Protecting Your Hemlocks from Pest Invaders

June 17, 2005 – Kingsport, Tenn. – The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid has arrived – and not just in local forests. Populations of this destructive pest are rapidly spreading throughout the Kingsport area, threatening the majestic hemlocks that shade local homes and businesses.

While sucking sap from hemlocks, adelgids inject toxic saliva into trees, which causes needles to drop, kills new bud growth and leads to the eventual death of the tree. Because this hearty insect survives year-round, travels easily between trees and reproduces quickly, it is difficult to control, especially in forest settings. However, effective treatments are available for trees on residential and commercial properties.

“Hemlocks are a beautiful addition to almost any property,” said Michael Robinson, Arborist Representative from the Kingsport office of leading tree care provider, Bartlett Tree Experts. “In urban settings, a programme of preventive care including pest inspections, spray treatments and soil injection can help maintain the health of these trees and control the spread of insects.”

According to Robinson, preventive care is essential to preserving hemlocks since infested trees that are left untreated typically die within three to five years. Loss of these trees can be devastating as hemlocks are not only unique and versatile, but are also one of the most important species for conservation purposes. They provide homes for various types of wildlife. Their shade cools waters and offers a perfect climate for many plants. And, their shallow root systems help prevent soil erosion.

Property owners that are concerned about protecting their hemlocks or simply would like more information on this pest can contact the company at (423) 928-8754.

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