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Brock Messinger

Arborist Representative

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Brock Messinger, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Annapolis, MD office.

More about Brock Messinger

Brock started working with landscapes while still in high school at a golf course near his hometown near Gettysburg, PA. Brock studied at the Pennsylvania State University where he earned a Bachelor's of Science in Forestry. Since graduation, Brock has worked with Bartlett Tree Experts, where he has held Plant Healthcare Specialist and Inventory Arborist positions. During his tenure with the company, Brock has become an ISA Certified Arborist, a Maryland Licensed Tree Expert, and has an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. Brock has recently relocated to the Annapolis area to work from the Annapolis office as an Arborist Representative. Brock is actively involved in volunteer based community support programmes. In his spare time, Brock enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Brock Messinger

Very professional, understood my concerns. If I need service in the future I will use Bartlett.
Jacqueline M., Davidsonville, MD

Lots of very big & old trees. Have been a customer about 25 years......happy every time, and have referred Bartlett many times who are now customers. We got a direct tornado hit this year. Brock Messinger and the 2 crews were FANTASTIC in this very long hard job!
Fred H., Edgewater, MD

The whole crew, from initial quote to final cleanup, was outstanding. I would readily use your team again in the future.
Keith T., Odenton, MD

Everyone who have come to do the job were highly professional, courteous, accommodated our requests and did a fantastic job. Thank you. Highly recommend.
Sridhar N., Edgewater, MD

I want to thank John for placing the sign on my front yard and for contacting me the day before he came to my home. I did share with John that I had to be in Annapolis while he was to be working at my home.
Mike M., Odenton, MD

Only a portion of the contract work is complete at this point but I am very pleased with the experience so far.
Ann M., Edgewater, MD

Very professional and informative.
Diane H., Crofton, MD

Thanks to Brock for spotting a scale two other tree companies said was nothing. Almost lost a forty year old tree. Neighbors were ready to pay to have it taken out but Bartlett saved it. Highly recommend for knowledge and it is pretty nice when the tech calls to say he is on the way.
J. Gallagher, Crofton, MD

Great Job and staff.
Jim P., Davidsonville, MD

Raul was very knowledgeable and very good at his job. Safety equipment and procedures were used extensively throughout their operation, and they worked together very well. We were very pleased.
Wayne D., Riva, MD

Raul was very knowledgeable and very good at his job. Safety equipment and procedures were used extensively throughout their operation, and they worked together very well. We were very pleased.
Wayne D., Riva, MD

Have been customers (with LOTS of VERY OLD oaks & such and winds of 40-50 mph at least weekly). Any of the big branches could smash the house, so I pay close attention. The advice, response time, sage professional advice, and VERY expert hands-on staff are superb.
Fred H., Edgewater, MD

Very professional.
Jim C., Odenton, MD

Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Brock did an excellent job with communication throughout the project. I would highly recommend Bartlett.
Jack T., Crownsville, MD

I thought the crew was great and very capable.
David W., Edgewater, MD

I have been a customer for over twenty years for a property with several very old and ultra large Oak trees and winds of 40-50 mph facing those trees every week. Bartlett has been superb in my paranoid avoidance of having the house flattened or steep cliff to the water tearing out a chunk of lawn. Their upkeep ideas are incredibly skilled and the tree crews are excellent.
Fred H., Edgewater, MD

Brad and his crew did a very professional job on Monday removing the dead limbs from our tree and the additional job of removing dead limbs from the tree at our beach area. The team removed all of the dead wood and cleaned the area, it was wonderful.
Bob and Chris B., Crownsville, MD

Thank you, Brock, for responding quickly to my inquiries.
Irene T., Odenton, MD

Brock was very helpful in obtaining the information I needed for the job. He was able to get the crew there quickly to take down the tree much sooner than I expected. I thought everyone was polite, very knowledgeable, and professional concerning the job. I would use Bartlett again if I had other work to be done.
Gary H., Edgewater, MD

Always very professional and attentive.
Anna G., Davidsonville, MD

Bartlett staff is always professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Brock is a joy to work with. He takes time to talk about our trees and shrubs to ensure they remain healthy. I trust his advice.
Caryl T., Crownsville, MD

Helpful, considerate, and mindful of safety.
Cliff W., Gambrills, MD

Everyone was very professional. Brock was especially helpful and cheerful making the experience less stressful for me.
Rebecca W., Edgewater, MD

Fantastic job done by Bartlett's professional crew. We have used them for years, and they always do a great job.
Katherine L., Davidsonville, MD

Your team did an excellent job of bringing down the damaged tree in our backyard. Kudos to Bartlett for sending thoroughly trained, qualified, and expert personnel. I especially like that the Bartlett employees adhere to all safety requirements. We will be in touch about the other tree which needs to be removed.
Sandy D., Gambrills, MD

Your guys arrived early before the rain, and they did a terrific job. They even cleaned everything up before they left. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated them.
K. M., Crofton, MD

Billy and crew were excellent. Brock was pleasant to work with when he came by to give an estimate.
Al A., Edgewater, MD

Brock was more than helpful. Your crew showed up on time and did a great job.
J. J., Gambrills, MD

We have worked with Brock before, unfortunately the Weeping Cherry did not make it. We waited to long to try to save it. Brock is always very helpful and professional. He is a joy to work with. The crewmembers have always been very knowledgeable, professional, and excellent at their work. The job site is neat and clean when they are finished. We are lucky to have professionals like Bartlett.
John H., Davidsonville, MD

Brock is incredibly responsive and so knowledgeable. We feel fortunate to have him. The crewmembers are courteous, address any topics patiently, and are very respectful of our property. We have been very pleased with our service from Bartlett. We had a recent storm related urgent issue and they came within twenty- four hours to address it.
William R., Gambrills, MD

Staff was professional and knowledgeable. I am hoping for good results from the treatment.
Jim H., Davidsonville, MD

Brock has been a professional, compassionate listener, and has been an amazing face of Bartlett to my family. My family and I recently experienced a tree impact to our home, which nearly required a total rebuild. It was an emotional time for my family to say the very least. As we moved back into our home and contacted Bartlett, Brock came on site and gifted us with a level of comfort that was very much needed. Brock was able to identify and suggest tree mitigations on our property that gave us piece of mind. We are incredibly grateful for Brock. Bartlett should be proud to have such a wonderful teammate like this in the field and doing such amazing work.
Kim R., Crownsville, MD

Brock Messinger is always knowledgeable and informative. We always rely on him to decide how to proceed.
Bob and Melinda S., Edgewater, MD

Wanted to say I think the guys did a great job with all the tree trimming last week. Those Hollies in the front look a lot neater, and I am glad the neighbors on either side have a little more clearance. The crew also did a real nice job getting the Japanese Maple away from my siding, plenty of room over there now. The yard's even neater now than it was when they got here, so all in all, I am real happy.
Ken R., Crofton, MD

I am very satisfied with Bartlett Trees. I have always found them very capable and willing to comply with my requests.
D. P., Crofton, MD

I was very happy with Bartlett. Fair price and excellent workmanship. Can not ask for more.
Steve D., Odenton, MD

You are all very accommodating to work with and I am happy to have this first phase of work done. I hope to do more in the coming year.
Jean P., Davidsonville, MD

Brock was knowledgeably and very professional. He explained some of the issues that he saw, and felt that removing the tree was the way to solve these issues. When you have a great employee, try not to lose him.
Phillip P., Odenton, MD

Brock was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions without any hesitation. It was a pleasure to speak with the gentleman that came out to the house for the initial visit. Thanks for the great customer service and I will not hesitate to call on Bartlett for any services I may need.
Cheryl D., Harwood, MD

Everyone was wonderful to work with. Great company.
Erica R., Crownsville, MD

Brock was knowledgeable and thorough in his assessment of our trees. He gave us clear explanations of problems and the options for treatments. He was prompt, pleasant, and professional. We would gladly work with him again.
Albert S., Davidsonville, MD

Thank you Brock. Bartlett was one of my last resorts due to many people telling me that the price would be outrageous. I was pleasantly surprised by the fair price. Thank you for your time and energy. The guys were great and we are very happy with the service received.
Ashley D., Edgewater, MD

Brock Messinger has been incredibly helpful and responsive.
William R., Gambrills, MD

The crew went above and beyond. They were very flexible and responsive with the changes I requested and were able to complete my tree and stump removal in one day. I was thrilled when I came home to find the job done. Brock has been outstanding in his responsiveness to my needs and I found him to be very knowledgeable. I will definitely be using your service for the rest of my yard.
Anne M., Odenton, MD

I have already recommended your company to my neighbor and Bartlett has already been out and trimmed the needed tree for them.
John B., Odenton, MD

Excellent service but I primarily chose Bartlett because of their knowledge and obvious love of trees. My Oaks have been with me for twenty years and are very special to me.
Susan K., Davidsonville, MD

Both Brock Messinger and Geoffrey were very accommodating, conscientious, and knowledgeable. We have always counted on Bartlett for help with any tree problems we have.
Georgia R., Edgewater, MD

Tyler Balderson, Brock Messenger, and crew members including Mario and Aaron have given us top notch service at our previous property and our current property. The service requested was promptly scheduled, the crew always shows up on time, and the site is always left clean and tidy, which we greatly appreciate. We will continue to use Bartlett in the future, and will recommend Bartlett to others as well.
John and Colleen J., Edgewater, MD

Brock was helpful when he reviewed the job. Joe and Brad were very conscientious about their work and friendly as well.
L. T., Davidsonville, MD

Brock was great. Very responsive and knowledgeable of our tree issues.
Fred R., Odenton, MD

Great job, very courteous, very knowledgable.
Lori P., Edgewater, MD

Brock is always helpful and professional. The crew did a great job cleaning everything and leaving the site pristine.
Rick T., Davidsonville, MD

I have had the pleasure of having Bartlett trees for several years and have always had superior service. I jokingly call my saucer Magnolia my four thousand dollar tree.
Donald and Jane P. , Crofton, MD

Brock Messinger was very professional and careful of the property. I was happy to see their attention to safety.
D. C., Edgewater, MD

Working with Brock and the crew was the easiest job I have had to do at Holy Family Catholic Church. Brock was knowledgeable and very efficient with planning the work that needed to be done on our property. Brock got us on the Bartlett Tree schedule quickly. Once the day came to have our work done, the crew was amazing. They worked on one of the hottest days of the year and got the job done. All were kind and considerate not only of the property, but of the neighbors and their properties.
H. F. C. C., Davidsonville, MD

Great experience. I am looking forward to spring for some new growth.
M.W., Davidsonville, MD

We have always enjoyed dealing with Bartlett. We have had a series of arborists who have been well-educated, well-trained, and very personable. Moreover, we have found that the crew members are very careful about our property. We have always been impressed with how Bartlett seems to care for their employees. The service they provide reflects well on the corporate culture.
Paul D., Davidsonville, MD

Brock has been very accessible and offers really great advice. He has been a great help with the overall health of all my trees and is outstanding at following up to ensure I have no questions. He is not a pushy salesman.
P. K., Davisdonville, MD

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