Kasey Gabrielsen

Kasey Gabrielsen

Arborist Representative

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Kasey Gabrielsen, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Syracuse, NY office.

More about Kasey Gabrielsen

Kasey Gabrielsen Joined the Bartlett Tree Experts team in January 2019. She obtained a B.S. in Agriculture with an emphasis in Urban Forestry and Horticulture along with an associate's degree in Business management from Western Illinois University. She has been using these degrees in the green industry over the last eight years to help clients reach their property goals.

Kasey was born in Oswego, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and now lives in Whitesboro, New York with her boyfriend and two small children. She enjoys spending time with her family camping, snowboarding, and hiking through the Adirondacks.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Kasey Gabrielsen

Always sure to fully explain recommendations and services.
Edward S., East Syracuse, NY

The crew were professional and friendly. I was impressed with the overall quality and efficiency of the work.
Michael C., Manlius, NY

Kasey was very knowledgeable and approachable. I also appreciated how accessible she was. With two little ones, sometimes its much easier to coordinate through text and she was open to that. We were out of town while the work was completed, and Kasey thoughtfully texted us pictures of the finished results. The photos gave us peace of mind and we were very appreciative. We would definitely recommend Kasey and Bartlett in the future.
Kara Y., Manlius, NY

Kasey is very professional, helpful, and accommodating. She did a great job and followed up with us to be sure we were satisfied. The crew was also courteous and did a great job.
Lisa H., Manlius, NY

Kasey and all crew members who have provided service have all been attentive, efficient, and responsive to our needs.
Elizabeth L., East Syracuse, NY

Love the service provided by the team at Bartlett Tree. Starting with the consultation by Kasey to the team that fertilized and pruned our tree. Our tree looks fantastic.Thank you Bartlett Tree Experts.
Martin L., Fayetteville, NY

The Bartlett rep was very helpful and we accepted her advice. The lead crew- member was outstanding and supervised his men very well. He himself did the tree-climbing and was careful and confident. He also helped later on the ground to keep things going alone and was busy. He gave a fine example to his crew. Thank You. With my yard there is no hope of using a truck to access needs. Bartlett has the ability to "just do it the old-fashioned way" - thank you!
Stanley K., Cazenovia, NY

Kasey is absolutely wonderful, professional, and very knowledgeable. It was real nice to get to deal with someone like her.
Hugh R., Manlius, NY

Courteous and complete. Good people who obviously love their jobs.
James T., Manlius, NY

Kasey is absolutely wonderful, professional, and very knowledgeable. It was real nice to get to deal with someone like her.
Hugh R., Manlius, NY

Bartlett's staff members either on the phone or at my property have always been friendly and professional.
Darlene F., Manlius, NY

It was a pleasure working with Kasey. She was professional, friendly, and courteous. I was impressed with the efficiency and capabilities the tree removal team displayed. Their work ethic was above standard. I would not hesitate to use Bartlett again.
Mark D., Minoa, NY

Very nice and professional.
Pam M., Cazenovia, NY

I appreciate the speedy follow up on My spider mites.
Howard P., Manlius, NY

Very knowledgeable and courteous. Always a pleasure to work with.
Roger M., Fayetteville, NY

The fellow who treated my Ash tree told me that he had worked on this property for the former owner. He was able to give me some history on a few of the trees in the yard. He did tell me that my tree had definitely been treated in the past, because he is the one who did the treatments. I look forward to working with Bartlett in the future. I will have you folks back next year to help me prune up a tree in the front yard.
Sean R., Minoa, NY

The crew was great. Arrived early and worked very hard all day, every day. Second time I have called on you. I am looking forward to having them back again to help clean up the other two sides of this field.
Jim H., Cazenovia, NY

I have no issues with Bartlett or there staff. They have always taken care of my property in a professional manor. I will continue to recommend your company to my friends.
Richard E., Minoa, NY

All have been very professional and friendly. Our next door neighbor was concerned with our tree spraying. Our trees border their property. Your staff did an excellent job in assuring that the spray was contained to our property. Thanks again.
Michael S., Manlius, NY

Kasey was very knowledgeable and explained how and why the pruning was being done. I was pleased that she could have the work done earlier than previously scheduled. Cleanup was perfect.
Elizabeth L., East Syracuse, NY

The team was very pleasant and did a nice job.
Ricahrd M., Cazenovia, NY

Our representative Kasey was very knowledgeable and responsive to questions I had about my trees. She provided great follow up. I appreciated how quickly the job was completed.
Elizabeth L., East Syracuse, NY

Our representative Kasey was very knowledgeable and responsive to questions I had about my trees. She provided great follow up. I appreciated how quickly the job was completed.
Elizabeth L., East Syracuse, NY

Your crew exhibited a range of qualities. Expert, trees look great, athletic, like watching an international circus, neat, the yard looks better than before they started. One member saw me moving logs to the woodpile, jumped off his tractor, picked up the chain saw and removed the branch in the way of making this hunk into useful firewood. They are well rehearsed, always in visual communication when they can not be heard, so they stay safe doing dangerous work. Whole process was a pleasure as were the results.
Philip K., Manlius, NY

They were professional, very friendly, and easy to deal with. Kasey offered varied solutions to my tree trimming needs and answered any questions I had.
Michael S., Manlius, NY

Everyone we have dealt with at Bartlett has been extremely courteous, attentive to our needs, and very well informed about our various trees and the issues.
Geraldine P., Minoa, NY

Very polite and professional.
Katie B., East Syracuse, NY

Kasey was prompt, empathetic, and knowledgeable. The three men with her were safety-conscious, quick, and quiet. The man in the bucket was adept at handling the chainsaw. I had concerns about anyone working so close to the power line but it was never a problem. I can not believe how long I put off calling to have the large branch on my roof removed. Kasey came over within days of my phone call, respected my property, daycare children napping, and gave me an estimate on the spot. When I texted that I was losing sleep over the damage that could happen every windy night she texted right back and scheduled my job for as soon as she was back in my area. The whole job was done in less than two hours. I would heartily recommend this crew for any tree related work.
Jan S. , Manlius, NY

Kasey and her crews did a wonderful job, I could not be happier. Very prompt and professional, easy to work with, punctual emails to confirm details. I am very appreciative.
Heidi V., Manlius, NY

Everyone at Bartlett has been helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I am always pleased with the results.
Darleen F., Manlius, NY

Informative, knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all questions effectively. Will call again for future jobs.
Frances N., East Syracuse, NY

Kasey was great to deal with and very helpful in answering my questions. I am glad to have worked with her.
Sherilyn S. , Cazenovia, NY

Kasey was wonderful and knowledgeable. She was excellent and so were the workers that did the job. I always tell people about Bartlett.
Marie D. , Manlius, NY

We were very pleased with Kasey and the two gentlemen who did the actual pruning. Kasey answered all our questions in regards to the work to be done. He gave us pointers on the correct planting of a tree Hydrangea we recently acquired. The men also were helpful in guiding us to make good decisions when it came to the actual pruning.
Joyce S., Cazenovia, NY

Kasey and all the staff have been very professional and respond quickly to all questions and requests. The crew members do a great job and I am always confident in their work. In addition, they appear to follow all safety procedures, which is very important to us.
Craig M., Manlius, NY

We feel comfortable in calling our Bartlett Arborist Representative, Kasey, whenever we have a question. We trust the crew members who come and maintain the trees on our property.
John R., East Syracuse, NY

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