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19213 Leesville Road, Suite #5
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tree Service and Shrub Care in the Lynchburg, VA Area

Arborists in our Lynchburg office are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs. Our arborists are experts in diagnosing and treating tree and shrub problems specific to the Lynchburg area. Plus, with access to Bartlett’s global resources and advanced scientific research facility, we can provide customers with benefits that just aren’t available from other Lynchburg tree services.

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Our office serves Campbell County, Lynchburg, and surrounding areas with arborists who have expertise in disease and pest management, pruning, and tree removals.

We are pleased to offer tree services in and around the following areas:

  • Campbell County
  • Lynchburg

Featured Services Provided by Our Lynchburg Office

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and Bracing

Fertilisation and Soil Care

Fertilisation and Soil Care

Insect and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics

Plant Analysis and Diagnostics



Tree Removal

Tree Removal

In addition to the services featured above, our office in the Lynchburg area offers many other services to suit your arboricultural needs. When working with Bartlett, you'll experience the hands-on expertise and responsiveness of a local company, with the knowledge, research, and resources of a world leader in tree and shrub health care.

Lynchburg, VA Office Staff

Jarrett Wilkes

Jarrett Wilkes

Arborist Representative
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Matthew Weltz

Matthew Weltz

Local Office Safety Coordinator
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Kara Cundiff

Kara Cundiff

Administrative Assistant
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Arborist Associations

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to be a member of so many industry associations. Many of our expert arborists have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have been recognized as such. Bartlett Tree Experts has been inspected and accredited based on adherence to industry standards for quality and safety, maintenance of trained, professional staff, and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices.

View a list of the many arborist associations with which Bartlett is associated.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

You could tell that this is not just a job to Jarrett and Matthew. They really want to heal the environment and I really appreciated the time they took to explain treatment options to me. Thank you for having highly educated staff and offering services to fit the client's need.
J. S., Altavista, VA

Professional, courteous, on time, and excellent service.
R. K., Lynchburg, VA

I think they have saved my Dogwoods which meant very much to me. They did a great job pruning and thinning my Leyland Cypress trees that were causing problems.
B. E., Forest, VA

Thank you for your service, I certainly would refer you to my friends and neighbors.
B.M., Rustburg, VA

Jarrett Wilkes was very professional and knowledgeable, addressed all of my questions and delivered services as described. We were very pleased with Bartlett Tree Service!
R. C. , Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett Wilkes was very professional and knowledgeable, addressed all of my questions and delivered services as described. We were very pleased with Bartlett Tree Service.
R. C. , Lynchburg, VA

Everyone I came in contact with at Bartlett was kind and courteous. I received notifications and communication about the service. The customer service was great.
J. K. , Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett was very helpful, he explained processes very well, not to mention advice on how to handle other tasks in the yard.
L. S., Forest, VA

The representative, Jarrett Wilkes, and the technician, Matthew Weltz, were courteous, friendly, and very professional. Apparently, the treatment has been effective. Our incidents with picking up, or seeing ticks, has decreased since the application.
G.B., Lynchburg, VA

I called four local tree companies. Bartlett stands out among all local companies in regards to customer service and quality of work performed.
M. P., Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett Wilkes is very knowledgeable and helpful.
P. D., Forest, VA

Serviceman and arborist were excellent, courteous, and helpful. Looking forward to the tree removal and remaining work to complete the contract.
B. D., Forest, VA

Jarrett Wilkes was great.
J. H., Madison Heights, VA

Really great team and company.
S.I., Lynchburg, VA

Everything was excellent. I am very impressed with Bartlett.
D.K., Lynchburg, VA

I contacted the office in Lynchburg and was impressed with Kara, who took my call. She was friendly, quick, efficient, and clearly communicated what to expect. The young man who oversaw the project at our rental property was very polite and accommodating to our needs since we are out of town. He sent photos of the site before and after service. His crew appeared to have done a great job, exactly what we wanted. It is rare to find a company who has great customer service. We appreciate your service and will keep you in mind for future needs.
T. F. , Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett and his crew were outstanding in every way. Not only were they friendly and courteous, they also answered every question I had and explained how and why they cut certain branches but left others. The tree looks beautiful and well shaped, even in the winter with no foliage on it. I am very pleased every time I look out the window or pull in my driveway and see the results of their work. I definitely recommend Bartlett to anyone looking for topnotch, quality tree cutting services.
S.F., Lynchburg, VA

Very professional and friendly staff. Thoroughly enjoyed the guys that were pruning the trees. Jarrett was very patient working with me setting up the project. Everyone did a great job.
D. M., Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett is thoughtful, courteous, professional and I appreciate his insight and service. The crew worked quickly and efficiently and left the site clean.
R. P. , Lynchburg, VA

They did a great job. Everyone was so nice and courteous.
S. D. , Bedford, VA

Jarrett and the crewmembers who have serviced our yard have been consistently courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive. We value our property and are consoled with the confidence that Bartlet brings ensuring that our trees and shrubs continue to be healthy and attractive.
M. J., Lynchburg, VA

We had our trees trimmed, it has been a few years, and our trees look great. Must have them back again next year to do follow up trimming. They have always gone beyond what is expected when it comes to helping you take care of your trees and plants. Can not thank them enough for keeping our trees and plants healthy.
D. C., Goode, VA

Very professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating.
E. E., Lynchburg, VA

Very professional and courteous staff.
L. F. , Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett Wilkes was wonderful to work with. I felt confident he gave me expert advice, and he followed through on his word. I appreciate the care your crew took to ensure everyone's safety. They were very courteous. Mostly, I just appreciate you all kept your promises and communicated well. I have tried to employ two other tree companies who failed to show up for appointments and return phone calls. Reliability is what I am looking for.
B. B. , Lynchburg, VA

Everyone was friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.
M. E. , Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett and his crew are always on time for each job we schedule. They are courteous, answer any questions we may have, make sure they have done what we ask, and leave the area clean of debris. Sometimes I do not think the neighbors know when work has been done because of the cleanup they do. We trust Jarrett to answer our questions and share advise, he not only talks with us about work we want done, but will share information about keeping all our plants healthy.
D.C., Lynchburg, VA

Everything went very well, the crew was awesome, my trees look so happy and healthy.
J.W., Forest, VA

What a great job. Clean up was very well.
P. J. , Madison Heights, VA

We had a great experience with Bartlett. They had done some previous tree work for us and were quick to respond when a tornado hit our area and destroyed several trees on our property. They were able to save a beautiful Beech that had sustained a structural crack. Jarrett and his crew were always knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. We will continue to rely on Bartlett for our tree maintenance.
S.I., Lynchburg, VA

Have been very satisfied with everything you have done thus far. Really appreciate that you let the homeowner know you are on premises and what services you will be providing.
J. S., Forest, VA

Jarrett has done quality work for us and has taken time to explain what has been accomplished and how to read soil reports. I look forward to having a tree inventory of my property.
J.B., Brookneal, VA

I am very particular about our Old Growth Oaks that Bartlett takes care of. Mr. Wilkes and his crew understand my concerns about these trees and their health. They use the upmost care when they are climbing them. His crew is clean, professional, and very well mannered. I think the young man that came out here was named Nick. He has been out here before and I find his attitude very professional. He is a wonderful person to talk with and always answers questions in a courteous manner. I can say the same for the other crew members when they come out here to trim out the deadwood.
P.C., Alta Vista, VA

Bartlett's crew removed a big tree that fell across into our neighbor's yard. They did a great job, careful, and professional. They really know their stuff.
C.D., Lynchburg, VA

Your guys did a fantastic job. Very responsive and customer service oriented.
C. T., Lynchburg, VA

I am very thrilled with your crew. I have dealt with many tree services and this is the first time I did not have to go behind the crew. I am very impressed. They were very efficient with their time, always working, and no standing around.
J. W. , Amherst, VA

Jarrett Wilkes was super nice, professional, and very knowledgeable. He came the same day I called about our tree falling on our building. He sent out the best crew. They were the hardest working crew I have ever met. They amazed me with their skills. I highly recommend them and if I need tree service again, only Bartlett Tree Experts for us. Many thanks to all for your hard work, professionalism, and personal service you showed us.
V.D. , Bedford, VA

Everything went great. Crew was very professional and did not waste any time.
L. P., Forest, VA

Crew did a great job pruning. Beautiful manners and great clean-up.
A. M., Lynchburg, VA

I could not be more pleased. Magnificent and beautiful pruning job.
C. M. , Amherst, VA

You all are awesome. Great job at my home and place of business. Very professional staff.
J.A., Lynchburg, VA

Thanks for your excellent work on our trees. Our dogwoods are looking great and healthy.
R.H., Lynchburg, VA

The two guys who came to our office were neat, informative, and professional. I have already had a request from a local business for the phone number, which I happily gave.
D.S. , Keysville, VA

Jarrett Wilkes is extremely professional and knowledgeable.
D.T. , Lynchburg, VA

The crew consisting of Nickolas, Matt, and Levi were tasked with the removal of four large trees. The superior performance and attention to detail reflected great credit upon themselves and keeping in the highest traditions of Bartlett Tree Experts.
R.A., Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett was competent, knowledgeable, and able to explain and show the damage caused by our Emerald Ash Borer infestation, as well as show the benefits of treatment. For a hired killer, he is a really nice guy.
J.B., Lynchburg, VA

I needed an expert to troubleshoot a problem and that is exactly what I got. I expect to utilize Bartlett services in the future.
G.H., Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett Wilkes is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and very responsive. Nick is also the same.
R.K., Lynchbug, VA

Jarrett, we are very pleased with the work. Nicholas and Mike did well. I enjoyed getting the chem report for our soil and advice about our trees. Will look forward to working with you in the future.
R. H., Lynchburg, VA

Jarrett and his staff have been great to work with. We just bought a house that had been vacant for about a year and the trees and landscaping had been neglected. I look forward to seeing the results of Bartlett's work this year.
G. S. C., Forest, VA

The arborists that performed work on my property were very knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely use them for future projects and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a skilled arborist.
C. C. , Brookneal, VA

Job site was left neat and clean. I will recommend Bartlett to friends, relatives, and colleagues.
M.H., Lynchburg, VA

Staff is nice and knowledgeable, I will always recommend Bartlett.
C.C., Borrkneal, VA

Excellent customer service!
Barbie S., Rustburg, VA

From start to finish, the entire operation was performed in a professional and friendly manner. Mr. Wilkes’ expertise as an arborist was impressive. After his thorough assessment, we were able to make a “game plan” and move forward with my tree and yard maintenance. The actual tree work was performed by Nic Meyer, Jason Sundwall, and Levi Grove. They were polite, professional, and most important, expert at what they did. We will use Bartlett Tree Experts in the future and thank these four Bartlett tree experts again for their reliability, professionalism, expertise, and commitment to the health and safety of our trees and yard.
James C., Lynchburg, VA

Thank you for keeping my trees and bushes healthy!
Jan M., Lynchburg, VA

Emergency Tree Service

If you require emergency tree service, call 434-774-4662 anytime.


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