Bartlett Consulting works with local government and agencies to assist in planning matters both directly and for our clients. Click on a tab below for more information.

  • Planning & Tree Preservation Order Appeals, Reviews, and Surveys
  • Site Supervision
  • High Hedge Assessments
  • Policy Development
  • B.R.E.E.A.M. Landscape Assessments

We can provide consultancy services to local authorities and corporate tree owners. This includes:

  • planning applications involving trees and woodlands
  • tree retention and protection
  • tree preservation order reviews
  • new order assessments
  • tree stock surveys for management and budgetary purposes
  • guidance and development of tree policy and ‘best value’ delivery

Despite detailed impact assessments and method statements dealing with building development near trees, local authorities are often uneasy about tree protection during the construction process, which may lead to prolonged negotiation and planning condition restrictions. We can often simplify this situation, reassuring both the local planning authority and developer that the trees are always considered during building works. Our consultants can visit the site at regular intervals and provide guidance to all parties.

We can help those affected by high hedges by providing assessments for local authorities. Our assessments make use of the latest government guidance, with the goal of achieving a mutually acceptable resolution.

Bartlett Consulting has knowledge of local government and corporate policy development as it relates to trees. We are able to assist in the process of developing policy documents and procedures that will guide and inform the way an organisation deals with its ‘green assets.’ Existing procedures can be reviewed and updated or new guidance created. Public and member views can be incorporated and assistance provided for public consultations.

As part of our services to public and commercial organisations, we have become involved with the assessment of the impact of new development on the surrounding environment. This includes commenting on the improvements any development will make to the local area, landscape, and its habitats. The Building Research Establishment have developed a bench marking system to enable the true value of development to be calculated. Whilst we cannot compile the final assessed score, we are able to provide such assessors with valid input related to trees, woodlands, hedgerows, and amenity landscape usage, extent, type, and value. This enables assessor, developer, and planning authority to establish a robust score that now greatly assists in the approval process. Such evaluations can be undertaken either as part of a tree and landscape impact assessment or as a stand-alone survey.

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