I am just thrilled.
Jo K., Savannah, GA

It is amazing how quickly they get things done. They make it look so easy.
Robert K., Savannah, GA

We are just so pleased with the crew. That is why we keep coming back year after year. It does not matter which crew arrives, they are always polite and courteous and so good at what they do. Everything looks so beautiful.
David P., Savannah, GA

The crew members were very professional and efficient.
Chuck A., Savannah, GA

My yard looks beautiful. I really liked the young men, they were so sweet and they did a great job. Thank you for taking such good care of us.
Kim M., Savannah, GA

I can see the pond now and am so happy. They trimmed the Hickory tree, the Magnolia tree, and the Holly. It looks lovely.
Bill D., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman was very knowledgeable and courteous.
David H., Savannah, GA

I am absolutely thrilled. Everything looks fantastic.
Martin M., Savannah, GA

Oh goodness, everything looks great.
Jon P., Savannah, GA

We were very pleased with the work the crew did. I told the fellow in the tree, whatever he makes, it is not enough.They were pleasant, efficient, and cleaned up nicely.
John S., Savannah, GA

I enjoyed meeting Michael and Nicolas, they were very professional and they did a great job! You always deliver as promised.
Michelle H., Savannah, GA

I can not even begin to tell you how pleased we are. The guys were amazing.
Richard B., Savannah, GA

Your crew did first class work.
Charles O., Savannah, GA

Your crew did an excellent job. We are very pleased and we appreciate you driving as far as you did to help us.
Daniel G., Sea Island, GA

We are very pleased, that is why we keep coming back to Bartlett.
Wayne C., Savannah, GA

Thank you for your follow up call yesterday. Your crew did first class work that I really appreciate.
Gary O., Savannah, GA

Comforting to know you are there if I have a tree problem.
Barbara D., Savannah, GA

The guys did a great job and cleaned up very nicely around the area.
Pat P., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased. The crew did a fine job.
Edward S., Savannah, GA

Accolades on services provided.
James F., Savannah, GA

Excellent job and speedy follow up. Very professional.
Nancy M., Savannah, GA

Dan and Alex were very nice. The Wax Myrtles look great. You always do such a great job.
Anthony H., Savannah, GA

The crew was kind and considerate. They did a very nice job. That is why I keep coming back to Bartlett.
Dwight T., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased. Everything looks great.
Susanne M., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased. They did a great job. Especially the crew that came back the second time. They were so very sweet.
Marion M., Savannah, GA

The work was great! The side of the house is clear and the trees look wonderful.
Tom P., Savannah, GA

Shannon, my Arborist, is knowledgeable and courteous. I trust his advice.
Deb S., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman does a great job.
Debra S., Savannah, GA

Everyone on your staff has been professional and helpful. I have been telling everyone I know how exceptional your staff is, and I am hopeful if any of them need tree services they will be calling you.
Jacquelyn S., Savannah, GA

Nice team of people.
Paul H., Savannah, GA

Casey Johnson is extremely professional, that is how you win and keep customers.
Craig S., Savannah, GA

Very professional and courteous. Bartlett not only knows about trees, they know how to deal with people.
Steven A., Savannah, GA

The cables are very well disguised. All staff is very courteous.
Max H., Savannah

Bartlett's staff and crew were very professional, showed up on time, did an excellent job, and cleaned up everything. They were very courteous and respectful. I could not be more pleased and would highly recommend them. My experience was very pleasant and will use them in the future.
Chris S., Savannah, GA

Casey responded to our needs very quickly and the work was perfect! We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Jane B., Savannah, GA

Shannon is the best. The crew came while we were away from our home but they did a fantastic job.
Eric H., Savannah, GA

Your guys worked like Trojans. Please be sure tell Shannon. I worked in customer service for years and the best thing you can give people is good customer service and you did deliver! Nick and Mike were patient, fun, and very sweet.
Kristine S., Savannah, GA

The work looks great! The guys did a good job.
Scott S., Savannah, GA

Representative Casey and his crew are cordial, knowledgeable, and hard working.
Bob C., Savannah, GA

Absolutely the best of the best! The crew was first rate and the arborist knows his stuff. I will never use another tree service as long as Shannon Baughman and his crew are available.
John O., Savannah, GA

Very impressed by the good attitude of your employees.
Bruce P., Savannah, GA

Bartlett did a beautiful job! The Live Oak looks just lovely, and I am just tickled pink with the price. I promise I will call when I need help again.
Jerry D., Savannah, GA

The crew did a wonderful job! Really super!
James G., Savannah, GA

Your crew completed the tree pruning work on four Crepe Myrtles and the one Live Oak at the rear of our house, they did a great job.
Debbie A., Savannah, GA

Always the best, from arborist to staff to work done!
Eric H., Savannah, GA

The crew did a wonderful job!
Mary N., Savannah, GA

I could not have been happier with the tree work. The crew did a beautiful job.
James W., Savannah, GA

Casey and the crew were very helpful and we would certainly recommend Bartlett to others.
Dale W., Savannah, GA

Every member of the Bartlett team was pleasant, professional, and efficient. Bartlett had their hands full in helping to resolve all the downed trees, we were treated as if we were the most important customer Bartlett had.
Robert D., Savannah, GA

We would like to thank Bartlett Tree Experts and Shannon Baughman for the great service! You have all been such a great help.
Richard O., Savannah, GA

Tonya, you and all the members of the Bartlett team have been real troopers throughout our process. We appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail that we've received right from the start. This isn't our first dealings with Bartlett and as long as we live here, and have need of an Arborist, it won't be the last.
Pat D., Savannah, GA

Your team just left here and they could not have been grander! I just can't thank you enough for such prompt service. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Helen S., Savannah, GA

Tonya and Casey are both courteous, responsive, and professional. We look forward to having further work accomplished as soon as possible after the hurricane emergency work.
James M., Savannah, GA

The bobcat crew was here this morning. They completed a great job.
Mike T., Savannah, GA

Your team did amazing work with a very difficult job. Sad to see the tree and shade go, but glad it went without damage.
Patrick S., Savannah, GA

Shannon was a great help identifying the various plants on our property and assessing issues with insects and diseases. He was always courteous and responsive. The staff that did the treatments were friendly and thorough. We feel we received great service.
Richard D., Savannah, GA

Casey Johnson has been responsive, courteous, and patient. He has provided us with useful and accurate information. Together, we have crafted a long term plan to maintain select trees and remove others.
Barbara P., Savannah, GA

I want to thank Tonya for the quick service provided. After contacting your company, within three hours someone came over and removed the tree.
Elizabeth R., Savannah, GA

Outstanding in all respects. Always courteous and extremely knowledgeable.
Benjamin P., Savannah, GA

Tonya is a lifesaver and a great representative for the company! She is reassuring, resourceful, and has the perfect personality for her position. What a great representative for Bartlett.
Clair M., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman is the hardest working guy in town but never fails to personally visit each site and never rushed this frazzled homeowner! I am a repeat customer and will continue my use of Bartlett services.
Claire M., Savannah, GA

The two men that were here were so professional, friendly, and gentlemanly. They did an excellent job and I can't compliment them enough.
Howard L., Savannah, GA

I wanted to tell you what a great job Casey Johnson in Savannah did with helping me educate a 4-H forestry team! He came to several of our practices and really helped my kids learn tree identification. He has a great way with kids and they really responded! We just finished with our state competition and made 3rd place! He came on his own time and also gave me some great references. Huge kudos to him!
Martha M., Savannah, GA

We are very pleased, you got here right away and cleared our driveway for us! We really appreciated that. They did a very nice job.
Kay W., Savannah, GA

Everything looks great! They did a nice job.
Martha H., Savannah, GA

They called to come earlier than scheduled which was great.
David S., Savannah, GA

We are so pleased, Shannon is the best! Make sure he knows that. The guys did an excellent job.
Richard D., Savannah, GA

Everything looks great! They did a great job and cleaned up very well.
Kristem M., Savannah, GA

Everyone is very professional and courteous. My 300 year old Live Oak has been treated by Bartlett and its predecessor for the 25 years since the house was built, It survived the recent storm and tornado without losing a leaf!
Jane N., Savannah, GA

The guys were so hard working, they didn't stop! They were all so sweet, the one in charge was just wonderful. The crew spoke to my neighbor and she is going to have the same thing done there. Everything looks beautiful.
Barbara D., Savannah, GA

The crew did such a good job! My AC guy cut our water line and it was a big mess here that day, I didn't get a chance to tell them they did a great job.
Alpa W., Savannah, GA

I am so pleased, the crew did a great job, they were wonderful, and fascinating to watch! They were kind, courteous, and very efficient! I look forward to working with Bartlett again!
Rena P., Savannah, GA

Thank you so much for doing a super job. You are the best!
Ellen S., Savannah, GA

They did a fantastic job, and they were so quick! We are both very pleased. We love giving you our business!
Jack O., Savannah, GA

They were wonderful, perfect, so careful, so nice, and very professional! Just a good group of people! They always do such a great job. Please tell Shannon how pleased we are and thank you. We are yard people and love to be outside and we tell everyone how wonderful you are!
Mrs. M., Savannah, GA

Your crew was so kind and very attentive. I couldn't be happier with the work!
Pete P., Savannah, GA

You're crew did a great job! That's why we always use Bartlett Tree Experts. We'll be back again!
Dobie G., Savannah, GA

We are so happy! They were such nice guys and they did a great job! Michael was very kind and really knows what he is doing. It looks excellent! We will call you the next time we need anything.
Walter N., Savannah, GA

The tree work looks really nice! Those boys are the sweetest things! They are so polite, they were asking me questions to make sure everything was alright. They did an excellent job!
Evelyn B., Savannah, GA

Casey Johnson is always very responsive to our needs when we call. He pointed out some tree issues we were not aware of and they were treated for that cause. He is a great asset to Bartlett.
David S., Savannah, GA

I am very pleased It is such an improvement! They did a fabulous job! You have such a wonderful group of fine young men working for you!
James M., Savannah, GA

You just couldn't find a nicer group of young men! I am very pleased! They couldn't have done a better job! I just love that grinder It really got the job done! I think I pestered those sweet boys a little too much!
Martha R., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman is a credit to your organisation. He follows up on requests and executes our desires in a very timely fashion. Keep up the good work.
Paul B., Savannah, GA

Casey is fabulous! He is always so accommodating, helpful, and knowledgeable about the shrubs and trees.
Judith C., Savannah, GA

Absolutely great service from start to finish!
Sharon G., Savannah, Georgia

Always the best, from arborist, to staff, to work done!
Eric H., Savannah, GA

Casey Johnson was courteous and accommodating, If an occasion arises that should warrant services, I will certainly use Bartlett again.
Bob S., Savannah, GA

I always get prompt and great service from Bartlett Tree Experts. I will continue to suggest your company to my friends.
Kathleen H., Savannah, GA

"Knowledgeable, courteous, and reasonably priced. We'll never use anyone else!
Claire B., Savannah, GA

Your young men did a splendid job! They were attentive and responsive to our wishes. A friend of mine will be in touch with you soon.
Edwin C., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman is such a fine arborist for Bartlett Tree. He knows his business backward and forward and in addition is courteous, kind, does his job thoroughly, and completely. He communicates with his workmen so well that when they arrive to do the job, they know exactly what to do. The actual workmen who cut and prune the trees are fabulous as well. They know exactly what they are supposed to do and go about doing it quickly and efficiently. They are also willing to go the extra mile to do "add-on" jobs if requested.
Eric H., Richmond Hill, GA

I just wanted to tell you that my Camellias and Azaleas look better than they have in years. There were more Camellia blooms than in the past, so it really helps when deer repellent is actually applied. Also, it may be a banner year for the Azaleas.
Mary Ann H., Pooler, GA

Very courteous and professional!
Danny S., Savannah, GA

Shannon was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about trees. His follow through on the estimate and the contract was timely and perfect. The crew showed up when expected and did their work artfully and efficiently, and they had wonderful attitudes as well. We couldn't have been happier with the service Bartlett delivered!
Jack M., Savannah, GA

The staff helping us have been tireless workers, polite, friendly, and efficient. Their work is excellent and artistic. Couldn't be better!
John R., Tybee Island, GA

Great work from all involved! Shannon and his crew were prompt, knowledgeable, courteous, and respectful to our property. A very professional group who I will certainly use again!
Terri P., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman is a great wealth of information regarding the care of our property. The crew is well spoken and well mannered - which says a lot about Bartlett!
Stephanie C., Burnside Island, GA

All of the people I have dealt with at Bartlett Tree Experts have been just great! Knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional!
Tam A., Savannah, GA

OMG! Never would I have thought tree pruning could look so good! The two guys who came out this morning are the best: Friendly, courteous, hard workers, good judgment. Wow, the view is now spectacular with preserving the privacy and the natural look. Couldn't be happier! Please tell the guys for us. I'm so happy we have Bartlett taking care of us. Kudos!
John R., Tybee Island, GA

Your crew did a great job yesterday! Getting that tree cut up in three hours was pretty impressive! And they were kind enough to cut sections off of the grass so I can do turf repairs today!
Ed P., Savannah, GA

I am So pleased! The crew couldn't have been more wonderful! When I gave them suggestions, they followed right through and did a beautiful job!
Lily L., Savannah, GA

Our local representatives are so reassuring, not to mention smart and reliable. I truly appreciate them!
Helen S., Savannah, GA

We just received the 2015 Suzie Williams Award from the Savannah Tree Foundation and wanted to take a moment to thank the people behind the hard work! Bartlett Tree Experts has always provided professional service and we appreciate all that you have done. Thank you!
Mrs. G., Savannah, GA

The entire Bartlett Crew is terrific!
Glenna G., Savannah, GA

Just wanted to let you know that your crew came yesterday and did an awesome job! They worked from about 8:00 till after 3:00 in this HOT Georgia heat (the heat index was over 100). Of course, we added on several things while they were here and they were so friendly and professional, never letting on they probably dreaded seeing one of us come out the door (I know they must have). Anyway, we would like to request, if possible, that they be "our" crew. I know they probably go to much bigger and more important jobs than ours, but if they are available, we would love to have them. They did such a great job on the trees and shrubs, and an awesome job on the cleanup. Anyway, thanks so much for taking care of our trees!
Deanna H., Richmond Hill, GA

Your team did a great job! The vines are dying off the oak in the rear just as planned! Thanks.
Neal H., Savannah, GA

Everyone has always been professional and courteous. They call before they come so I know someone will be here, which I appreciate. They are responsive when I ask for additional service. I believe they do an excellent job caring for my ancient Oaks and vulnerable Magnolia. Jane N., Savannah, GA

Shannon Baughman and his crews are always courteous and helpful. K. Oakley, Savannah, GA

We have been using Bartlett for the three years we have been in Savannah. We appreciate Shannon Baughman's knowledge and good service. Gail S., Savannah, GA

They did a great job. Shannon came out and gave me a fair quote on removing the very high, long limbs, and cleaning up the brush that grew up and over the house. The guys who did the job were professional and efficient, did a great job safely cutting the limbs. They chipped all the brush and cleaned up the leaves and sawdust. The climber should be recognized for an amazing job. It takes guts to do that job. He was quite high up, took his time to get the largest limb cut, and worked hard at removing limbs properly so the tree would not be harmed. The guys on the ground got the heavy wood down slowly and safely. I was more than pleased at all the steps they took to ensure safety and do the job right. When they were done I was asked to walk around to be sure it was done as I wanted. I appreciated their professionalism. S. Penney, Savannah, GA

I called the office last week and spoke with the assistant (Megan). I just want to thank her for her help with all my questions and her suggestions on what I should see about for my tree. I was planning a removal, but as I love the shade but not the shedding, she suggested a pruning and possible clean up to lessen the shedding leaves, but keep the shade. She was very patient, extremely cheerful, and helpful, and I just want to thank her for her kindness and attitude she displayed during our conversations. Jenna E., Tybee Island, GA

Crew members always check in with me when they arrive, explaining what they are about to do. Quick and thorough. Lisa H., Savannah, GA

I was very impressed with the Bartlett staff's professionalism. Very happy with them - I have two more appointments scheduled for periodic treatment of my tree. Would definitely recommend Bartlett. Margaret I., Savannah, GA

The Bartlett staff were very courteous and knowledgeable. I am very confident that my trees and shrubs will remain healthy with Bartlett's service. I am extremely glad that I called Bartlett. L. Boice, Savannah, GA

The crew left our house so clean, it was like they were not even there!! Great job. Courtney K., Savannah, GA

Two words…top notch. We will definitely use Bartlett anytime a job calls for your services. Belfor Property Restoration, Jodi C., Savannah, GA

Very nice and informative and great work…would recommend to anyone. Joseph D., Savannah, GA

Trimming and tree work done professionally, as scheduled, by a very capable and professional work crew. C. Lindholm, Savannah, GA

They were on time and done within an hour-and-a-half. My wife was thrilled with their professionalism and the speed at which they completed the job. Jeff B., Savannah, GA

Another firm recommended removing three trees. Shannon helped me feel comfortable that he could save the two trees that had not died from the pine beetles. That meant the world to me! Thank you Shannon and Jon!! Tammie B., Savannah, GA

Another firm recommended removing three trees. Shannon helped me feel comfortable that he could save the two trees that had not died from the Pine Beetles. That meant the world to me! Thank you Shannon and John!! Tammie B., Savannah, GA

Shannon is a pleasure to deal with and all the folks are experts and keep you informed. A nice change in today's market. Roger M., Savannah, GA

I'm very detailed and particular. From Shannon to the crew, Bartlett did a fantastic job. They arrived on time and cleaned up very well. Everyone was courteous and the price was fair and reasonable. I will use them again!! THEY ARE GOOD!! Richard S., Savannah, GA

Professional, quiet, neat, and clean looking. Not afraid to be alone when they come. Mr. Baughman always tells me who is coming and tries to send the same people. When I ask those who are doing the work a question, they seem to know what they are talking about and take the time to answer. Mr. Baughman represents Bartlett well and is such a gentleman. Patty P., Savannah, GA

I am a loyal Bartlett's customer. Always a pleasure to deal with and they do a wonderful job at a fair price. They also leave their work area clean and clear. Tina, Savannah, GA

Everyone was very professional, worked continuously, even in the heat, and left our yard neat and clean. Please let them know we appreciate their work ethic. Dobie G., Savannah, GA

Because of the expert advise and treatment from Bartlett, my Magnolia trees look healthy and are blooming better than ever. Thank you. Phyllis F., Savannah, GA

Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for saving our tree. We thought it was all but over for the poor thing with horrible root rot. We took a chance, treated it 3-4 times, and it really paid off. We couldn't be happier. We spent $1,800 to have that tree spade and hated to lose it. We are lifetime customers! Angela L., Savannah, GA

Shannon and the crew arrived on time and were very thorough. This example, we find, is rare in this area. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will continue our business with this firm. I will gladly refer any friends to them. D'Lee R., Savannah, GA

The Bartlett arborist rep that came to give me my estimate was very knowledgeable and polite and informative. The crew did a great job and were very courteous. Joan S., Savannah, GA

Fabulous job and exceptional customer service! Tina, Savannah, GA

Very professional from the estimate to the follow-up and the actual work. I have utilized other tree services but Bartlett is the best. Shannon and the crew were courteous and were careful in the actual work. Marcia H., Savannah, GA

The arborist and crew were very knowledgeable and professional. The oriental tree pruner was the most agile and skillful tree pruner I have ever observed. A performance worth watching. Reginald W., Savannah, GA

Very professional from the estimate to the follow-up and the actual work. I have utilized other tree services but Bartlett is the best. Shannon and the crew were courteous and were careful in the actual work. Marcia H., Savannah, GA

Shannon was terrific, taking a lot of time on his initial visit to share information and advice on many trees and shrubs in our property, beyond the ones Bartlett was to work on. Hank B., Savannah, GA

After several years of watching our 30' high Tulip Poplar struggling (it was losing leaves starting in August, nearly bare by early October and it looked weak year round), we contacted Shannon Baughman for suggestions and help. It is now 18 months later and this year the leaves started shedding in early November, it is November 17th and the tree is in nice fall colors looking extremely healthy. Thanks to Bartlett Tree Experts we now have a healthy, vibrant tree – for a few hundred dollars it was an excellent investment! Hunter K., Savannah, GA

Everyone that knows us in our neighborhood know how pleased we are with the services of Bartlett. This most recent job was handled with their usual excellent care. Many thanks. Olivia G., Savannah, GA

Great job...on schedule, completed efficiently, met all my requirements. Very much appreciate the flexibility demonstrated by accommodated my date for the work. Tom C., Savannah, GA

We continue to use Bartlett at both our home and for the entire Home Owner's Association. Excellent service and coordination. Our thanks to Shannon Baughman. Marvin B., Savannah, GA

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