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5360 West 84th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268-1517

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Indianapolis Area

Arborists in our Indianapolis office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Indianapolis area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Indianapolis tree services.

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The Indianapolis office provides tree and shrub care services such as tree trimming, fertilisation, and soil management to Central Indiana and portions of southern Indiana, including Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Cicero, Zionsville, Lebanon, Atlanta, Tipton, Whitestown, Frankfort, Shelbyville, Anderson, Fortville, Lapel, McCordsville, Pendleton, Brownsburg, Bloomington, Columbus, Mooresville, Seymour, Shelbyville, Danville, Jamestown, Lizton, Pittsboro, Plainfield, Lafayette, Greenwood, Franklin, Avon, Kokomo, and Sheridan.

We are pleased to offer tree services in the following areas:

  • Advance
  • Anderson
  • Atlanta
  • Avon
  • Bartholomew County
  • Boone County
  • Brown County
  • Cicero
  • Clayton
  • Clinton County
  • Delaware County
  • Fishers
  • Fortville
  • Frankfort
  • Green County
  • Hamilton County
  • Hancock County
  • Hendricks County
  • Indianapolis
  • Jackson County
  • Jamestown
  • Johnson County
  • Kokomo
  • Lapel
  • Madison County
  • Marion County
  • Mccordsville
  • Monroe County
  • Morgan County
  • Noblesville
  • Pendleton
  • Rush County
  • Shelby County
  • Spencer County
  • Tippecanoe County
  • Tipton

Featured Services Provided by Our Indianapolis-Area Office

Fertilisation and Soil Care

Fertilisation and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics



Storm Damage

Storm Damage

In addition to the services featured above, our office in the Indianapolis area offers many other services to suit your arboricultural needs. When working with Bartlett, you'll experience the hands-on expertise and responsiveness of a local company, with the knowledge, research, and resources of a world leader in tree and shrub health care.

Indianapolis Office Staff

Rick Carter

Rick Carter

Local Manager
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Richard Barker

Richard Barker

Arborist Representative
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Michael Seybert

Michael Seybert

Arborist Representative
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John Easley

John Easley

Arborist Representative
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Marco Vargas

Marco Vargas

Local Office Safety Coordinator
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Scott Richardson

Scott Richardson

Local Office Safety Coordinator
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Alicia Berbas

Alicia Berbas

Administrative Assistant
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Jennifer Makarowski

Jennifer Makarowski

Administrative Assistant
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Organic Soil Care Programmes

For healthier trees and shrubs, Bartlett offers organic fertilisers and amendments for soil care. Compost and organic granular fertilisers as well as mycorrhizal inoculants can be introduced into soils using our patented Root Invigoration process. This is the most effective treatment for amending soils and keeping the soil food web in balance as nature intended.

Identifying hazardous tree conditions

When there is a hanging branch or crack in a tree, it's easy to see that a problem exists. However, some issues are more difficult to detect. Simple solutions can make a big difference. Pruning can lessen branch weight and wind resistance. Cables and brace rods can also be effective in helping to limit branch movement and protect trees.

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Root Invigoration

Our patented Root Invigoration programme, developed by scientists at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories to improve soil conditions, incorporates several key plant health treatments. By using high-volume air through a patented tool, it loosens the soil to improve aeration and reduce compaction, without any negative impact on the root system.

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Saluting Branches: Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance

We were honored to be part of the Saluting Branches volunteer event this year at the Indiana Veterans' Home in West Lafayette, IN.

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Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Rick Carter does an amazing job. We are very appreciative of his insight, knowledge, and expertise. He definitely goes the extra mile. Diane Delvechhio, who works in your administrative office, also does a fabulous job. She is efficient, thorough, and personable. She has been extremely helpful over the years and I almost always find myself smiling after our conversations. She is definitely an excellent representative of your corporation.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

Crew was professional and did a fabulous job with pruning our mature White Pine. This tree is very important to our yard and looks fabulous. Yard was left neat as a pin.
Peggy M., Zionsville, IN

Customer service was excellent and I always get a call a day before so I do not have to worry about my dogs.
Dena B., Fishers, IN

Mike is always helpful and very knowledgeable about the many subjects we discuss related to my property. I deeply value Mike's partnership in the management of my property. In short, he knows his stuff and is quick to share valuable and related recommendations. I am satisfied with Mike, Marco, and all the members of the Bartlett team who routinely perform services at our home. They are true professionals and great representatives of Bartlett.
Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

Richard Barker the arborist is very knowledgeable about trees, very professional, and likeable. The crew were experts with the trees and makes me feel like I have no concerns when they work on my trees. The trees are doing great under Bartlett’s care.
Jeanne S., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Barker is professional and great to work with.
Sandi S., Indianapolis, IN

Rich Carter has been terrific. We enjoy Bartlett and the staff.
Jim B., Indianapolis, IN

John Easley is thoroughly knowledgeable and professional. The applicator was friendly and took care of the issue quickly. I will recommend Bartlett to anyone on the Neighborhood community website who asks about tree issues.
James R., Indianapolis, IN

Mike Seybert is great. If I see a problem, Mike immediately replies and comes out to look at the issue. The gentlemen who sprays our trees always does a great job. In the winter when we have our Crabapples pruned, the workers make the trees look so much healthier.
Jack and Anita B., Zionsville, IN

Very responsive office staff. Mike was great. He took the time to explain everything in detail, gave thoughtful advice, and was not pushy.
Jared W., Zionsville, IN

John was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained what was going on with my trees and was very professional.
Dixie C., Pendleton, IN

I appreciate the excellent Customer service Mr. John Easley extended with his shared expertise. Also, I appreciated the excellent service that Estaban and Alphonso extended in pruning our trees and bushes. Our yard looks beautiful, thanks to their efforts.
Paula C., Indianapolis, IN

Thanks to John Easley's evaluation and letter of tree health the city of Indianapolis took our Ash trees off of the cut list. Forever in debt to John for his assistance. We just had our trees treated for the Ash Bore earlier this month. The tech, who preformed the treatment, was very friendly and explained the whole process. We will look forward to his return in two years.
Tom T., Indianapolis, IN

We have used Mike Seybert and his team for years and years for preventive treatments and pruning. Always a great job, professional, neat, clean, and if we have any questions or need something modified, they always do what is needed. This all applies to our recent work we had done.
Mark and Sue K., Zionsville, IN

Mike is always responsive and helpful. I count on his expertise to protect my trees and shrubs.
Andy E., Zionsville, IN

I have always found Bartlett to be polite and professional. Those I have interacted with are knowledgeable and efficient.
Rob S., Fishers, IN

The crew was WONDERFUL. I was so worried about the amount of pruning of fire blight that had to be done, and they did a spectacular job. The trees look clean but not stripped. The site was cleaned up perfectly, and they worked really hard to get it right. Rick is always a trusted advisor. We are in the process of purchasing a new wooded lot we plan to build on nearby, and I will definitely be calling when we gain access to have Rick walk the lot with me and give his thoughts on tree preservation.
Thomas F, Indianapolis, IN

John was thorough and knowledgeable. I appreciated all of his information. Wayne was efficient and effective. He was polite, if somewhat quieter than John.
Janet H, Cicero, IN

Mike was excellent to chat with. My wife and I are both geeks in varying fields and we found Mike's knowledge of our local trees fascinating. We came away with a long term plan for trees in our yard and we look forward to continuing our work with Mike as we realize that plan.
Bethany S., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Carter is the Best. Super knowledgeable and professional. He really is quite talented. This was my first time meeting him. We plan on phase two of this project in the fall.
Steve L., Lebanon, IN

You guys are the best. I appreciate the service and the support.
Deb C., Carmel, IN

I have worked with Mike Seybert for more than seven years. He is always extremely knowledgeable, professional, and respond to my calls or emails timely. Crew members are always great too.
Janet Z., Zionsville, IN

Michael Seybert is our arborist. He is very knowledgeable about the health of our plants and trees in general, and particularly our Norway Spruces, which have struggled to survive in a flood-prone area at the back of our property. He has presented the best options for their treatment that have helped immensely. He is personable but also direct in his manner. He does not promise a remedy if he does not think it will work. He has also regularly sent us your newsletter "Tree Tips" that we have found helpful. In general, we have enjoyed working with him and will continue to do so.
Douglas B., Indianapolis, IN

Very professional, courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable, probably the most important quality.
Jennifer Y., Indianapolis, IN

Mike Seybert is a good educator about trees and tree care. We have worked with him for many years. He is prompt to our appointments,takes notes, answers our questions on the spot,and is a good teacher about tree care, tree health, and tree management for today and tomorrows. He presents a careful and accurate proposal based on our on-site conversation and he absolutely does not try to over sell Bartlett services. When the crew arrives his paperwork for the job is already in their hands and his proposal is clear for them to understand before work begins. Mike has a gracious personality. The trees like him and so do we.
Joan M., Indianapolis, IN

Very satisfied and have already recommended to others. Sincerely appreciate the advice and help regarding the three new Arborvitae that had recently been planted.
Pat N., Fishers, IN

Once again, I have been quite impressed with Bartlett. Scott, who completed the treatment, is an excellent member of your staff. He is courteous, helpful, and conscientious, not to mention accommodating to schedule changes.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

Rick Carter, quite simply, does an amazing job. We unfortunately lost a tree recently, due to storm damage. Within three days, the appropriate repair work was completed, with the follow-up work scheduled for the following week. I truly appreciate Rick's knowledge and expertise, as well as his expediency.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

I love working with John Easley. I learn new things about my trees every time we meet. Bartlett and John exceed my expectations. I am pleased my knowledge about trees and tree disease has increased. I have an idea what to look for and add to the list of questions I have on John's next visit. I have lost many trees from lack of knowledge but I am confident any tree loss I may incur will not be from my ignorance of identifying disease.
Carolyn A., Fishers, IN

Excellent staff, professional, and communicative. They did an outstanding job. If I knew of somebody now who needed a tree removed, I would definitely recommend Bartlett. We were so impressed with the communication, the thoroughness, the cleanup, and the full responsibility that was taken in all matters. If I hear of anyone who needs a tree removed in my neighborhood I will recommend Bartlett.
John F., Zionsville, IN

Friendly, professional, and courteous. I would definitely recommend Bartlett to family and friends.
Mark S., Indianapolis, IN

Over the years, we have come to expect high levels of customer service. John Easley is a fund of knowledge related to all things botanical. He is responsive to our concerns and takes the time to explain his recommendations. One example is the fact that our Ash Borer damage was minimised and our three Ash trees are doing well. Others in our neighbourhood have lost all their Ash trees over the last ten years because they did not treat their trees.
David S., Fishers, IN

Mike has been a valuable representative of Bartlett. His knowledge has given us the opportunity to create a beautiful yard.
Carole S., Zionsville, IN

Very informative not only with trees in need of help but with general landscaping questions.
Sherry G., Plainfield, IN

I really appreciate Mike’s promptness in responding to my questions regarding the care of our trees and shrubs.
Brenda D., Zionsville, IN

I had a very good experience with Bartlett staff. They were courteous, timely, and responsive.
Ron M., Indianapolis, IN

Rick is the best. He always comes by and checks up on the job after the workers are finished, If they forgot to do something or I have a small complaint, he takes care of it. He comes out after I request a job to be done, and walks around with me so he gets a full understanding of what we are needing done. He is very knowledgeable and courteous.
Rebecca A., Indianapolis, IN

Extremely satisfied with service and results. Will recommend your company to any and all who ask.
Bill S., Avon, IN

John always is detail oriented and is easy to work with. Our trees look great as a result.
John W., Fishers, IN

All visits were helpful and I will use them again for sure.
Sherry G., Plainfield, IN

I wanted you to know that your staff did an outstanding job in terms of straightening the Spruce but in particular on the pruning. They were courteous, professional, and thorough. We also appreciate your working with us on our limited time schedule.
Gail C., Carmel, IN

The crew is always polite and willing to explain what they are doing and why. Rick Barker is always willing to listen to my concerns and advise appropriately.
Julie H., Indianapolis, IN

Richard was very patient explaining what I should do and what I did not need to do. Incredible knowledge.
Ken W., Greenwood, IN

Always great work and high quality. They clearly look out for our landscaping for us as much or more than we do.
Mark and Sue K., Zionsville, IN

Rick Carter has helped us solve many problems and save many trees over the last twenty years. I really respect his knowledge.
Joan P., Carmel, IN

Bartlett has always been the best with communication and providing the information we need to keep our trees healthy. They are the ones we turn to first when ever we have tree concerns.
Marcus P., Noblesville, IN

Mr. Barker and all other staff were excellent.
Marian F, Indianapolis, IN

John Easley has been so helpful to me the past years. He knows his stuff. As for the pruning crew, Marco and Matt were terrific.
Leslie C., Noblesville, IN

Always enjoy working with Mike Seybert and his crews. Thank you for your great service.
Alex & Lori V, Zionsville, IN

Mike was great, so was Jennifer. Service work like this can be hit or miss. Bartlett was spot on.
Daniel R., Indianapolis, IN

I have been pleased with all interactions with Bartlett, from start to finish. They responded promptly to my initial request for an estimate. An appointment was made and the estimate was made in a timely fashion. All personnel were courteous, helpful, and prompt. There was good communication throughout and I was informed in advance when the pruning was scheduled. The pruners arrived and worked hard throughout the day. They did a thorough job and were pleasant to interact with. They clearly knew what they were doing. Our tree is very big and overhangs the house. All the trimming was completed with no damage to our house. There were many branches trimmed and the clean up was satisfactory.
Michael H., Bloomington, IN

Many thanks for taking such meticulous care of our trees and shrubs. Robert and his crew did an excellent job regarding the pruning of our Hawthorns. Robert was professional and diligent. Rick Carter does an amazing job. I am grateful he is proactive regarding the care of our trees and shrubs. Diane Delvechhio, who works in your corporate office, is conscientious, efficient, professional, and personable, a rare combination. Thank you again for such excellent service.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

John Easley has been great throughout this service. John is professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. Your crew did a great job for us. We will definitely call you for help again.
Dennis S., Indianapolis, IN

Bartlett Tree Experts are the Best. Rick and his team did a fantastic job taking down our old Oak tree.
Susan S., Indianapolis, IN

Thank you so much for the excellent service and communication. We were highly impressed with the standard of quality and workmanship. Your crews were very professional and accommodating. We will definitely use you next time and have already recommended your services to others.
Lisa S., Carmel, IN

The crew came to the house even though the weather was a bit wet and the trees were a bit slippery. Bartlett got the job done and had the capacity to take away some additional tree debris for a nominal fee. I was very happy with the service and the crew that turned up at our home.
Chris R., Carmel, IN

Rick Barker is the very best. He has been our arborist for decades.
Sue R., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Carter does an exceptional job, and we are very grateful for his expertise, as well as his expediency regarding requests concerning our property.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

We have just had soil sampling done to see what treatment our Pin Oak tree needs. So far the service has been timely and Bartlett has been great. Rich Barker came to our house as soon as I called for service and he is great to work with.
Craig P., Indianapolis, IN

Your team was amazing. I called on a Wednesday, had a visit by the following Monday and a proposal on Tuesday. The service was scheduled within a reasonable time and the crew did a great job.
Andy M., Carmel, IN

Thank you for taking care of my storm damage quickly.
Jen M., Whitestown, IN

Rick’s terrific.
Gina B., Indianapolis, IN

Very prompt and complete responses to my question about my tree health.
Carol F., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Carter and his crew have been caring for our trees for fourteen years. Not only do I appreciate the quality of work for each visit, but I also appreciate how Rick and his crew have a long memory of the issues with individual trees. I do not know how they did it, but the crew members removed lots of low hanging branches and did not disturb or dammage the plants growing underneath. Thanks so much.
Diane F., Indianapolis, IN

Very informative, knowledgeable, and responsive crew and staff. Great customer service.
Katie L., Indianapolis, IN

Really happy John Easley was here to provide his professional guidance and insight regarding what I was hoping to have done. Bobby and his crew were great. I was really pleased with all aspect of this company and the experience.
Donna A., Fishers, IN

John is very helpful. He is knowledgeable, gives us suggestions, and evaluates options for managing our landscape. We enjoy working with him.
Dayle T., Indianapolis, IN

All the people I dealt with were very cordial and professional.
Larry G., Brownsburg, IN

I really appreciated John Easley's quick responses to my emails and excellent customer service.
Lori B., Noblesville, IN

Michael Seybert has been helping me for the last fifteen years and I greatly appreciate his professionalism and knowledgeable support.
Caterina G., Indianapolis, IN

Just had two of my Bradford Pear Trees pruned by Bartlett and I can not be more satisfied with the work they performed. They did an excellent job on keeping the natural look of the trees and you could not tell they were even here after they were done. They did an excellent job cleaning up. It was a crew of three guys and two trucks. Took them roughly three hours to complete the job. Bradford Pears are notorious for splitting and they gave good advise on future maintenance to help prevent the trees from splitting. Highly recommend Bartlett.
Frank L., Indianapolis, IN

A quick response to our problem of Canker Worms taking over our Giant Cypress trees that we had just designed and built a deck around, was critical and so important to have Bartlett on our team. I can not thank him enough and our application specialist, Wayne, who was thorough and professional. We have our own business, going into its 38th year. We have always prided ourselves in service first, then the highest quality materials, to create unique, one of a kind, signs for our clients all over the world. Many of our jobs are small and detailed. The Bartlett team made us feel like a Fortune 500 customer, and we only had two trees to treat. Looking at your history and commitment to your customers, I can see the same principles that have guided successful businesses over the years. We will and already have recommended Bartlett to friends and clients. And, now because of you, we can enjoy our deck again with friends and family.
Mark and Alora W., Greenfield, IN

John was great. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain exactly what he did and how it would benefit the tree in the future.
Robert and Barbara R., Indianapolis, IN

We have been very happy with the service from Bartlett. The men who did the tree trimming did an excellent job.
Jerry and Ramona B., Indianapolis, IN

What a great job the guys did on the tree. They were professional, safety conscious, and polite. They cleaned up everything and checked with me to see if everything was satisfactory. You will be our go to when we have another project.
Gail D., Carmel, IN

Always professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Jack and Anita B., Zionsville, IN

I had a Bartlett service appointment to perform work on my home property. For many years I have worked with Mike Seybert in an effort to manage my property's tree, shrub, and plant needs. Also, I have had the opportunity to work with Marco Vargas during the course of several years. Both of these Bartlett representatives are outstanding in their respective areas of work. They are always professional as they go about providing advice and perform the actual work as set forth in Mike's proposal. Mike and Marco take the time to answer my questions and offer options. I view Mike and Marco as partners working with me to reach a successful outcome regardless of the scope of the project. Just so happens that my weekly lawn mowing service team arrived at the same time this past Thursday when Marco and the crew were working on trimming several large trees. When the mowers saw that Bartlett was working on my trees, they said to me "We know you have used Bartlett over the years and it clearly shows, Bartlett is the very best." Of course, I already knew that, but to have a totally objective third party who deeply appreciates nature, lawns, and landscaping, make such a statement is a real testament to the outstanding work of Mike, Marco, and the entire Indianapolis Bartlett team. Again, I am confident you already know how special Mike and Marco are but it never hurts to have a satisfied client confirm great work and great service.
Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

Good communications and excellent service provided by Rick Carter and the service technicians who have been to my home to complete the various services at my home.
Terry L., Carmel, IN

Love this crew.
Thomas and Jennifer F., Indianapolis, IN

Mike Seybert is great to work with. He knows his trees, but he also understands us well, what work I prefer to do myself, and what I need help with.
Russ P., Indianapolis, IN

All representatives have been courteous, friendly, and competent.
Deborah M., Indianapolis, IN

Very satisfied with the work done. Will plan on using your services for future needs.
Kris C., Noblesville, IN

John and the team are professional, knowledgeable, and provide excellent customer service.
Christopher H., Indianapolis, IN

Have appreciated an excellent working relationship with Mike as well as the results of the recommended treatments.
Polly B., Indianapolis, IN

My experience with Bartlett has been very pleasant. Everyone that I have had contact with has been knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional. I would definitely continue to use your services.
Carolyn M., Lebanon, IN

Work quality is great. Staff is friendly, professional, and efficient.
Deann B., Carmel, IN

Great employees, very thorough, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.
Ginny C., Lebanon, IN

I am happy with the work completed, professionalism of staff, and how my yard was left after completion. Work was completed in a timely manner as specified in appraisal. Arborist did a good job with communication.
Sandy B., Fishers, IN

Much of the work is done when we are not at home, but when we are, everyone has been very courteous. Richard Barker has always been wonderful, extremely knowledgeable, and always willing to answer questions and provide help. We feel so fortunate to have Richard as our arborist.
Leslie C., Greenwood, IN

I enjoy working with Mike Seybert. The crew that comes out is always pleasant and knowledgeable. I recommend them frequently.
Toni B., Indianapolis, IN

Your crews, both times, have been courteous and friendly. They work stadily ansd clean up after themselves when finished. Very satisfactory.
Jim S., Westfield, IN

John Easley is the best. Smart, friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. Bartlett could not have a better representative.
Christopher H., Westfield, IN

Very professional, both admin and crew members. I have used you before and will continue to use you when I need help with my trees.
Andrew D., Indianapolis, IN

Great service and staff, always courteous, willing to answer questions and provide information.
Barbara B., Carmel, IN

Rick Carter is helping us keep and maintain our landscape. With Bartlett’s many capabilities we feel assured we will continue to enjoy many more years outside our home in our yard. Thanks to all of you.
Bob C., Carmel, IN

Richard is always extremely helpful. He is a great asset to your company and our community.
Ryan P., Indianapolis, IN

I continue to enjoy working with Mike Seybert. Mike is an excellent representative of Bartlett. He is always focused on my short and long term needs. Mike provides quality advice and options for my needs. I view him as a valued partner in the management of my plants and trees. I enjoy working with him regardless if it is a major or minor project.
Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

I have been using Barlett for years now and have always been satisfied with the service.
Catherine H., Indianapolis, IN

Everyone at Bartlett is a true pro. From first contact through clean up, the whole staff is courteous, efficient, and service oriented.
John H., Noblesville, IN

Staff was courteous and let me know when they arrived and left. The foreman checked on the work the others were doing. Everything looks great right now in January. I appreciated the crew moving my trash bin up by the garage as well.
Angie F., McCordsville, IN

Very pleased with the work done by Marco and Dan. They worked hard, gave thought to each pruning cut, and did a thorough job. In spite of it being a freezing day, each was pleasant and professional. The results looks great.
Gracia F., Indianapolis, IN

We are appreciative of Rick Carter's expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. In addition, he is always very prompt when responding to questions, concerns, and willing to go the extra mile. Thank you for helping us to maintain the health of our trees and the beauty of our property.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

Every member of this team I have come in contact with are very professional. It is evident they want to do a superb job. We enjoy having them take care of our trees.
Polly C., Carmel, IN

Mike Seybert is an excellent representative for Bartlett. He sets the bar for great customer services. I view Mike as a partner as I address issues on my property. He is always helpful.
Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

Marco is outstanding. He is a master of his trade and very good with clients. I enjoy working with him as he goes about working on my property. Marco and the crew who recently performed a large project for me were first class. Excellent work and customer services.
Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

Professional approach with helpful knowledge and recommendations.
Patsy M., Fishers, IN

Rick Carter and the staff at Bartlett do an excellent job maintaining our property, and we are very appreciative of their efforts.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

Crew did a great job of pruning our shrubs. The boxwood hedge looks especially good.
Fred B., Avon, IN

John Easley has been super helpful and responsive and has been a pleasure to work with.
Scott W., Fishers, IN

Mike Seybert, was great to work with. He was very responsive to all inquiries and concerns and provided very helpful information. I was very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the work.
Courtney T., Zionsville, IN

Thank you for your company’s immediate response to our Tuesday call asking for your services after the storm. Thanks also to Megan, who coordinated several phone calls. Thanks to the crew for their two days of excellent work of cleaning up our storm damaged trees, fallen branches, and debris. They worked tirelessly under very hot and sometimes dangerous conditions to do a good job for us. If we did not have the pictures to prove it, passersby would never know we had had a problem. We were not at home when they finished today, so could not express our thanks in person.
Sally T., Lebanon, IN

Crew is thoughtful, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I recommend Bartlett all the time.
Toni B., Indianapolis, IN

Rick is a great guy and good communicator.
Jerry M., Carmel, IN

Bartlett has been very responsive and professional. I have been impressed.
Michael B., Avon, IN

John gets back to me quickly on any questions I have. Superior customer service on his part. Spraying crew was very personable and helpful.
Phil G., Fishers, IN

Mike Seybert is very knowledgable and helpful. Wish I would have talked with him a few years ago. Our blue spruce would be looking better today if I did.
Tom M., Zionsville, IN

Very timely, clean, and efficient. I have already recommended your company to other clients of mine.
Landscape By Design, Indianapolis, IN

Michael Seybert is fantastic. We always feel like valued customers because of his timely responsiveness and impeccable professionalism.
Michael and Sarah W., Zionsville, IN

This is the first year we are using Bartlett. They did what we were told they would and it was done as scheduled. Even the little things like please close the gates when finished the job.
Martina M., Brownsburg, IN

We have been working with Mike Seybert for a few years and could not be happier with his service. He is punctual, knowledgeable, and a genuinely friendly guy. We have complete confidence in what he recommends and trust that he is recommending only what is best for our trees.
Ryan M., Zionsville, IN

Your guys came by today and cleaned up the locust tree mess. They did a really nice job, I am very pleased. Bartlett is lucky to have such courteous, friendly, and efficient employees.
Jon H., Zionsville, IN

Mike Seybert is so knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive to my phone calls and is often out within a day to look at a tree problem.
Matt and Laura Y., Zionsville, IN

John Easley is a very informed Arborist and pleasant to work with.
Georgianne K., Indianapolis, IN

John Easley is very easy to work with. He checks my property and recommends what needs to be done. He is never pushy about accepting the recommendations. That is why I usually go with all of his recommendations.
Angie F., McCordsville, IN

I enjoy working with Mike Seybert, he understands my yard and the attention it needs.
Toni B., Indianapolis, IN

Marco and his crew worked very hard to please me in every way. Marco took time to answer all my question.
Ralph H., Crawfordsville, IN

Everything was top notch.
Verlyn W., Westfield, IN

Marco is very talented (actually an artist) undertaking his quality work. He always takes time to do the job right. I have watched him on many jobs and he is a very hard worker. He doesn't waste time, is always moving on the ground, and in the air. I always ask for Marco to do the work on my property. I have never been disappointed in a job that was perform by Marco. He is an excellent representative of Bartlett Tree Experts.
Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

I am very pleased with the overall services of Bartlett Tree Experts. I especially want to recognize the professional services of Mike Seybert, my arborist. Mike is very attentive to my needs and is always eager to help answer my questions and provide quality advice and opinions. I have great respect for Mike's knowledge and experience. He is an outstanding representative of Bartlett Tree Experts.
Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

All staff are excellent, especially our account manager Rick Carter.
Ralph C., Carmel, IN

Mike Seybert is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
Eric S., Kirklin, IN

Nice job every time!
Stephanie G., Carmel, IN

Very through and professional.
Dan M., Indianapolis, IN

Great as always, very pleased.
Brian O., Indianapolis, IN

Richard Barker has been helping us with our trees for years. He is the best!
Roxanne K., Indianapolis, IN

Rick is very responsive inspecting our trees and bushes if we have concerns. Rick is very knowledgeable and willing to answer our questions and provide education on care of our trees in a timely manner. On the few occasions when I've seen crews come to our home, they are polite and efficient. We especially appreciate it when they leave the door flyer indicating the work they've done at our home.
Mark L., Westfield, IN

Everyone always does a great job, thorough, professional, friendly, and the jobs requiring tree removal or trimming is always left neat and clean after the job. We have always been pleased with the quality of work, timeliness, and professionalism of all employees. Mike Seybert has been especially outstanding in his advice and service.
Mark & Sue K., Zionsville, IN

Your team has been EXCEPTIONAL today! Experienced, courteous, thorough. Worked tirelessly every minute of the day, great representatives of Bartlett.
Eric B., Carmel, IN

As always, I appreciate Rick Carter's expertise and professionalism. I feel an increased level of assurance, knowing he is "monitoring" our trees and shrubs (all of which look healthy). It is a pleasure to communicate with Rick, as his responses are quick and thorough.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

Crew was great, friendly, accommodating, and patient, even though it was really hot and very late in the day.
Brian O., Indianapolis, IN

Always courteous and knowledgeable!
John H., Zionsville, IN

The team from Bartlett, six men, worked hard from 9am to 6:30pm, carefully figuring out each step and smoothly brought down the tree, piece by piece. I told them I didn’t mind if they had to drop some branches in the garden, but they didn’t ruffle one plant. I wouldn’t have minded if they had accidentally hit the wooden fence at the base of the tree, but they didn’t even give it a nudge. To my unexperienced eyes, this seemed like a difficult tree removal, since they were removing a large trunk 80 feet up, and trying not to damage the neighbor’s maple that had saved the day, but their teamwork and carefulness was impressive as they lowered each piece on a pully. The unstable tree was anchored to an Oak as backup in case the base, twisted and fractured, gave way. They used a very tall hoist and fork lift, maneuvering them around the sprinklers in our yard very carefully. I’m grateful for their work and their responsiveness. Rick made sure we understood that the tree was extremely tall and that we should stay very far away to stay safe. I appreciated everything they did for us, keeping a bad situation from becoming terrible. Thank you very, very much.
Diane F., Indianapolis, IN

Once again your crew did an excellent job under difficult circumstances. Heat, humidity, and most of the branches overhanging the house. Hats off to them!
Randy C., Indianapolis, IN

The men working with you are very polite and seem very conscientious.
Debbie C., Carmel, IN

Mike Seybert has always been knowledgeable and welcoming of my requests. The tree trimming crew is wonderful and leave no trace behind. Bartlett has been servicing my trees for a number of years. I have always found the crews and experts to be open and patient to my constant questions. Because of the continual care shown to our landscape my trees are flourishing.
Toni B., Indianapolis, IN

Mike Seybert has been our Bartlett Arborist Representative for over six years. A knowledgeable and exemplary professional, Mike is always willing to take time to discuss and share valuable information with us. I continually walk away from our conversations having learned something new and of interest regarding the subject of trees.
Pete T., Zionsville, IN

Mike Seybert is an outstanding representative of Bartlett Tree Experts. He is very knowledgeable about all forms of horticulture. I especially appreciate his knowledge specific to my property. I have worked with Mike for several years and he helps me with my current needs and also helps me forecast services in the future. Mike is always prompt to follow up when I send him an email, he makes it a priority to provide me with the timely answers I request. I will continue to recommend Bartlett and Mike to others because of the outstanding customer service and quality of arborist/horticulture services provided. Again, Mike is a first class representative of Bartlett Tree Experts. Marco, who actually did the work on my property, is very qualified. He knows what he is doing and is, in my opinion, an artist when it comes to his craft. He and his crew member were respectful of my property and went above and beyond to return the work area to its original state. Marco is a great representative of Bartlett Tree Experts and a talented craftsman of his trade.
Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

Everyone I have interacted with has been very knowledgeable and polite. Quality of work has been excellent. I was looking for a tree service that would help me maintain the numerous specimen of trees on my property. Walking the yard with the arborist was informative and very helpful.
Amy R., Thorntown, IN

Rick Carter was especially attentive to my concerns and desires. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Tom M., Lebanon, IN

We have enjoyed working with Rick Carter for the past several years. He is professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He is prompt in returning calls and takes the time to explain methods of treatment, changes in treatment plans, etc. He frequently goes "above and beyond" to assure customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with Rick in the coming years.
Joan S., Carmel, IN

Very helpful, professional, knowledgeable, considerate, and timely! I appreciate it all.
Katherine M., Indianapolis, IN

Mike was excellent and the crew did everything in a courteous manner.
John E., Zionsville, IN

John was very knowledgeable and a great sounding board for questions for all trees. I really appreciated that he took time out to discuss all trees and did not try to upsell and get payment upfront. Gaining the trust of the customer has lead me to give Bartlett's name out to other customers.
Scott H., Noblesville, IN

Excellent work. Responsive. Prompt. Professional.
Scott T., Greenwood, IN

I was very pleased with the assessment and recommendation provided by Mr. Barker. He took the time to answer my questions and concerns while representing Bartlett in a very professional manner. The crew members were polite and professional. I am a very satisfied customer. I will utilize Bartlett in the future. I will utilize the company again. I received outstanding service from Bartlett.
Barbara F., Indianapolis, IN

I was particularly impressed by the safety awareness and techniques utilized by both the tree removal and the stump removal crews.
Richard M., Zionsville, IN

My arborist is very knowledgeable and gave very informative information! He diagnosed my two wild blackberry tress that were cancerous and needed removal from my yard. Despite thinking I had three diseased blackberry trees, it turned out that they where healthy! The three crew members that came out to trim and or cut my trees where very friendly! They brought in their 42" wide equipment, but expanded taking up a good part of my yard. One of the guys was able to climb my trees to cut down the branches. The other guy used the lifter, reaching very high altitudes to trim my trees. They were receptive to areas that I wanted additional trimming! My trees look amazing and they left everything so clean with no damage to my property! Thank you very much! I would recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to care for your yard!
Ada G., Fishers, IN

Rick Carter has been great! Very knowledgeable and patient with our many questions.
Ruth M., Carmel, IN

I've always been very satisfied with the reps and service that I've received.
Catherine H., Indianapolis, IN

Mike Seybert is always so kind and knowledgeable about our trees and shrubs. It is a pleasure to work with him.
Matt and Laura Y., Zionsville, IN

Courteous, kind, and efficient. Thank you!
Robert B., Indianapolis, IN

Mike is always responsive to my questions and tree needs. The crew at Bartlett always does a great job. I'm usually at work when they come and they leave the site in great condition.
Mary U., Indianapolis, IN

Mike Seybert is very knowledgeable and confers with me before any work is planned. His lead tree guy found a problem in a large tree and with Mike the work will be scheduled for his fall. The crew leaves very little behind them. They are always polite and hard working. I chose Bartlett years ago because of a wonderful representative. I have never been disappointed in the quality of the work.
Toni B., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Barker does a great job, showing sincere interest in my property. Also, the crew leader is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Joe S., Indianapolis, IN

I always know I can trust Bartlett to do an awesome job.
Tom M., Indianapolis, IN

Mike Seybert and his crew treat my home and its trees as if they were their own. The crew works with skill and cleans up behind themselves.
Toni B., Indianapolis, IN

Thanks again for coming out and helping me with my trees and shrubs. I'm very happy with you and Bartlett and recommended you to my neighbor who is also using you. From our first meeting, everything you told me turned out to be true and several things others told me turned out to be false. You certainly seem to have the most knowledge&by far.
Pam F., Carmel, IN

Rick Carter is very prompt and thorough in responding to questions and the quality of work appears to be very good.
John G., Carmel, IN

Every member of your team was wonderful. I could not have been more happy with the work you performed and the service you provided me. You guys are the best out there.

I am very happy with all aspects of your service. I feel that there is no way that any company could have done a better job than you did for me and my property. I want to thank everyone involved and I will always tell others about how professional and fair you were to me in all aspects. Thank you.
Wally R., Pendleton, IN

Rick Carter always seems to be on top of everything my trees need.
Catherine H., Indianapolis, IN

Very good job at a fair price. Everyone was great to work with. Thank you.
Steve R., Indianapolis, IN

Everyone on the Bartlett crew from Rick to the guys in the field are class acts. They do a fabulous job, are thorough, and thoughtful. They've set the bar high. John R., Carmel, IN

The crew did a very nice job and the trees that they trimmed look much better. Checked with us as they worked to make sure they were trimming how we wanted - very polite and professional. Mike H., Zionsville, IN

They have all been polite and easy to talk to. Rick is very knowledgeable about trees and has helped me a lot. Jim P., Greencastle, IN

The quality of the work and crew exceeded my expectations. Even the neighbor commented on the great clean up! Thanks! Susan B., Zionsville, IN

I appreciate the professionalism and how clean and attentive the crew were when they removed our tree, as well as when treating the trees. The arborist was very knowledgeable and helpful with my concerns and helping get what I needed completed. Mark W., Indianapolis, IN

We trust Bartlett and Mike Seybert. We can't always do every treatment and job right away and have to spread out the work, but we have been customers for 15 years at two different houses and have always been happy with the work and advice. Michael L., Zionsville, IN

John was very professional and thorough in describing what they were going to do. Scott and his two associates did an excellent job trimming. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will when have the opportunity. Tom P., Fishers, IN

I wanted to say thank you for a job well done on the trees as they look fantastic. I am not sure who from your organisation did the work but please let them know I am very pleased. When you see good work, you know that person took their time and applied their craft and while it may sound hokey, I now look out my windows and look at those trees and it makes me smile. Michael H., Carmel, IN

We arrived home after the tree was trimmed, but while the crew was still there. I only spoke to the driver, but he was extremely nice, courteous, energetic, and positive. We asked that a little more be taken off of the left side and he was very obliging. Five minutes later, he called us out to see if we were happy. The tree looks great. It was thinned, but not too much so as to look like a different tree, and it raised just right so our yard light and landscaping is more visible, the grass will grow better, and we can mow and trim much more easily. We went with Bartlett because the quote, follow through, and service were extremely well done. As a small business owner myself, I know the devil is in the details. You got it just right. Jason M., Noblesville, IN

Mike Seybert and the other Bartlett staff members are excellent representatives of your company. They are always very professional and routinely project a "customer-focused" approach to my home's needs. Mike S. is very helpful and takes the necessary time to explain how Bartlett services can/will address my needs. He knows my property and has helped me over the years address numerous issues - all successfully addressed via the professional services of Bartlett. Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

Rick Barker did an excellent job and I will definitely use him and your company again for any tree issues that arise. Thanks! Rick C., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Carter always provides expert professional recommendations about tree situations, and work crews always do a good job with his instructions. Sally T., Lebanon, IN

Mike is a pleasure to work with. His crew cleans up after themselves. I have no complaints, only compliments. We started using Bartlett years ago when our Pin Oak was overgrowing our lawn. Your representative solved my problem, helped me create a new garden, and trimmed our tree without losing the lovely sweeping effect of the lower branches. Kudos to your team. Toni B., Indianapolis, IN

I want to comment on Mike Seybert. Mike is an excellent representative of Bartlett Tree Experts. He is very helpful and, of course, knows his stuff. Mike takes the time to help me understand the issues surrounding my needs. He is prompt in returning calls and setting appointments and related work at my school. He is very professional in all areas of customer service(s). Again, Mike is an excellent employee of Bartlett Tree Experts. Dennis C., Zionsville, IN

I wanted to tell you right away that your crew did a phenomenal job. I was so impressed by the whole process. They left the yard looking cleaner than when they arrived. Jeff M., Indianapolis, IN

Very happy we chose Bartlett. Leslie J., Carmel, IN

Richard Barker is a very knowledgeable arborist! He has always responded to any concerns we might have had over the past several years. Sharon S., Avon, IN

Mike Seybert was excellent when he came to look at our trees and was very helpful in explaining what needed to be done. The gentleman who actually did the work was courteous and efficient. Good job! Bruce T., Indianapolis, IN

Your serviceman was very knowledgeable and had great tips to share about the upkeep of other trees in addition to the ash being serviced. Thank you! Erin M., Zionsville, IN

The Bartlett Arborist has been very helpful and responsive to all of my questions. The other crew members left our property neat and clean after the work was done. Timothy S., Greenwood, IN

Very pleased with the work completed at my home! After the removal of a total of four trees, there was little/no debris to clean up and the holes were filled and seeded, which I did not expect. Thank you for a job well done! Carol D., Carmel, IN

We were very happy with the planting job we had done. The workers were courteous, thorough, knowledgeable, and obviously concerned about the welfare of the trees. We're very happy that we found Bartlett Tree Experts to look after and care for our trees. Their health is important to us. Alice R., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Carter is excellent. He is a pro who knows and understands our issues. The guys that do the work are great also. Very responsive and friendly. Jim K., Indianapolis, IN

Richard Barker has always been very prompt and knowledgeable. Sharon S., Avon, IN

Mike Seybert is awesome, very knowledgeable, very helpful in recommendations, and trustworthy. Dustin C., Zionsville, IN

I am always pleased by the services provided by Bartlett and their crew. Mary Ann U., Indianapolis, IN

I've always been pleased with the staff, crew, and especially Rick Carter, which is why I continue to remain a customer. Catherine H., Indianapolis, IN

The tree pruning crew lead by Alejandro from the Fishers, Indiana location did an excellent job (on the windy day of May 3, 2014) of safely removing the dead limbs from three of my ash trees. They followed safe operating procedures throughout, and the trees look great. David S., Fishers, IN

Mike Seybert is always wonderful, professional, and courteous. He makes great recommendations. We always call Mike&have him in our cell phone! Tom & Susan H., Zionsville, IN

Mr. Mike Seybert is always very congenial and knowledgeable. He is prompt in answering any requests. It is always a pleasure to deal with him. Bartlett has been providing service to our property for many years. Long ago, a tree fell against our house; I called for help and they arrived within hours. I was amazed at how quickly it was removed and cleaned up! Andrea H., Zionsville, IN

Mike has been with us for a number of years. Mr. Seybert has kept us up on all of our needs. Great asset for you at Bartlett. Rebecca B., Zionsville, IN

Experts and service providers were most knowledgeable and courteous. Treatments to date are most effective. Fred T., Indianapolis, IN

We're very pleased with all of your staff. Very courteous, thorough, and timely. John S., Indianapolis, IN

Mike S. is very responsive and professional. His level of service is the primary reason we have stayed with Bartlett. John C., Zionsville, IN

First I want to compliment the crew from Bartlett. They took such care trimming the trees today. I so appreciate how careful they were will the garden ornaments. And I am so grateful the crew noticed the crack in that big limb in the tree. It was so great that you could come and check on it. And of course I appreciate your advice. Just want to say thanks so much for a job well done. Mary Jo W., Indianapolis, IN

I never feel the need to be home when the Bartlett crew arrives on a job because I know they have specific guidelines from the arborist as what is to be done. No surprises because I already have a written description and the cost in advance. And they are quick to adjust to any contingency that comes up. What a great business model! Tom R., Indianapolis, IN

We had an appointment with Mike Seybert to come to our home and give us an estimate for pruning and removing dead limbs from three trees and cabling the forks in two trees. Mike arrived early and was very cordial and knowledgeable, making recommendations for the work we wanted. We are very impressed and pleased with our dealings with Mike. He's a real gentleman. Soon after we talked with Mike, we received a call from the office letting us know that we were on the schedule for a crew to do the work. On that date, a crew arrived early and began work immediately. Matt and the other two arborists were fun, careful, and conscientious, and completed everything we wanted. And you should see how they cleaned up! The yard and driveway looked as if nothing had been done. Guess who we will contact the next time we need help with our trees? Raleigh K., Zionsville, IN

Thank you so much for a job well done - a big job and a messy one. Your workers were great and polite so I wanted to send a thank you to everyone. Vivian L., Beech Grove, IN

Thank you very much, Mike, for your help in getting our trees pruned and cabled. You are a real gentleman, and we appreciated your professionalism. Please pass on our thanks to everyone in the office, too. Matt and the crew were also great. Jean K., Zionsville, IN

I just want to say that I've been very impressed with everyone in your company. They crew showed up yesterday and did a fantastic job. Marco consulted with me about several things. I really appreciate the knowledge and professionalism of everyone. Becky E., Indianapolis, IN

Because of the regular care, the trees in my yard look so much better than many in surrounding yards. All of the work is professionally done however, the tree trimmers of a few weeks ago did an especially good job and checked for my approval when they finished. I was impressed with the work. I have called several times when there was something that needed to be checked and Mr. Barker has come over to check out the problem and many times take care of it himself. I am a very satisfied customer. Mary B., Indianapolis, IN

Mr. Carter studied our two ash trees and scheduled an injection treatment for emerald ash borers. His professionalism gives me confidence. The work was done on schedule. Robert D., Noblesville, IN

[Michael] was great. [He] took the time to look at our trees and even identified a few we were unfamiliar with. He was very friendly and obviously enjoys his job. Becky M., Lafayette, IN

I have worked with Mike Seybert multiple times over the last few years. He has always been very responsive and helpful. Our most recent work was due to an overnight storm. Mike was able to get a crew out same day--very much appreciated! Jason P., Zionsville, IN

Rick Carter is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and prompt. He has made a significant difference in the maintenance and improvement of our landscaping, and we sincerely appreciate his efforts and expertise. It has been a pleasure working with him. Joan S., Carmel, IN

Speaking for the Eagle Trace Homeowners Association Board, we certainly appreciate the recent work by Bartlett to treat our 600 ash street trees for EAB. Richard Barker was wonderful to work with. Thank you for your product and process and professionalism to protect the beauty and property values of our neighborhood as we work to protect these trees. HOA, Indianapolis, IN

I consider the care and health of my trees very important. Bartlett's gives me a quote in the spring and I can pick and choose what I feel I can afford. When other trees look less than healthy, mine look good. I appreciate this service. Mary B., Indianapolis, IN

Rick was great to work with. He's very knowledgeable and explained things well to me. Lisa S., Indianapolis, IN

Your crew did an exceptional job on the beech yesterday especially since it was cold and windy. M. Miller, Indianapolis, IN

Rick Carter came out promptly at the appointed time. He listened to my concerns and together we inspected the trees. The estimate was precisely detailed and fully priced. We are very satisfied and have already scheduled Bartlett to care for our trees again this spring. Charles G., Lebanon, IN

Arborist Mike Seybert was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, evaluated all trees, and gave us his recommendations. Crew members did a very good job, in a neat and timely manner. Daniela L., Indianapolis, IN

Bartlett staff has always been very courteous and professional. They provide high quality work at affordable prices. They are my go-to company time and again due to their fair pricing and fantastic customer service. Rick Carter is always extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of issues. I have been very pleased with all they have done for us. Thanks! Angela G., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Carter was very helpful with discerning our options with several issues. He was thorough and patient. The crew that took down our tree was exceptional, especially the main contact man. He was very courteous and respectful when he spoke with us and his team was very careful with our property. The stump removal kids were also very courteous and careful. We are very pleased with the work and would certainly use your company in the future. Julie W., Carmel, IN

We were very pleased with the work done here last week. And we were impressed by the skill of the two crew members who did some clever maneuvers to take out our two-trunk dead tress in two pieces! We love the new look of our front maple with its lower, struggling limbs removed. I always recommend Bartlett to any neighbors seeking help with their trees. Mary Ellen G., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Barker is my Arborist Representative. He has always been courteous and professional with me. He takes the time to answer my questions and if I have problems pop up, will come by and check it out for me in a timely manner. I know I am a minor customer by Bartlett standards, but I'm treated very well. David B., Indianapolis, IN

Rick Barker was a delight as well as very informative about our tree problems. The crew who came to do the work were very polite, courteous, and cooperative in every way. The whole experience was great. I would recommend you in a heart beat. We are so grateful to Bartlett in stepping up to donate their services to Joy's House. Your commitment to us speaks volumes for the company. Thank you. Joy's House, Indianapolis, IN

The job was well done, staff was professional, and very neat and clean. Always a joy to use Bartlett and Mike Seybert's team. Mark & Sue K., Zionsville, IN

I have been very pleased. Mike Seybert is the arborist with whom I have worked. He listens to my request, talks me through my options, and works with me through the scheduling and work process. They provide detailed line-item estimates, are available by phone and e-mail. Jason P., Zionsville, IN

The arborist was very knowledgeable and very thorough. I was not expecting him to check every tree on our property, but I am very glad he did. Now we know what to look for and can plan to have more items taken care of in the future. It was a nice experience and we will definitely call again! R. Boone, Indianapolis, IN

Richard Barker is amazing! He responds to numerous questions immediately. He is kind and caring about his job and customers! He is very competent. I am glad I have the Bartlett team caring for my landscape. Carla R., Avon, IN

I have worked twice now with Mike Seybert and have been very pleased with his knowledge, responsiveness, and service. We did have a question about our most recent service, and Mike addressed it right away. Jason P., Zionsville, IN

I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the pruning work done by your crew on Thursday, February 9 at our home. As always, they arrived promptly, worked diligently and quickly, cleaned up immaculately, and left the trees looking beautiful. Our maple trees in front truly needed a lot of thinning and pruning of rubbing branches, and they look so much better. The crab trees on either side of the house now have a lovely shape. Please let your crew know how happy we are with their work. Becky B., Fishers, IN

Always courteous, providing ample information on tree care. We have been well pleased with Bartlett's attention to our landscape for a good number of years. Mary D., Indianapolis, IN

Thank you, Rick Carter, for your prompt and efficient response to removing a hanging limb from a large tree in our front yard. I think the job was completed app one working day after our request. Much appreciated. Edwin D., Indianapolis, IN

Mike is very good at making good, practical recommendations for the homeowner who knows nothing about trees. Daniel S., Zionsville, IN

Rick Carter has always been knowledgeable, professional, and kind in our conversations. He is also prompt when responding to e-mails and phone calls. He is most certainly an asset to your company and its standards. The gentleman who came to do the work on the evergreen tree was friendly, thorough, and professional. He was very informative on just what would be done to the tree, and the hopes that the tree can have a healthy future. Thank you. Mary B., Noblesviile, IN

Mike is always great to work with. He remembers who I am and where I live without having to really re-fresh his memory. He follows through and lets me know what to expect. Melissa S., Zionsville, IN

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