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Nick Scaletta

Arborist Representative

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Nick Scaletta, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Gaithersburg, MD office.

More about Nick Scaletta

Nick has always had a passion for trees and has been involved with tree care since college. Nick earned a Bachelor's of Science in Forestry from the Pennsylvania State University in 2005. During his college years, Nick made the decision to focus on caring for individual trees and their owners rather than managing entire forests. For this very reason, Nick was attracted to Bartlett's scientific approach to tree care; but that was put on hold. After college Nick was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army and served four years. Nick served his tour primarily in Germany with one deployment to Iraq. After his service, Nick rekindled his passion for tree care by joining Bartlett as a Plant Healthcare Specialist and Climber. Nick recently moved into the position of Arborist Representative where he delivers the best possible solution for tree care and insect and disease management to his clients. Nick is an ISA Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Safety Professional and licensed Maryland Tree Expert. Nick truly enjoys helping people care for their plants and watching his clients' landscapes thrive.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Nick Scaletta

Nick is always responsive, friendly, and reasonable as well as very knowledgeable. I have complete confidence in him and his team. His team members are always courteous and friendly and do a great job.
Susan K., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta is great and responsive.
Peter V., Chevy Chase, MD

Everyone was professional and communicated well. The trees look very good.
Giulia A., Chevy Chase, MD

Performance has been excellent.
William S., Chevy Chase, MD

We shared with Nick via email that his team was absolutely phenomenal, spending an entire day at our house, taking down a big tree, pruning others and more. We can not thank you guys enough.
Holly S., Chevy Chase, MD

The crew did excellent work taking care of a very large Sycamore. Crew was expert in working when snow was still on the ground. Am extremely pleased with Bartlett rep Nick Scalleta as well, who always does an excellent job in assessing the work that needs to be done to maintain the trees. Highly recommend the professionalism and skill of Bartlett crew.
Elaine R., Chevy Chase, MD

Always a pleasure to engage with Nick and his Bartlett crew. I respect Nick's professional opinion, and I see that they take the best care of my trees.
Janis A., Chevy Chase, MD

A smooth and easy process, from start to finish. We have enormous confidence in the Arborist, and feel he gives our trees the attention they need to stay healthy, he recommends what is needed, and gives us the information we need to make good choices.
Vicki J., Chevy Chase, MD

Excellent service, expert, and friendly staff, reasonable rates. I thought my huge lovely Holly tree would have to be cut down because of a massive scale infestation. But Bartlett fixed the problem efficiently and Inexpensively.
Patricia B., Chevy Chase, MD

A pleasure meeting Nick Scaletta. Very professional . He took good care of my problems.
Ada Q., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was professional. The job was done when promised. I was very sad to lose my Dogwood.
Susan R., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta is terrific. He is smart, well-informed, and patient in explaining treatment options. He is always on time, courteous, and friendly. He is a real asset to your company.
David and Sherry K., Chevy Chase, MD

Very good experience throughout.
Veronica A., Washington, DC

Everything went smoothly and highly professionally from my first contact with a Bartlett Representative to the completion of the project. I will recommend Bartlett to anyone I know who needs to have work done on his trees.
John C., Washington, DC

Judith R., Chevy Chase, MD

Very competent and courteous staff, as well as our Representative. I might suggest a discount for seniors.
Marian P., Washington, DC

I can not say enough positive things about Bartlett. Mr. Scaletta is patient with all my questions, and his crew is professional and efficient. My trees are in excellent, caring hands.
Kathleen F., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta was very helpful in presenting the options clearly, and the crew were courteous and efficient, leaving the site very clean.
Lalage W., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta was very helpful in presenting the options clearly, and the crew were courteous and efficient, leaving the site very clean.
Lalage W., Chevy Chase, MD

Knowledgeable staff, conducted work in timely, efficient manner. I am certainly no arborist, but after the crew finished, in much less time than I thought it would take, the results were more than satisfactory. Our house is in a heavily wooded neighborhood, but with a few strategically directed cuts and trims, more than a few extra rays of sunshine now fall on our yard, and the threat of extra tree limbs also falling has been substantially diminished.
Larry V., Washington, DC

We will likely use Bartlett again in the future. Thanks.
Troy C., Washington, DC

All crew members were super nice and did an amazing job.
Rachel C., Chevy Chase, MD

This most recent visit from Bartlett was for Simeon Spottswood to spray several trees and bushes with Horticultural oil. Last Fall Simeon also applied several soil care and pest management treatments All the work was done well. I particularly appreciated Simeon contacting me in advance so that I could coordinate with my neighbors and providing several flexible scheduling options so I could arrange a time that was convenient to them. In addition, last Fall I worked with Nick Scaletta to have extensive trimming of my large Hemlock hedge, several Hollie bushes, a Red Maple tree, and remove a dead Apple tree. All the work was excellently done exactly to my specifications, and as the work progressed the crew leader communicated with me to confirm the work from my perspective and make adjustments. I am very happy with this work and will definitely have Bartlett back again regularly.
Andrew S., Washington, DC

Nick and his field crew are great to work with, and are very responsive to questions I have about my property.
Neil S. , Washington, DC

Incredibly efficient, courteous, and professional crew. Mr. Scaletta is so knowledgeable and his crew took special care around our shrubs and newly reseeded lawn areas. Well done, Bartlett.
Kathleen F., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta and his staff are Excellent.
Sylvia B., Chevy Chase, MD

We have a very small yard around our row house, but we definitely have some trees that need Bartlett's care. So I am glad that the Bartlett crew was able to trim our trees, even though this is a very small project for them. I especially liked that they asked me if they should trim our Holly trees that hangs over our neighbors yard. Our neighbors were away, but I was able to reach them by phone, and got their permission. So I appreciate this opportunity to trim the Holly trees on both sides of our fence.
Gail S., Washington, DC

It's without reservation that I have complete confidence in Bartlett's service. Arborist Nick Scaletta is knowledgeable, approachable and super responsive to all of our inquiries and needs. He's priceless. The service crew that does our monitoring service and pruning have changed through out the years, but they are always great - responsive, polite, professional and a joy to work with.
B. Lamoreaux, Washington, DC

As in the past, my experience with Nick is always excellent. I was particularly impressed this year with the pruning of my Maples and Crepe Myrtles. There is art involved in the shaping of trees and not all who can prune are artists. The men who worked on my trees certainly are. For years I have endeavored to handle much of smaller pruning on my own in order to know it is done as I wish. Based on the work just completed, I would have complete confidence in turning this over to the same crew. I am incredibly particular about my garden and assure you that this is about as great a compliment as I can give. Fantastic job.
Susan S., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta is knowledgeable, friendly, prompt, and responsive to our concerns. He has taken excellent care of our trees and shrubs and we are grateful.
Larry O., Washington, DC

The technician who came to my house was very professional and came to the door to let me know that he was in our backyard working. Any encounter I have had with a Bartlett employee has demonstrated their professional knowledge and quality of care.
Nancy S. , Washington, DC

Very happy with service.
Steve S., Washington, DC

Nick was knowledgeable and gave me a fair price for the job. The gentleman he sent to do the job was excellent, constantly checking in with me to make sure his work met my expectations.
Jeffrey H., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta is an excellent arborist and he always makes himself available to help us, even if Bartlett is not then performing services for us. Nick goes way above and beyond what is expected of him.
David K., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick and the arborists who did the work were responsive and professional. We were happy with all parts of the work.
Melanie C., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick and the arborists who did the work were responsive and professional. We were happy with all parts of the work.
Melanie C., Chevy Chase, MD

I was very pleased with both the arborist, Nick Scaletta, and his crew. Nick was thorough and very patient in answering my questions when he made recommendations on the needed tree trimming. I also appreciated his courtesy in giving me several days' notice before the work was actually done. His crew were very pleasant, efficient and neat.
Susan L., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was very helpful and his explanations of what needed to be done and why were thorough and complete.
Philip B., Washington, DC

Nick is excellent and gives expert advice on all the trees and shrubs Crew is professional and efficient and patient with a neighbor who can often harass and disturb workmen.
Elaine R., Chevy Chase, MD

The administrative staff communicated thoroughly, clearly, and nicely. The original appointment was arranged efficiently. Nick Scaletta was professional and educational at the appointment. helpful, and encouraging. The crew who did the work were friendly and communicative. They also left the job site very clean. Much appreciated. Pertaining to question one the trimming appears significant and professional.
Bill S., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta is an excellent manager of our property. Our trees and bushes continue to flourish under his guidance. Nick responds promptly and courteously to all our requests. The Bartlett crew, are very polite and feed, trim, and protect all our trees with terrific results. Also some of them should go in the tree lighting business; my Dogwood looks amazing with the colorful lights they installed on it.
Amy K., Chevy Chase, MD

Very happy with all the Bartlett team, Including the guy who did the latest treatment of our Oak tree . He was very courteous and informed us mask on, socially distanced prior to doing the oak fungus treatment.
Janis A., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta has been attentive to our needs for many decades. A fine professional and gentleman. He made several talks to my wife's Chevy Chase, DC Garden Club over the years and was always well received.
Barbara B., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta is the primary reason I continue to use Bartlett. His expertise and willingness to answer my questions and help me resolve problems with trees and shrubs at my property are an invaluable asset. He comes to the house to answer my questions whenever he is in the area, and he helps keep our trees and shrubs looking good all year round. I would consider moving my business to a competitor if Nick left your company.
David K., Chevy Chase, MD

Thorough in answering questions, explaining procedure, making schedule, and follow up. Crew members were courteous, worked hard and did all requested work. Left site clean.
Jacqueline S., Chevy Chase, MD

Santos was wonderful. I could not believe how clean they left our property. They blew the leaves off all of the patios, even though their work did not disturb those areas. Working with Nick Scaletta, the arborist, was a pleasure. Highly recommend Bartlett.
Tomi L., Washington, DC

Outstanding job by both the Arborist Nick and crew. We ended up doing more work on our trees than originally planned because of Nick’s thoughtful remarks. We appreciated your expertise as well as your reasonable prices. The crew did a meticulous job of trimming our trees. They were fast, safe ,and courteous. They did a perfect job in the cleanup. We appreciated their expert work.
Mark P., Chevy Chase, MD

Everyone, arborist and crew, has been professional and I have total confidence in them.
Bruce C., Chevy Chase, MD

From Nick to the crew who took care of my trees, each one was professional, courteous, and very responsive. I asked them to also take care of a few branches I had noticed were too long, they quickly took care of them without question. I will hire you again. Thanks for a great experience.
Piper M., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scarletta, the arborist who came out to look at our property, was very professional, and helpful. The man who came out to do the work was also very professional, courteous, and helpful.
Alison F., Washington, DC

Nick was completely professional, knowledgeable, and honest. All went very well. The crew was polite, did a terrific job and cleaned up perfectly. It is a pleasure to deal with everyone from Bartlett.
Deborah G., Washington, DC

Very professional and courteous, on time . They know their trees. One feels confident that they know what they are doing, will give good advice, and safely do their work. I have recommended Bartlett to several neighbors. I am very happy with Bartlett's´professional attention to my trees.
Janis A., Chevy Chase, MD

I only met with Nick, the arborist. He was very helpful and knowledgeable.
Bruce C., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick is always incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful ,and responsive. We know our trees are truly cared for.
Clarke C., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick is knowledgeable, and very accommodating. His recommendations are helpful, and he does not push for additional services that are not necessary.
Janet L., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was here today and very helpful with troubleshooting a tree that was damaged in neighbors construction.
Megan H., Chevy Chase, MD

We were dealing with this from out of town and really appreciate that it was taken care of so quickly. The branches landed in our neighbors yard and she said the crew was quick and efficient. Was impressed at how quickly they completed the work.
Pam F., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta is always helpful when we have questions about what is needed, We depend on his expertise and prompt advice and are grateful for his guidance at our house and at our daughter's on Chevy Chase Pkwy.
Hyman F., Washington, DC

Arborist, Nick Scaletta, is a trusted resource in our neighborhood. Everyone knows that Nick is knowledgeable, honest, and accurate. He also has Bartlett behind him, so you can not loose when it comes to any of your tree care needs.
David B., Chevy Chase, MD

The tree crew was great. Super nice and efficient. They were done in less than four hours when the Representative said they would be here all day.
Emily D., Washington, DC

Did a great job at a reasonable price. Crew arrived on time and on schedule. Very polite, courteous, and professional.
James L., Chevy Chase, MD

The crew who came to do our two trees were very courteous, timely, efficient, clean, and sought my feedback and approval periodically during the service. They were so quiet too. My newborn napped during the whole tree trimming process even with the work being done right outside her window.
Justin B., Washington, DC

Nick, our arborist is top notch. Attention to every detail, and even a plan for what our needs might be in the future. Quick response from desk staff when we had a problem.
Suzanne O., Chevy Chase, MD

I really enjoy the personal relationship I have with my arborist, Nick Scaletta. He is super responsive and I feel like he knows every tree on my property and is as concerned about their continued health as I am. Very satisfied customer here.
Michael S., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was great. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Steve S., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta is a very personable, knowledgeable arborist, I enjoyed working with him.
Patricia M, Washington, DC

Nick was great. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Steve P., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was great. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Steve S., Chevy Chase, MD

Very courteous and obliging. Thanks to the crew.
Betsy L., Chevy Chase, MD

The entire experience was terrific. Nick came over soon after I called to discuss an Oak tree that was in distress and was able to develop a plan to preserve the tree. His team followed up with extensive trimming and then an aeration plan to ensure proper tree nutrients and water. Everyone was friendly and very professional.
Lisa B., Chevy Chase, MD

Everyone I was in contact with at Bartlett, either by phone or in person, was excellent and went above and beyond to get the job done well and in a timely manner.
Leah R., Chevy Chase, MD

Your representative is very knowledgeable and courteous. Your tree crew was on time and worked hard all day. Parking for them was initially a problem that they dealt without complaint and well. The leader promoted real teamwork on a difficult job. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone. They are a no-nonsense operation that gets the job done well. We need more companies like that.
Patricia W., Washington, DC

Nick is very knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful.
Jon B., Chevy Chase, MD

Second time we have had this crew. Both times they have been very courteous, done a very thorough job, and left the yard cleaner than when they arrived. Recommend them highly and without reservation.
Martin F., Washington, DC

Nick is great and the crew was wonderful.
Ellen M., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta has been great. It s a pleasure working with him. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and super courteous.
Robert R., Washington, DC

Nick is wonderful and takes time to stop by and look at particular plants or trees and answer questions. Bushes and trees are happy, thank you.
Julia B., Washington, DC

I was very impressed with the very professional approach to the work of the whole crew, they were also friendly. In the past, I only hired tree experts to prune two of my trees but Nick Scaletta looked at all the trees and shrubs in the yard and then explained to me what he was planning to do. He planned to prune all the trees and two of the bushes and recommended a soil treatment to suppress insects. The trees are blooming now and they look beautiful, they also look very healthy, the pruning was perfect.
Norma C., Chevy Chase, MD

Santos and his crew were exceptional.
Mark C., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick is always professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. It is great to be able to work with him.
Diane B., Chevy Chase, MD

We have been working with Nick Scaletta for a number of years and are quite satisfied.
Andrea S., Chevy Chase, MD

Have worked with BTE for many years and their field reps are always courteous. We focus on the needs of our yard and keep it simple. The technicians let us know they are here and what they will be doing, then when done they check out and tell us what will come next in our plan. Everybody stays on the same page which is helpful.
Peter D., Chevy Chase, MD

Crew was excellent, knowledgeable, and professional. Nick is always great to work with and is knowledgeable about the trees and the property.
Elaine R., Chevy Chase, MD

The crew who came to the property were polite, respectful, and efficient in their work. I was very pleased with the work they did, and they tidied up thoroughly at the end. Based on that experience, I would consider using them again and would recommend them to others. The arborist responded promptly to my various questions over several months. Dialogue is on-going with regard to further work.
Gavin P., Washington, DC

Great advice and service.
Barbara B., Washington, DC

We have been working with Bartlett for many years. Nick Scaletta our second arborist. You cannot imagine how much I appreciate working with Bartlett which is a company on which I have always been able to depend, one that runs a tight, professional ship, with all involved well-trained, courteous, and prompt. I feel protected from the storms with appropriate trimming and know Bartlett will be at hand when we have problems. Not only has the company taken care of trees and plants on our property they have provided us with additional help with our historic Cherry trees in Kenwood. Nick is a lovely young man who has always done a great job, is highly informed, and takes care of what is needed quickly.
Barbara R., Chevy Chase, MD

The machine operator was very courteous and accommodating. He tried to remove as much of the stump as possible with space limitations.
Patricia X., Chevy Chase, MD

Everyone we dealt with was knowledgeable and provided the information required. The crew was excellent and very professional. They left everything neat and clean.
Bob T., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick is so great.
Judith R., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta was prompt, efficient, and did everything he could to answer my many questions. He went out of his way to accommodate my scheduling issues. The crew, especially the crew leader, greeted me, introduced himself, and worked with me to get all the cars and people out of the way. Could not have asked for better service. Tree looks great. Same excellent service I have always had from Bartlett.
Bonnie L., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Is great to work with. He is knowledgeable and takes account of client’s needs and concerns, including working around a difficult neighbor. Latest tech who did work on my property was excellent.
Elaine R., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick and the various crews he has assembled over the years are always top-notch. Work is done efficiently and neatly.
Mary Lou S., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick is great to work with, he is professional and knowledgeable.
Elaine R., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta has been wonderful, easily available, and very reassuring. I also was very impressed with his crew foreman and was pleased with his work and his attention to my concerns. I have used Bartlett in the past and had two occasions when tree pruning was botched. I was very nervous about using Bartlett again but my neighbor highly recommended Nick and I am happy that I tried you again. Both Nick and Santos were very patient and attentive. I do hope that Santos will be coming back for scheduled service this winter.
Alice B., Chevy Chase, MD

I love how Bartlett always gets right back to me and shows up when they say they will.
Sarah H., Washington, DC

I really like working with Nick. He is knowledgeable, willing to answer questions in detail, and understands that cost has to be factored in planning and prioritizing projects.
Andrea S., Chevy Chase, MD

Have been very impressed with Bartlett's staff over the years. Nick Scaletta was very patient with me, walking my yard and giving advice. I have not met Forest yet, but am sure he will be just as professional and helpful.
Charles O., Washington, DC

Nick is knowledgeable, accessible, and helpful. The crew finished the job faster than expected. Good experience overall.
Lewis F., Chevy Chase, MD

Everyone at Bartlett has been great to work with, from the office staff, to arborist, Nick Scarletta, to the great crew who came to do the work. The trees look just great and we really appreciate the kindness and courtesy of everyone at Bartlett. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.
James and Suzanne H., Washington, DC

I so appreciate the updates and information that are passed along to us. Nick Scaletta got back to me immediately about the boxwood blight issue and the treatment was applied within days. I do rely on Nick’s advice and he is always proactive and responsive.
Karen S., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta was terrific. He took the time to explain everything. Responded very quickly to emails with my several questions. And was very nice. I was really impressed, In addition, the crew seemed very knowledgeable and efficient in working on the job. They seem to have done a great job trimming our large Pin Oak, which had a lot of dead branches, and unlike the previous company, they removed all the debris perfectly. All around, an excellent experience. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone needing tree service. Your responsiveness, from our first call onward, was really good. And your arborist clearly knew a lot more about our trees and their issues than any of the other folks I contacted.
Paula S., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick Scaletta is professional, informative, great people skills, and always on time.
Lynn D., Chevy Chase, MD

My experience with Nick was great, and the crew was absolutely fantastic.
Amy K., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick is the best, knowledgeable, friendly, thorough, and conscientious. Always follows through. Tree workers were polite and competent.
Larry O., Washington, DC

Nick has always been very friendly and responsive in terms of planning the work. Tyler and the other crew members are friendly and also hard working. They are willing to help me with shrub planting this summer even though I know they are not landscapers. I have had such a hard time finding someone to plant shrubs without a landscaping contract, so I decided I would rather have Bartlett do it since I trust them and have a relationship with them already. I would definitely recommend Bartlett, although I think everyone in Chevy Chase already uses them.
Jennifer S., Chevy Chase, MD

I can always rely on my arborist, Nick, and value his expertise and recommendations. Santos and his crew have been to our home several times and I can also rely on them as well to be courteous, professional, and attentive to my needs and issues. Tyler is the new member and always appreciate it when he calls to let me know that he is coming by. He also takes his time and is thorough at his job. My experience with Bartlett since Nick has come on board has only been positive.
Beth L., Washington, DC

Very nice and friendly staff, accommodated my schedule, worked efficiently, and answered all questions. Very pleased with my first experience with Bartlett.
Maria M., Washington, DC

Nick was always prompt, informative, and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Janice W., Washington, DC

I enjoy working with everyone at Bartlett. Nick is always on time for his consultations and provides advice and recommendations as needed. The crew that came to prune and clean up at my home were excellent, pointing out problems as seen. They projected such a positive attitude and enjoyment for what they were doing. I had worked with the lead guy, Jose, before when he pruned my Crape Myrtle.
Mary L., Washington, DC

Nick has always been helpful and available to answer questions and make recommendations on a variety of our trees.
Barbara B., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta keeps better track of our trees than we do, thankfully. The crews that trim and fertilize are polite, friendly, and speak English well.
Larry O., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta was very knowledgeable and responsive. It took no time to schedule the work and the crew members who pruned our myrtles were very polite and did a great job.
Carol N., Chevy Chase, MD

Bartlett is prompt, pleasant, and thorough and I was an "add-on" customer that day. I will never use anyone but Nick and his crew again.
Ketch R., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was prompt and professional. Provided important information about the work performed and why. The crew did a great job.
John T., Chevy Chase, MD

I have always had good service from Nick and his crew.
Anne B., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta is responsive, available, and always on the job to help us.
Fred P., Chevy Chase, MD

Mr. Scaletta has saved our holly trees, he was very flexible in scheduling the trimming of our oak during our half-year of thinking about it. The three man crew doing the trimming had Mr. Scaletta's instructions on what to trim and carried them out. They worked very efficiently and I was amazed at how much dead wood they found. The two working in the tree were incredible the way they worked at those heights. The man on the ground was kept busy gathering branches as they fell. Our yard was cleaner when they left than when they arrived. The price was competitive with another bid.
Larry O., Washington, DC

Nick is a pleasure to work with and the crew who did the pruning were polite accommodating, and very neat. The holly looks even better than I imagined it could and my yard was left immaculate. The neighbors have been commenting on the great job on.
Carin R., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta clearly described the work that should be done and when. Earlier, his solution to the scale infestation saved our bushes. The work then, and on November 5, was carried out thoroughly and efficiently.
Ralph & Sandra M., Chevy Chase, MD

We thought Nick was terrific and appreciated his honesty about the outlook for our ailing tree. Would happily recommend him!
Renne B., Washington, DC

I work with Nick Scaletta on several properties I manage in Washington D.C. He and the crews never fail to be professional, courteous, transparent, flexible, and do their best to make sure every job is done right.
Mike A., Washington, DC

Nick Scaletta is a real pro and a pleasure to work with.
Charles K., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was a pleasure to deal with he responded rapidly to all of my questions. He efficiently prepared an estimate for the project. The crew was incredible, efficient, polite, and hardworking. I was impressed that they all used the proper safety protection. I will not hesitate to use Bartlett for all my future needs.
Anne K., Chevy Chase, MD

Absolutely top notch in every respect. Really artistic and careful about the shapes and creating beautiful skeletons in the branches. Careful and safe even though it is pretty "hairy" doing what they do. Nick wrote a very thorough contract and was extremely knowledgeable from the get-go.
Jill L., Washington, DC

Both Nick and Harry are very professional, and communicate well about the issues we are working on; they are a pleasure to work with.
Peter D., Chevy Chase, MD

I have absolute confidence in Bartlett's assessment and suggested maintenance. Glad to know the Bradford's in such healthy shape. The kids will love playing outback under its shady goodness for years to come.
Matt A., Washington, DC

We have used Bartlett's services since we moved to Bethesda in the early 1980s. We really appreciate the knowledge, care, and courtesy Bartlett staff bring to the job. And, it's especially nice to know that in case of a serious event like a fallen tree, we are confident about who to call. Thank you to Frido Van Kesteren, Tim Zastrow, and now to Nick Scaletta.
Anna A., Chevy Chase, MD

Nick was great  very flexible in scheduling and rescheduling due to multiple weather delays; and very diplomatic and patient in dealing with my difficult neighbor whose agreement we needed to do work on her tree.
Christopher S., Washington, DC

I could not say enough good things about our arborist, Nick Scaletta. He was extremely professional, honest and helpful. I was very impressed by the quality of service. Thank you, Nick.
Brett D., Washington, DC

Excellent work beginning with Nick Scaletta and the crew who took care of the trees. Nick was especially considerate and helpful dealing with the neighbor and her tree overhanging our property.
Kathy S., Washington, DC

Nick gave us great options for how to prune our fruit trees and restore their health. He was really responsive, knowledgeable, and courteous. The crew that pruned our trees was careful and did a great job.
Amy P., Washington, DC

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