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Ryan Grubb

Arborist Representative

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Ryan Grubb, Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our Gaithersburg, MD office.

More about Ryan Grubb

Ryan grew up in a military family and has lived throughout the United States. He came to Bartlett Tree Experts shortly after completing his Master's degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2007. He spent several years working as a tree climber and plant health care technician and has been working as an Arborist Representative since Hurricane Irene made landfall in 2011. Ryan is a Board Certified Master Arborist, Maryland Licensed Tree Expert, and Licensed Pesticide Applicator. He spends his free time enjoying the outdoors with his wife Laurin, their son Liam, and his beagle-basset hound, Wyatt.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Ryan Grubb

Ryan Grubb could not be nicer I trust him. My property looks terrific. Luis, the technician, should be appointed Secretary of State. The United States would have peace. I can not recommend Bartlett to my friends. They are looking for a guy in a pickup truck with a rusty chain saw for $80.00 no matter the size of the job.
Neil B., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is fabulous. You are lucky to have him on your payroll.
Carolyn S., Bethesda, MD

Your guys were great very professional job well done thank you.
Roy B., Bethesda, MD

Besides being knowledgeable and professional, Luis is warm, kind, and personable.
Maggie B., Bethesda, MD

Besides being knowledgeable and professional, Luis is warm, kind, and personable.
Maggie B., Bethesda, MD

Hi Ryan, thanks for sending the survey. I usually avoid responding to them. Jose and the crew are wonderful. I hope the company is compensating him well. He has an eye and intelligence for beauty. Jose also communicates and listens. He gave me all of the time to talk as much as I wanted. Thank you Ryan for sending me the experts.
Joan S., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb definitely is knowledgeable. He quickly identified the problem and gave us the solution. Luis was a happy person, efficient, and knowledgeable.
Lacey G., Bethesda, MD

Really appreciate Ryan’s insight and the professional staff of the rest of the crew.
Judy S., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb worked closely with us to schedule the tree work when the ground was frozen. He was responsive to the detailed instructions we gave for the work. The crew members were very professional, talked with us in detail about decisions we cared about in thinning the tree, and left our property very clean. I have used Bartlett for many years and will continue to do so.
Randy M., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb has been outstanding over the years, since we started using Bartlett. We had the impression that Bartlett was the most expensive tree service in the area but it turned out not to be true. Ryan was one of the people who gave us an estimate for removing a large tree and it was very reasonable among the bids we received. Then he did a great job of supervising the job, followed by a thorough analysis of our needs to keep other trees healthy. Since then he has continued to check up on our trees on a regular basis and always responds quickly to our requests.
David S., Bethesda, MD

I am pleased with Luis who comes to do my general service. He explains everything to me and is very pleasant to deal with.
Lisa B., Bethesda, MD

Ryan has been great and very flexible in scheduling the work. I was also impressed with the lead person on the crew who was very pleasant and helpful.
Randy M., Bethesda, MD

I appreciate your prompt response to our inquiry and to completion of the tree pruning. Ryan is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Debra N., Bethesda, MD

I was pleased at how quickly the work was done especially given scheduling conflicts on Ryan's end. I was pleasantly surprised to get a follow up call on the quality of the work.
John C., Bethesda, MD

Luis was extremely pleasant and helpful when I spoke to him in the morning. Ryan is pleasant and accommodating to our needs. I appreciate the flexibility and ease of working with Ryan to schedule the work. He is responsive to emails which makes it easy since I work full time and am not home during the day when they come to do the work. I know Ryan will come by to make sure everything is taken care of.
Alice S., Bethesda, MD

Between Ryan and Luis, I could not have a better team taking care of my trees and shrubs. They are friendly and professional. They consider my input and then do the right thing. I prefer my landscape over any that I have seen, even in the most expensive parts of Potomac.
Neil B., Bethesda, MD

Ryan and the crew were great.
Mark A., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. Great partner for our needs.
Susan B., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is simply outstanding. I would not trust my trees to anyone else.
Carolyn S., Bethesda, MD

Thank you Ryan for your assistance, responsiveness, and support as we deal with our tree issues. Thank you to Luis for his kind and gracious manner, always happy when it is time for our mite injections. Thank you to the incredible crew that took down two trees for us this year. They are awesome.
Susan Lee O., Bethesda, MD

I appreciate that Ryan took time to talk with me about the plants and trees on our property in a holistic way as we talked about tree care in particular. He was generous with sharing his insights and expertise. Our conversation helped me think ahead about managing our plant care.
Tish K., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is an excellent representative and services our account by answering questions and implementing plans.
Sara F., Bethesda, MD

I am satisfied with the speed of arranging the work, the arborist, and the crew.
Ira A., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is excellent, smart, responsive, well-trained, and helpful in every respect. The crew that did this job was great, good communication, thorough work and clean-up.
Ira L., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is excellent. He walked patiently with me around the property, making recommendations and answering all my questions. I have utmost confidence in his judgment.
Ira L., Bethesda, MD

Ryan and the crew were and always are great. Jaime is amazing to watch. I feel I am in good hands with Bartlett.
Susan O., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is always responsive. He forms a personal relationship with you, which forms a foundation of trust, and reaches out for second opinions when he is unsure. He provides me with additional information about my trees that go beyond Bartlett's services. I could not be happier with him. He secured an excellent crew for the job. There were glitches in the beginning (an unknown car unexpectedly parked near the work site an hour before work was to begin). The crew remained patient. The head of the crew assisted in going door to door to find the owner. Everyone stayed upbeat and ready to begin. And as a final shout-out, Ryan knew I was concerned about damage to the forsythia surrounding the tree. I was amazed at the end of the job that the forsythia was scarcely injured. I thanked the head of the crew for that, and he said Ryan had instructed them to take special care of the forsythia. I am very pleased with all the services I have received from Bartlett. The key to my gratitude is the respect, responsiveness, and expertise of knowledge. Even the fellow who does my seasonal tree spraying, Luis, is always friendly and cheerful. He not only makes sure to greet me on days he sprays my trees, but on days when he is spraying my neighbors' trees, if he sees me in the yard, he also makes a point to come over, shake hands, and converse a little. This is a great crew.
Mary Jo P., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb has knowledge of every tree on our property. His professionalism and good humor always makes visits educational and welcomed. I trust his counsel and advice and know he will always steer us right.
Kathy B., Bethesda, MD

Luis is always particularly courteous and efficient. Ryan is great to work with, very relaxed, candid, straightforward, and dependable.
Robert R., Bethesda, MD

The crew is responsive, on time, and great to work with. The work site is always left clean, and Ryan is very helpful with preventive maintenance advice. Happy to recommend Bartlett to friends and neighbors.
Kevin M., Bethesda, MD

Very satisfied with consultations with Ryan and technical services from Luis.
Neil B., Bethesda, MD

Ryan and the crew have been wonderful. They represent the company very well.
Neil B., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb and Luis are the best. So kind and personable, always calls me by name, a smile, or a wave if working elsewhere on the street. Their good nature is as weighted a factor for me in doing business with Bartlett as is the excellence of your pruning and tree care.
Mary J. P., Bethesda, MD

I have been very pleased with your service over many years and will be happy to recommend Bartlett to my friends. Ryan Grubb has been very helpful in dealing with Montgomery County.
Barbara W., Bethesda, MD

Ryan is always so prompt and all your staff is courteous.
Nancy H., Bethesda, MD

I appreciate Ryan's customer service and honest opinion. He is open to discussion and our needs with reasonable considerations.
Wayne F., Bethesda, MD

All who have attended to our home these past years have been wonderful. Ryan as my contact, Louis the sprayer, Bill the tree trimmer, and those at the office I thank so much. We are selling our home at the end of February, but we will put in a good word regarding Bartlett. I am so grateful for the maintenance system we put into play regarding the white pine, dogwoods, azaleas, and shrubbery. I leave a healthy landscape as my gift to the new owners.
Emily K., Bethesda, MD

The staff is very knowledgeable about the trees and carefully checks my property for potential problems as well as the health of the trees. Ryan is very helpful in explaining information about any concerns.
Nikki M. , Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb was very helpful in getting the huge limb cut up and removed as soon as possible, they did an excellent job.
Sharon O., Bethesda, MD

Ryan has always been quite responsive and helpful in addressing our concerns. The same can be said for Luis.
Marshall S., Bethesda, MD

Mr. Grubb has been very professional and helpful with any concerns I have about my trees and shrubs.
Sharon O., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb and all the crew members who have worked on my property have been extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and great to work with. I depend on them to keep my trees growing beautifully every year.
Jill M., Bethesda, MD

Ryan is always very responsive and helpful. Your crew is courteous, arrive on time, and leave the site clean.
Lori M. , Bethesda, MD

I especially appreciate the personal service I receive from Ryan. Each time a member of the team comes to provide service, he rings the doorbell and lets me know what he is going to be doing. I appreciate that extra touch very much.
Susan P., Bethesda, MD

I find it easy to make arrangements with Ryan Grubb and communicate with him. The trees on my property are being saved and are well-maintained.
Neil B., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is amazing! We were out of town, and returned last Friday evening to find a huge tree branch covering our front yard. In less than 24 hours, on a Saturday(!) it was all gone and cleaned up. Ryan and the crew have done several projects at our house and I have been delighted with all of their work.
Helen S., Bethesda, MD

I am very grateful for the wonderful service I have received from Bartlett in general, and Ryan Grubb in particular. I rely on his judgment and trust his recommendations, and have been extremely satisfied with all the work that has been done.
Helen S., Bethesda, MD

It is a pleasure to be working with Ryan Grubb. He is competent, very knowledgeable, and personally pleasant, as are all of the Bartlett staff who have worked here by the way. I have made some neighborhood referrals and everyone finds Ryan and his team the best to work with including those who are true horticulturists.
Nan K., Bethesda, MD

Ryan was great to deal with. He gave us great advice about our trees particularly after Pepco wanted to take down one of our trees.
Matthew H., Bethesda, MD

Bartlett staff is always courteous and informative. They make sure the client understands what is needed on the property and why, and when working always explain what they will be doing.
Mary H., Bethesda, MD

Ryan Grubb is awesome and visits our property frequently because he works in only our "hood" which makes us know we are in capable hands and watchful eyes. That kind of service is golden.
Victoria G., Bethesda, MD

Representative Ryan Grubb is knowledgeable, helpful, and never pressured me. He went out of his way multiple times to meet my needs and insure excellent service. The head of pruning crew was professional and conscientious, contacting me each step of way with issues that arose, and taking full responsibility for the exemplary execution of the project.
Mary Jo P., Bethesda, MD

Ryan was great to work with&I had confidence in his recommendations, and he and the crew did a great job in thinning out my large tree canopy, safely, and cleanly. I also appreciated their flexibility and responsiveness when my neighbor came by and asked that we also include some work on my side of the fence that would improve her property. Many thanks!
Kathy S., Bethesda, MD

We have always been impressed with the professionalism and expertise of all the Bartlett staff and crew members over the years!
Alice K., Bethesda, MD

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