Green Trees, Green Living

In nature, organic materials enrich the soil. But urban and suburban plants are often forced to live in nutrient-poor, compacted soil. No wonder “green thumbs” use fertilisers to bolster the health of trees and shrubs!

As more people adopt organic lifestyles, homeowners want greener, that is, more eco-friendly landscapes, without sacrificing good looks.

The arborists at Bartlett Tree Experts often work with homeowners to create attractive, earth-friendly landscapes rife with healthy trees and shrubs. The company offers the following advice:

  • Consider “Good” Bugs. Beneficial insects like ladybugs and praying mantis feed on damaging pests like aphids. Carefully introducing insect predators can protect trees and shrubs naturally and effectively.
  • Choose Your Plants with the Earth in Mind. Planting a diversity of species will encourage beneficial insects and discourage pest outbreaks. Consult a certified arborist who can recommend landscape species that resist certain pests and other problems.
  • Go Organic. Organic mulches will improve soil health. Other organic-based treatments, like horticultural oils, will suppress pests. In hiring a professional arborist, homeowners can ensure that these treatments are used correctly.
  • Use Safe Products. fertilisers derived from organic sources can promote soil health. One fertiliser, Boost Natural from Bartlett Tree Experts, is the only organic fertiliser that meets industry standards for supplying nutrients in a single application. Laboratory tests prove Boost’s effectiveness. It has been shown to work on many different tree and shrub species. The fertiliser releases nutrients slowly over time, replicating nature’s nutrient-recycling processes. Boost’s slow release means longer-lasting results. Boost uses all natural, all organic-based ingredients and does not contain phosphorus, making it safe for use by water sources where phosphate runoff may be a concern. Unlike fertilisers that contain concentrated chemicals, Boost will not burn or yellow leaves.

While this type of sustainable care can’t necessarily solve every problem, it is a great alternative for customers that want to maintain naturally healthy landscapes. Working with experts can help ensure services are performed safely and effectively, to the best benefit of your landscape – and the environment.

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