When a homeowner prefers a natural-based or organic approach to the care of their garden, there are great Bartlett options available to effectively manage tree and shrub health. We offer organic tree and shrub fertiliser as well as naturally-based insect and disease management services. This type of plant healthcare requires a skilled and committed arborist that fully understands the needs of both landscape and environment.

As part of our sustainable approach to tree care, regular inspections allow our arborists to identify issues early so that treatments can be timed appropriately. Timing is critical for organic treatments to be effective. Specific treatments include the use of naturally-sourced materials, beneficial insects and cultural practices to suppress damaging pest and fungal populations. In addition, use of bespoke Soil Association approved fertilisers and biochar can boost plant immunity to pests and disease.

We can also help you choose and grow healthy plants that are best suited to your landscape and demonstrate better resistance to pests, disease and changing climate. Selecting the right trees and shrubs and understanding how to cultivate them with proper irrigation, mulching and soil care is the foundation for successful organic and sustainable tree care.

From the very beginning, Bartlett Tree Experts has been a pioneer in the tree care industry, leading the way in the use of innovative practices designed to provide a beautiful landscape while maintaining a healthy environment. Our company was one of the first to originate and implement a plant healthcare programme that uses alternative products and methods for control of pests and disease. This commitment to environmental stewardship is evidenced today as we continue to develop new techniques for the benefit of our customers. Our products and methods are tested by scientists at our research laboratories to help ensure they are effective and safe.

  • Insect and Disease Management
  • Fertilisation and Soil Care

When damaging insects or tree diseases are identified, organic and sustainable products are available to provide control. Products including traditional organic materials like horticultural oil, insecticidal soap and pyrethrum as well as novel new products derived from plants and microorganisms are proven effective in managing a variety of tree health problems. The introduction of biological predators like ladybirds and predatory mites or the use of insect attractant traps are other methods we use to naturally suppress harmful pests. Skilled arborists consult and work with you to ensure you're comfortable with any products used on your plants.

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Supplying trees and shrubs vital nutrients, Boost® Organic Fertiliser is derived entirely from organic sources and contains no phosphorous. It has been approved by the Soil Association. Boost Organic is a slow-release fertiliser in pellet or liquid form that gradually releases nutrients over time, similar to what happens in natural environments. It is safe and effective, an ideal way to maintain plant health and vigor.

In addition to supplying trees and shrub nutrient needs through programmed feeding, soil amendments can improve the condition of the soil itself. One type of natural amendment is biochar, a carbon-based additive that can be mixed into the soil. Our Carbon Gold Biochar is made from wood chips heated during a special process that results in a "charcoal" that enhances soil fertility, increases beneficial soil microbial activity and improves water retention. Trees and shrubs thrive in soils with added biochar, showing superior growth and reduced disease and insect susceptibility. An added benefit is that the process for creating biochar actually sequesters carbon, having the potential to positively impact climate change.

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Green Initiatives

Trees and shrubs are our business and, as such, we are committed to using environmentally sustainable products and equipment. We use low emission vehicles, make used of bio-oils and recycle our waste streams through green waste power generation. Throughout the organisation our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint.

Organic Soil Management Programmes

Organic Soil Care Programmes

Bartlett offers a complete line of organic fertilisers and amendments for soil care.

Compost and organic granular fertilisers as well as mycorrhizal inoculants can be introduced into soils using our patented Root Invigoration process. This is the most effective treatment for amending soils and keeping the soil food web in balance as nature intended.

New since 2008, is Boost Natural. This is the only totally organic liquid fertiliser that meets industry standards for supplying nutrients to trees with a single application. Bartlett Tree Experts Boost Natural 11-0-5 is OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute).



When performed correctly, mulching is one of the most effective practices to maintain plant health.

Mulches provide many benefits, including:

  • Eliminating competition between tree roots and turf or other ground covers
  • Eliminating the potential of damage to stems by mowers and trimmers
  • Conserving soil moisture
  • Moderating soil temperature
  • Suppressing weed growth
  • Improving soil organic matter

Organic mulches composed of wood chips, bark, and leaves including pine needles and compost are all suitable mulches for woody and herbaceous landscape plants. Ideally, mulch should be applied beneath the entire canopy, but smaller mulched areas are suitable. Depth does not have to exceed four inches and two inches of mulch is adequate on shallow rooted shrubs and perennials. Mulch beds do not have to be round or symmetrical. Irregular designs may be more aesthetically pleasing. Shrubs and perennials can be planted within the mulch areas but solid masses of ground covers should be avoided where optimum tree growth is desired.

The biggest mistake people make when mulching is piling it against stems of trees and shrubs. Mulch “mountains” and “mulch volcanoes” are so common in some regions that homeowners and some professionals think this is acceptable and even desirable. Stem tissues are not intended to remain constantly moist from mulch accumulation. Insect and disease infestations, as well as stem girdling roots, often develop on trees with excessive mulching.

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