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Bill Eck

Local Manager & Arborist Representative

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Bill Eck, Local Manager & Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of the following offices:

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Bill grew up in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest and has naturally developed a love of trees and the outdoors since childhood.

He increased his knowledge about the forest at Penn State where he earned his B.S. in Forest Science in 2003. He went on to study Forest Ecology at West Virginia University where he earned his M.S. in 2006.

Bill came to Bartlett Tree Experts after graduation, attracted to the company's scientific approach to tree care. He started out as a Plant Health Care Specialist and quickly advanced to an Arborist Representative position in 2010.

Bill is now our Local Manager, but still works with customers in 20008 and 20016 Zip code areas. He has developed a depth of knowledge of the trees, pests and diseases, soils, and people in this small sliver of upper northwest.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Bill Eck

Courteous and very efficient, totally professional.
Ivan S., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is always helpful, professional, and responsive.
David A., Washington, DC

Bill Eck was one of the reasons I chose your company as he was here a couple of years ago and carefully explained what we needed to do to protect both our house and the huge, beautiful Magnolia Tree that sits quite close to our fifties rambler, hardly strong enough to withstand the weight of these large strong branches or omg the tree tilting. So he oversaw the team trimming branches and installing very strong cables from the top and down as far as needed... We decided to have it checked again this November, certain we would need a lot more work given the new growth. I was happy to be contacted by Bill again and after coming out for a look he wrote me what was needed. He assured me it did not involve more cable as that was as strong as ever and there were only a few branches he felt needed trimming. though post very little risk to our home. What he did suggest was fertilizing the roots and the area around the tree. He could have told me the tree was in danger of falling and needed stronger cables and lots of trimming and I wold have not known the difference. That is the best recommendation for any company I can imagine.
Barbara K., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is my Bartlett Arborist Representative and I could not have a better person overseeing the care of my trees. I have known Bill for years and he is the best.
Lynne F., Washington, DC

Super job. The workman was A-1. A very nice and hardworking service technician. Thanks again.
James R., Washington, DC

Thanks Bill, your crew did an outstanding job, and I appreciate all your help.
Dariush A., Washington, DC

I always find them pleasant and extremely helpful.
Nan S., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is very friendly and knowledgeable, remembers our property and makes recommendations on how to best maintain healthy trees, quick to responds to calls. I am always amazed at how careful the crew is to minimize any evidence of their presence. The last job entailed removing a tree in the midst of a flower bed fronted with tomato plants in tomato cages. There was no damage to the tomatoes which must have involved considerable maneuvering and a great deal of care in removing the tree. The effort was much appreciated, as we were resigned to the fact that the tomatoes could not possible survive in such close proximity to the tree work, that the plants did is a testament to the care your crews take in doing their job. There is never any mess or debris at the worksite, everything is completely cleaned up and returned to original condition.
Robert H., Washington, DC

One of the Bartlett company came to propose some trimming of trees and one of Bartlett company came to spray some trees against insects, both were very friendly and helpful.
Hedwig P., Washington, DC

Very helpful, thanks for keeping an eye on our trees.
Werner S., Washington, DC

Super happy with this company. Responsive and professional. Highly recommend.
Laura H., Washington, DC

Other than saying they did an excellent job trimming my Maple and Crab Apple trees, I can not offer detailed comments about the crew members because I was out of town when they arrived and so I did not meet them. However, I did meet Bill Ek, who came to the house several days earlier to scope out the job, and found him to be both extremely knowledgeable and an all around nice guy.
Michael R., Washington, DC

Bill Eck has been fantastic in creating an advanced tree protection plan for our home renovation and addition near several trees.
Geoffrey D., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is always a pleasure to meet with and walk around my property and discuss work to be done. I always learn something new about my trees, bushes, and garden from talking to him.
Ellen E., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is impressively knowledgeable and at the same time good at explaining what he knows. I learn something about my garden every time he comes, and I feel confident that his recommendations are going to be the best way to proceed.
Susan B., Washington, DC

We have always found Bartlett staff to be courteous, helpful, and thorough. Bill Eck and his crews do an excellent job of explaining what needs to be done and answering questions. Bill is a great educator. Others I have had recent interactions with include Mark for the pruning crew and Larry, who does the treatments for us. Thank you to all of them.
D. James, Washington, DC

I appreciate and rely on your expertise for the beauty and health of our trees.
Karen T., Washington, DC

Bill Eck rocks. Joyce in the office too.The crew is always great.
Bonnie C. , Washington, DC

Bill is the very best. Trust him totally. We love Bill’s expertise and honesty.
Karen T., Washington, DC

Thank you for a staff who went the extra mile.
Leslie B., Washington, DC

This has been a longtime relationship. The crew of the moment is always courteous and willing to interact with information about the job. Bill Eck is knowledgeable and open to suggestions from the owner's point of view. The most recent job started late in the day, and the crew was pressed to beat the darkness. They pressed on and finished up as the last light failed, but were careful to get the last of the cleanup completed.
Roy H., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is amazing. You always feel your trees are in the most capable hands.
Antonia F., Washington, DC

We appreciate that Bill is practical and informative. We never feel over sold.
Cynthia G., Washington, DC

They are always responsive to my questions and extremely knowledgeable.
Nan S., Washington, DC

Bartlett Tree Service personnel were excellent. From the professional arborist, Bill Eck's advice to the work done by the tree surgeons and climbers to the work done by the tree chemists, everyone was attentive, polite, and caring. We will welcome everyone of them back for our next tree work in March. Outstanding, prompt assessment of needs and then follow up service.
Meg A., Washington, DC

Bill was a pleasure to work with and had amazing encyclopedic knowledge about trees. He knew not only everything about my tree, but also neighboring trees and the city regulations for felling. I could tell right away this was more than a job for him, trees are his life’s work.
Angela S., Washington, DC

First rate.
Jackie D., Washington, DC

Bill was extremely helpful and knowledgeable during our consultation and throughout the process. I was impressed with how quickly the crew was able to do the job. They were efficient and incredibly hard-working. It is an incredibly difficult job working high up in the trees, trimming branches, so hats off to the crew for making it look easy. I will happily recommend Bartlett to friends, colleagues, etc. Of the contractors I've worked with recently, they were by far the best and made things very streamlined and easy. Thank you!
Lily K., Washington, DC

Bill Eck came by quickly to address my issue. When I had a follow up question he responded to my email in less than one day which I appreciated. The technician was courteous and answered all my questions. Will continue to use your service. I want to keep my trees healthy.
John C., Washington, DC

Bill Eck was very friendly, knowledgeable and did not turn me away by using any hard sell tactics. Which I can not tolerate. Larry, the person who did the treatment was also friendly and thorough and very accommodating as my yard is filled with perennials and shrubs everywhere. It must not have been an easy property to treat. But I feel that Larry did an excellent job.
John S., Washington, DC

Bill Eck and his crew have taken very good care of our property for many years, with very successful results. Thank you.
Jack B., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is great!
Cary G., Washington, DC

A very professional service from start to finish. I am so very glad we used Bartlett.
Sunil, B., Washington, DC

Bill Eck always responds quickly and is an excellent communicator.
Leslie B., Washington, DC

Very professional. Crew left no trace when removing tree branches in flower bed, no damage to any plants, even those right next to tree.
Robert H., Washington, DC

The crew chief, Mark Reddinger, is always helpful and attentive. He would not leave until he borrowed a ladder of mine to clear some tree debris that had fallen on an adjacent roof.
Joy S., Washington, DC

Bill is awesome. He is so knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts for any tree work.
Betsy E., Washington, DC

I was very pleased with every person I came in contact with.
Tristan O., Washington, DC

Please thank the technician that came out to the house he did a tremendous job on the property.
Joseph C., Gaithersburg, MD

Always appreciate Bill Eck’s knowledge.
Greg G., Washington, DC

Bill Eck was a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and great at addressing all of our questions regarding our tree care.
Anna F., Washington, DC

Always appreciate Bill Eck’s knowledge.
Greg G., Washington, DC

Bill was well informed and explained his recommended treatments well.
Brian H., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is the epitome of exceptional service. For the many years we have worked with him at several of our properties with many matures trees and large shrubs, his experience, recommendations, solutions on various fellings, and issues to responding expeditiously to an emergency when two of our huge mature Hemlocks fell over our fence to a neighbor's house. We are always comforted by his prompt response, attention, and service. I have recommended him to everyone who have inquired about tree service. Can not say enough good things about Bill Eck, Also, Phil is terrific, knowledgeable, and dependable for our various treatments.
Merel Y., Washington, DC

Very helpful, with excellent ideas.
Charlotte L., Washington, DC

Good, thorough, and professional job.
Stuart L., Washington, DC

Bill Eck and his tree trimming crew did an excellent job, they were efficient, and professional. We appreciate his expertise and passion in arboristry. We are thanking him for pruning and securing our old Red Maple just a week before a microburst devastated the neighborhood, not only damaging but falling so many trees.
Chris T., Washington, DC

I am a fan.
Susan O., Washington, DC

I am pleased with the information and care our trees receive from Bartlett and Bill Eck.
Harriet W., Washington, DC

Your crew and staff were very knowledgeable and courteous.
Frank D., Washington, DC

Bill Eck was very knowledgeable and professional. Crew was efficient and personable.
Debbie S., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is the best.
Bonnie C., Washington, DC

Bill is prompt, courteous, and knows his trees. It is a pleasure doing business with him and I have confidence our trees are in good hands with Bill.
Betsy E., Washington, DC

Bill was professional and followed through on all aspects of the job including returning to do additional pruning.
Helen S., Washington, DC

Bill went the extra mile in terms of effort, attention to detail, and doing little extras. Trimming done with artistry.
Ron N., Washington, DC

Mark and the crew were terrific. They were very pleasant, professional, and did a great job. Bill was terrific when he came out to give advice and an estimate of the service.
Robert S., Washington DC

Bill Eck was fantastic, very knowledgeable, and went through the project with us prior to scheduling the work. Will highly recommend him and staff to our friends and family.
David L., Washington DC

Bill Eck is top notch, always professional, and knowledgeable. His men are hard workers, talented, and gentlemen. Our experiences have all been very very good.
Kathryn D., Washington, DC

Thank you Bill for stopping by my property to assess the Amelanchiers. Your expertise and input was much appreciated. I really like working with you and will refer my clients to Bartlett. Having been in the business for twenty years I finally found my arborist.
Barbara B. , Washington, DC

Bill Eck has been outstanding as our Bartlett representative. I do not have the names of crew members who have worked here, but all of them, whether doing fertilizing, spraying, or pruning, have been considerate, careful, and highly competent.
D. James B., Washington, DC

Having had a Poplar fall on our house in March, it is imperative to prevent further mishaps such as that. Bill Eck's advice establishing priorities regarding feeding and pruning was helpful and reassuring. We liked the fact that he is very familiar with the trees in our particular neighborhood, and extremely knowledgeable in general.
Elaine M., Washington, DC

Bill was impressively knowledgeable and friendly. The crew did an excellent job on the property and went the extra mile to be friendly and polite. Bartlett really hits it out of the park we are very happy customers.
Sasha B., Washington, DC

We have used many other recommended tree care services. No one has compared to the knowledge and professionalism of Bill Eck.
David S., Washington, DC

Bill Eck does a terrific job. The crews he sends to do pruning and fertilizing have always been first rate.
James B., Washington, DC

Work was very well done from start to finish. Bill Eck was very helpful in assessing the scope of the project and identifying the work that was needed. The crew chief who led the work was very responsive. The crew worked extremely hard. Cleanup was great.
Mike B., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is responsive, personable, and a great memory. I trust him for good advice and diagnosis.
Ellen S., Washington, DC

I was amazed by Bartlett's prompt service after a wind storm took down trees in the area, many on top of houses and cars and in situations far more dire than my own. Bill was able to come by within three hours of my call to look at the tree, and a crew showed up that afternoon, well ahead of when I thought it would be possible. Thank you for making the trauma of losing a beloved tree so much easier to deal with.
Allison G., Washington, DC

Bill Eck always comes as soon as I call and explains all the work that has to be done.
Pegi M., Washington, DC

Arborist is very knowledgeable, timely, and responsive. Gave very sound advice.
Jane V., Washington, DC

Bill, your help and deep knowledge of tree health have been outstanding on all levels!
Emily H., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is always very helpful and responsive . I count on him to take care of our trees and have always been fully satisfied.
Susan L., Washington, DC

My arborist representative, Bill Eck, was extremely knowledgeable, informative, and thorough in his assessment of the trees on our property. He offered a variety of recommendations, allowing me to discuss the level of work to which I wanted to commit my resources. Scheduling was a breeze, and the crew arrived precisely at the appointed hour. They worked efficiently, taking care with every item on the work order. The supervisor, Phil, was pleasant and professional throughout the day. And the clean-up was amazing - one would never have guessed the extent of the work that was done. An A+ rating for all personnel!
Sara M., Washington, DC

Bill Eck was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The team that did the work (led by Phil) was quick and courteous.
Lauren W., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is very responsive and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with. The people he sends are always courteous and do a great job.
Greer G., Washington, DC

Bill Eck is very knowledgeable and helpful. He noticed and brought to my attention an infestation affecting shrubs on my property even though that was not the purpose of his visit.
Roberta C., Washington, DC

Previously when we had the treatment performed on the Laurel, there was spray residue on the windows above them. I am pleased that that did not happen this time. The tech was courteous and professional when he came to the door before commencing work. I appreciate Bill's knowledge and being able to consult with him when necessary.
Deborah B., Washington, DC

We are always impressed with the work done, and with Bill Eck's attention to keeping our trees healthy and beautiful.
John M., Washington, DC

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