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Sean Davis

Local Manager & Arborist Representative

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Sean Davis, Local Manager & Arborist Representative at Bartlett Tree Experts, works out of our San Jose, CA office.

More about Sean Davis

Sean is a University of California at Santa Barbara graduate, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies, Resource Management. He has 25 years of field experience in the tree care industry. He joined Bartlett Tree Experts in 2009 initially working as a Climber and Crew Leader.
Sean is an Arborist Representative serving clients from Bartlett’s San Jose, California office. He is an ISA Certified Arborist. He is also a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, and licensed with the California Department of Regulations as a Qualified Applicator. And in 2019, he was promoted to Local Manager for the San Jose office.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Sean Davis

George and Sean are phenomenal to work with. I respect their opinion and they get the job done with proficiency and efficiency. Not afraid to get their hands dirty. I like the way they work.
Eric A., San Jose, CA

The entire crew is very professional from start to finish.
Al and Beverly T., San Jose, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I have had many comments on how beautiful the Scott Pine looks, includes one from an architect. We are having the house painted and when the foreman saw the tree he liked it so much that he took a picture of it. Of course, I made sure to mention Bartlett to him and told him how you transformed a bushy mass into a beautiful tree.
Ann S., San Jose, CA

Very accommodating and understanding.
James C., San Jose, CA

I felt lucky to get scheduled so quickly after the appraisal. I think the concerns Sean raised about my Redwood during the appraisal demonstrated thoughtfulness that did not come out in two appraisals from different companies I had earlier. He explained problems to look out for and explained the potential remedies and his recommendations very clearly. I appreciated the professionalism of having an up front copy of the company's professional liability insurance. Sean presented a proposal that seemed to use perhaps more equipment than competitors, the bucket, but with a quote that came in on the low range of all the quotes I got. The crew seemed courteous, professional, and competent.
Dawn W., Santa Cruz, CA

Sean and staff were fantastic, professional, timely, and did a great job overall. At this time, I am satisfied with the service and look forward to seeing how my trees grow from their pruning work. I hope to be in consistent business with Bartlett in the future.
Angela V., San Jose, CA

As usual, Sean was gracious, easy to talk with, and knowledgeable. I depend on Sean and his crew members to take care of my trees, and keep them looking good and staying healthy.
Bobbie C., San Jose, CA

Sean and entire crew were knowledgeable and efficient very personable, and respectful. Uriel who worked mostly in the basket lift is a genius at navigation and showed great skill and artistic judgement in trimming. Sean is great, did not oversell or recommend work that we did not need to be done. Excellent repeat experience.
David and Judy S., San Jose, CA

Very responsive. Reasonable prices. Helpful staff.
Gene E., San Jose, CA

Sean and his team were super professional, courteous, and efficient. We will definitely be referring friends and family to Bartlett.
Danya H., San Jose, CA

Sean as well as the trimming crew were very helpful in dealing with the concerns regarding the limbs hanging over the neighbor's yard. We are very happy with the tree which is a major part of our extended patio. Also, everyone was very timely and efficient in getting the project started and finished.
Mike N. , San Jose, CA

Special mention for the team who tackled a tough job and were so informative and courteous after toiling all day. Shout out to Louis, Francisco, Jesus, and Mekhi for doing an outstanding job. Also to Sean for responding to the emergency quickly and coordinating the clear up and investigation on other trees. As always totally reliable for eight years. Thank you to the whole team.
Kim D., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis came to our home to assess the job and to see the best way to trim our tree. He thoroughly explained how he would like to trim the tree to make it healthier and to achieve our goals of thinning and reducing its size. Sean took the time to explain his plan and answered all our questions. Once Sean made the appointment, he arrived within the stated time window. He did an excellent job trimming the tree and spent the time to do a good complete clean up. I will definitely use Bartlett Tree Experts again. If you live in the San Jose, CA area ask for Sean Davis, he is great.
Ken M., San Jose, CA

Sean and George have been excellent to work with. They communicate a recommended treatment and I described what I think is needed and together we have fulfilled the properties requirements.
Eric A., San Jose, CA

Great communication and updates during the job. Clear about goals of service and future needs for tree service.
Rob S., Santa Clara, CA

Sean was fantastic. The crew were hard workers.Can not believe they climbed up to the top of the Redwood. I am a stickler about leaving everything clean and they did not disappoint.
Teresa P., San Jose, CA

Whole process from setting up the initial appointment by Danielle thru to the work on our trees to the cleanup went very smoothly, just what we wanted. Sean's crew was very helpful and involved us in their work at every stage if they were unsure or had any questions. The crew removed all debris and cleaned up well and left us with minimal work to do.
Ian F., San Jose, CA

Staff have always been very courteous. Have recommended Bartlett to a few friends already. Appreciate area representative being willing to work with us and prioritize what should be attended to first.
Kathy L., San Jose, CA

Everyone working at Bartlett is courteous, helpful, and do a great job. I have used them several times and will continue to use them. I have also told my friends about them. Sean comes out and gives you an honest assessment of what exactly needs to be done and I feel what they charge is reasonable and they do not try to rip you off.
Julia C., San Jose, CA

Bartlett Tree Services in San Jose is fabulous. We have them over once a year to keep our trees shaped and healthy. Having a non-fruiting Olive tree was a must have for me when we redid our landscaping. However the Olive tree was so happy apparently that it turned into a monster bush within the first three years. We had Bartlett out to help us find the tree again. Beautiful job.
Seth R., San Jose, CA

As always top quality work and complete professionals.
Alisha C., San Jose, CA

Sean was very helpful and provided clear direction and to his crew. I had four trees in the front yard that needed trimming, two in the back yard and two more that needed to be removed. Additionally, I had my two Citrus trees treated with nutrients because the leaves were turning yellow. It has only been a couple of weeks, and the trees are looking better already. I will be referring my mom to Sean at some point in the future.
Sally T., San Jose, CA

Bartlett’s team was exceptional. Sean Davis always responds quickly and schedules work asap. The crew are outstanding and always do an excellent job leaving everything clean and tidy.
Kim D., San Jose, CA

Great service and friendly crew. Outstanding and professional.
Staecy C., San Jose, CA

It was a pleasure working with Sean and the staff.
Sally P., San Jose, CA

Wonderful service. Crew were great.
Carol R., San Jose, CA

Sean and his staff did a wonderful job. We were really pleased with the work they did and how they cleaned up.
Barbara A., San Jose, CA

Did not expect that degree of professionalism. Very happy. Thank you. I will need your service again.
Tom R., California, CA

Sean is the ultimate professional. Thank you for your excellent service.
Anisat S., Los Gatos, CA

Thank you Sean for carefully inspecting our trees, especially the large Stone Pine tree. Thanks for helping keep our trees healthy and safe.
Lara M., San Jose, CA

Sean did a great job with our Olive trees. They look exactly like I hoped they would after the trimming.
Scott F., San Jose, CA

Awesome, awesome, and awesome. I did not expect that degree of professionalism. I will need your service again.
Mike R., San Jose, CA

Really well done. I love how Bartlett pruned my trees.
Amy Y., San Jose, CA

The crew was friendly and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure having them take care of our trees. It is always nice when you feel good about paying for a service. That is why we continue to use Bartlett.
Tom R., San Jose, CA

Sean is outstanding and very knowledgeable.
Roger M., San Jose, CA

Your crews consistently do a really good job of pruning my tree's. Sean always stops by and makes sure everything is in order.
Scott G., San Jose, CA

Everything was done as promised and I was kept informed throughout the process. The whole crew was very professional.
Ed D., San Jose, CA

I was impressed with how smoothly and quickly the work was done. Very professional crew and hard working as well. Thank you all for your efforts.
Sue G., San Jose, CA

Sean was great as was the tree trimming crew. They were on time and efficient. I have used your service on several other occasions with the same great service. Thanks again Bartlett.
Rich B., San Jose, CA

The crew came when scheduled, were courteous, well organized, hard working, efficient and we were pleased with their work.
Emma C., San Jose, CA

The crew was there on time. I was amazed at how quickly they completed the work. The clean-up was also awesome. I have never had such competent service.
Patty S., San Jose, CA

Bartlett has provided services for many years. This year the work was exceptional. Please let the team know that they did a great job. Sean, your knowledge of the care of plants and responding to our questions that meet our needs and the needs of the plants is what made the outcome so successful.
Sylvester M., San Jose, CA

Sean was on time to our scheduled appointment. He was friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. He patiently answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend Bartlett.
Christina B., Morgan Hill, CA

Sean's the best there is. Great customer service, quick response time, always available to answer questions, kind, considerate, and professional. Hope to work with him and your company for many years to come.
Kimberly S., San Jose, CA

Pleasure working with Sean. Crew interaction was great. Good job cleaning up.
Craig G., San Jose, CA

Everyone that we encountered was courteous, professional, and helpful. Everything was left clean and neat. We are very happy with our experience and would do it again when necessary without any hesitation. Everything was explained to our satisfaction and we had all the information we needed before the job was done.
James C., San Jose, CA

We are very satisfied with the courteous and prompt attention which we received from Sean Davis and the office. You really keep your word on time and service.
Lucy A., San Jose, CA

I appreciate the professionalism of Bartlett and the knowledge of the arborists and crew. I trust Bartlett to keep my trees looking good and safe.
Chris D., San Jose, CA

From our first encounter with Sean Davis, we knew this was a very professional business. The day he arrived with his crew it was evident we were in good hands. The equipment was top notch. The men all looked the part of a professional team and they knew what they were doing. We are so satisfied with the expertise they provided and will be having them return for future tree work.
Richard R., San Jose, CA

The trimming went fine. The crew was professional and left a clean site, which was appreciated. Five stars!
Rick K., San Jose, CA

Always responsive, on time, and professional. Bartlett is a treasure to work with.
Nancy C., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis is our customer representative. He is always responsive, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and thorough. Carlos and George were the crew who serviced our home recently. They were friendly, knowledgeable, careful, and fast.
Gioia I., San Jose, CA

The crew is always great and Sean is the best. He gives the crew thorough instructions to make sure the client is always happy.
Kimberly S., San Jose, CA

It was very nice to see a crew that enjoyed their work and working with each other. They were nice to my family and very friendly.
Erik K., San Jose, CA

The work from the crew was perfect as always. They show up on time, talk to me first, and then start trimming away. They are always so nice, I am so happy I found Bartlett.
Diana P., Gilroy, CA

Bartlett's staff was very efficient. We used Bartlett in the past and will continue to use Bartlett as the need arises.
Dan and Sharon G., San Jose, CA

Sean and his team are always professional, friendly, and do good work.
Debbie K., San Jose, CA

The crew that did the work on the trees and shrubs did a really nice job. They were friendly and polite. We have already recommended to a neighbor that they should contact Bartlett for their trees.
Fred and Jan B., San Jose, CA

We are always pleased with your service. Sean is very responsive and thorough. The crew is always polite and efficient with our tree trimming needs. Thank you for everything in keeping our trees in great shape.
Sabine and Nick M., San Jose, CA

We were happy with our tree service last week. The crew was prompt, Sean included me in the initial discussion with the team, they did a nice job on the Oak, cleanup was thorough, and they checked in before they left.
Denise A., Scotts Valley, CA

I appreciate Sean’s help and will recommend him at any opportunity I have.
John H., San Jose, CA

The crew was on time and so fast in addressing our multiple tree problems. They also, left the area spotless. Very happy with Bartlett.
Rich W., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis is always responsive and helpful. His knowledge of our trees has made them healthier than ever. We are very grateful for his careful care of our trees.
Gioia I., San Jose, CA

I have referred your company to my family and friends. Sean Davis was referred to me by Almaden Valley Nursery and I could not be happier. The crew was wonderful to work with and I felt very comfortable having them on my property taking care of some of my most prized and loved possessions. Sean was professional in advocating for my trees. I will be contacting Bartlett next year to proceed with our tree maintenance plan.
Alette B., San Jose, CA

Everything about the tree service from Bartlett was excellent. They were on time, did a great job trimming our trees, and did an excellent job cleaning up. They also minimized disruption by doing the wood chipping quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Bartlett when trees need trimming.
Mike H., San Jose, CA

Was extremely satisfied with the work of your friendly and professional staff. Will definitely user your services again.
Peggy L., San Jose, CA

Sean got the pruning done in a timely manner. His crew did a great job and left everything the way they found it, if not better.
Barbara A., San Jose, CA

Entire process from scheduling, trimming, arrival, and departure went so smoothly and timely. I would highly recommend Bartlett to friends and neighbors. Sean and the four man crew were terrific and my trees look great. I will be calling again in a couple of years. Thank you.
Ellen J., San Jose, CA

I am always pleased with Sean and the crew was great. Cleaned up the yard, was very polite, and answered all my questions. I really appreciated them giving me updates as they worked their way around the yard.
Kim C., San Jose, CA

Bartlett did a great job, exactly what was planned in a short time and left everything neat and clean. We were particularly impressed by the crew, they were hard workers, respectful of us and each other and did what they were here to do. I would hire them again in a second. Thank you for a great job.
Jonica D., San Jose, CA

Sean really looks at the trees, takes the time to explain things well, and will explain why some work is not necessary or should be delayed. Work is done carefully and thoroughly. They respond graciously to questions. They clean up the street and neighboring yards. A very professional crew and company.
Curt G., San Jose, CA

We were very pleased from our very first interaction with Sean Davis who made the initial assessment on our trees to the crew that arrived to do the work. We would recommend Bartlett to our friends and neighbors with certainty.
Trish and Gary M., San Jose, CA

My fruit trees have become prolific producers, which I attribute to the care and treatments that Bartlett is administering. Bartlett has also helped save several trees from disease and stress. I cannot recommend Bartlett strongly enough.
Ernie P., San Jose, CA

The Bartlett crew was very professional and did a great job with felling and pruning in our yard. I plan to contact them next season for another round of work.
Michael F., San Jose, CA

The crew were great. They did a wonderful pruning job.
Jonica D., San Jose, CA

Tree service was wonderful.
Barb B., San Jose, CA

I am beyond thrilled with the service, speed, and niceness of your crews. They did a great job and carefully bagged up some avocados from the tree for me. Very personable and professional.
Gina J., San Jose, CA

The crew who worked on my trees were efficient and courteous.
Tammy T., San Jose, CA

Everyone answered all my questions. They all worked together as s team and seemed to enjoy their job. Thank You.
Betty B., San Jose, CA

Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Laurie L., San Jose, CA

Arborist, Sean, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Most appreciated.
Susan L., San Jose, CA

Always fantastic staff.
Julie N., San Jose, CA

Sean was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful at every encounter. He accommodated my schedule and worked around my landscape construction project. Thanks also to the Bartlett trimming crew, who buzzed around my trees with precision and care.
Tami D., San Jose, CA

I appreciated the crew leader's concern for healthy grooming of our backyard trees. We have a new neighbor who was insisting on drastic, potentially harmful trimming of our trees that grow over our fence. But the crew leader managed to trim to her satisfaction on her side of the fence while also keeping a healthy shape for our trees. Extra points for neighborhood diplomacy.
Charles L., San Jose, CA

Very happy with the services.Sean and Urie were very knowledgable.
Diane S., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis has been helpful, responsive, and professional. After seven years of trying several other service companies in your area of expertise, this is the first time I have felt my trees were properly taken care of. I have recommended your company to several neighbors and friends.
Kimberly S., San Jose, CA

Very nice and always willing to help out.
Veronica G., San Jose, CA

The work went very well. Sean had quite the pruning crew out here and were done in no time flat with a job well done.
Jasper C., San Jose, CA

Everything about the process, from the inspection by Sean, to the scheduling by the office, to the on-time appearance of the crew, was professional, friendly, and exceptional. Special kudos to Sean, who came out on short notice to save a limb that decided to snap after the crew was done with the job.
Jeff H., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis is a trusted part of my list of home maintenance contractors. I would not think of going to any other landscape service. His crew is the best. Friendly, efficient, and neat, the perfect qualities I look for when seeking help at my home.
Dolores H., San Jose, CA

I am thrilled with the job performed at my home. Everything was done as requested and even the difficult job of trimming trees around the pool was neatly achieved. You guys are the best.
Dolores H., San Jose, CA

The Bartlett crew did a fantastic job. Everything went as planned and cleaned up well. Our thanks and appreciation.
Jerry and Sharon B., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis is polite and professional. His crew did a great job in felling, trimming, stump grinding, and planting. Efficient, cautious, and neat.
Grace C., San Jose, CA

My interaction with everyone at Bartlett is always pleasant.
Michael D., San Jose, CA

We have used Bartlett Tree Experts for a number of years and trust them to take care of the 250 year old Valley Oak in our front yard, as well as other trees on our property. Sean Davis, the arborist, and the entire crew have always done an outstanding job.
John T., San Jose, CA

George was fantastic as always. His interaction and help is what keeps us as long term customers. However, I can not limit to to just him. The entire team is professional and helpful. Thanks for making this such an easy and satisfying process.
Brad M., San Jose, CA

Outstanding service. Sean is terrific.
Tom S., San Jose, CA

Can not be happier about the business with Bartlett. Will definitely recommend to my friends and neighbors. Thanks.
Zhijun Z., San Jose, CA

Thanks so much for the follow up. The crew was wonderful, professional, and clean. Sean pays amazing attention to the details. We have used Bartlett for previous felling and were thrilled then. We will definitely contact Bartlett for all of our future tree needs.
Karen K., San Jose, CA

Great quality service. As always, I am very pleased.
Chris F., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis was professional, easy to work with, and did a great job. I would recommend Bartlett and Sean anytime.
Robert M., San Jose, CA

Our trees and shrubs look great. The work was excellent.
Marvin T., San Jose, CA

We used Bartlett for felling and for tree pruning. Sean Davis and his crew were on time, professional, and very personable. We are very impressed and satisfied with the work that was done. They left the yard very tidy as well. I would definitely recommend Bartlett and would use them again.
Amy M., San Jose, CA

Sean and his crew are diligent, prompt, and very responsive to questions and concerns. Sean came back when I had some questions after the work was done, and he took care of my concerns right then and there. I could not be happier with the job the men did.
Denise S., San Jose, CA

Absolutely happy.
Libby J., San Jose, CA

Wonderful services.
John B., San Jose, CA

I am happy with the tree trimming.
Jan M., San Jose, CA

Very happy. Clean up was done very well.
Eldad E., San Jose, CA

Have used Bartlett for years and they are always good.
Suzanne A., San Jose, CA

Everything was completed to my satisfaction and I am very pleased with the results of the pruning and courtesy of the crew.
Chris D., San Jose, CA

We appreciate the team.
Elena M., San Jose, CA

The whole Bartlett crew was awesome. I highly recommend Bartlett to anyone in need of their services.
Amy C., San Jose, CA

We loved the work and how it turned out.
Kathy M., San Jose, CA

Sean and his crew was excellent. They left my yard looking like it had before they arrived, and took great care to protect the landscaping and plants under and around the tree that was trimmed. I really appreciate their professionalism.
Andrew K., San Jose, CA

I am always amazed at how clean the yard is when they are done.
Sharon B., San Jose, CA

Very happy with the work.
Vickie L., San Jose, CA

Impressed with their professionalism and safety. From my point of view, everything looks good. I observed the first two hours of the work and all looked great. After returning home later that day, it appeared all was clean with no complaints from any of the other neighbors.
Mark G., San Jose, CA

I do love the service.
Helen M., San Jose, CA

Very pleased with work. Cleaned up well.
Kevin K., San Jose, CA

Excellent job.
Bill and Renee O., San Jose, CA

The service was great, I would recommend Bartlett to a friend.
Shelli D., Morgan Hill, CA

Very appreciative of work.
John B., San Jose, CA

Great job!
Stephen P., San Jose, CA

It went well. No worries!
Sue M., San Jose, CA

Great job done on our property in Santa Cruz. Thank you Sean and team!
Anne R., Santa Cruz, CA

I am happy, you did everything you said you would!
David W., San Jose, CA

Everything went according to plan!
Bill & Renee O., San Jose, CA

We are very happy with the way the trees turned out and how the crew cleaned up after the work was done.
Susan C., San Jose, CA

Quick professional and clean. Even kept the kids entertained.
Katherine D., San Jose, CA

Always friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous.
Kristen V., San Jose, CA

We appreciate that Sean makes sure our tree trimming is done correctly.
Helene W., San Jose, CA

Have been using Bartlett's for a number of years now and am pleased with their continued excellent service. Sean and his team are great.
Lynn U., San Jose, CA

It went well. You always do a great job!
Pam W., San Jose, CA

Looks good. They did a fine job. Very polite.
Gary & Susan F., San Jose, CA

We are very pleased with the service provided by Bartlett. Sean was pleasantly easy to work with and an asset to your company.
Brian N., San Jose, CA

Our trees are important to us and you guys know what you are doing. I will use Bartlett each time we prune our trees.
Diane S., San Jose, CA

Crew cleaned up exceptionally well. Work was done to specification and we are happy.
Denise S., San Jose, CA

Sean is amazing. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and gets back to you in a timely manner. The crews that he sends out are also very courteous and helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone with tree problems.
Elizabeth A., San Jose, CA

I was very happy with Sean and the crew.
Steve L., San Jose, CA

Neighbors still compliment me on what Bartlett did a couple of years ago on my giant Camphor tree.
Curt G., San Jose, CA

Sean and Gino were great, on time (actually early), checked in with me, answered my questions, and did a good job cleaning up after the work was completed. I would recommend them in the future.
Audrey B., Carmel, CA

Sean Davis and the crew from Bartlett have been providing services for our trees for a number of years, and the service has always been excellent. We appreciate Sean truly being interested in caring for our trees, especially the 200 plus year old Valley Oak in the front yard. The crew who does the trimming and feeding do a great job, too, especially the clean up after the work. Thank you!
John T., San Jose, CA

Sean was great! He saved my tree when another company wanted to take it out, a 60-year-old tree.
Loretta K., San Jose, CA

I'm completely satisfied with all staff from Sean Davis to the crew. Another job well done!
Pam G., San Jose, CA

Very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
Dennis W., San Jose, CA

Sean is always responsive to my requests and questions. George and the other spray/fertiliser specialist are very knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge. All of the crewmembers that we have interacted with have been friendly.
Ken Y., San Jose, CA

All staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with quality of work performed. Sean Davis as well as the crew are a pleasure to work with.
Chris F., San Jose, CA

I want to commend the Bartlett Tree Crew for the fantastic job removing the monstrous eucalyptus tree from our backyard. This tree was located where the potential for collateral damage was very high, and yet the Bartlett Crew, in spite of the heavy branches and trunk worked diligently and safely with absolutely no harm to our yard. Every part of the tree was removed from all properties effected and the clean-up so thorough that one could not detect a large tree was removed Thanks again to the hard working Bartlett tree Crew!
Jake P., San Jose, CA

Always willing to come out to answer questions we might have about our trees. Thank You so much.
Paul & Peg B., San Jose, CA

Always very good-natured, friendly, on time, and thorough.
Kristen V., San Jose, CA

Sean always does a great job. The crew knows my tree as we have been using your service for about 27 years. Always done perfectly each year.
Joseph A., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis was great to work with!
Pam D., San Jose, CA

Excellent job, and done exactly like I wanted it!
Nancy S., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis has always been helpful and courteous. I recommended him to the neighbors across the street last year when they were having tree problems.
Jasper C., San Jose, CA

It takes a long time for trees to mature, and one bad year could kill a beautiful tree. I trust Bartlett to take care of my trees.
Jean C., San Jose, CA

My interactions have been with Sean Davis. He has been very friendly. His responses to phone calls and emails has been quick and thorough. I didn't expect such personal service from a large company and have been very pleased. I will definitely be using Bartlett again!
Beverly S., San Jose, CA

I appreciated the time staff took to explain what we were trying to achieve with this year's trimming and what approach we might take next year.
Gail D., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis and the other crew members couldn't have been more professional in what they did. I wouldn't consider anyone else for my tree work.
Sherwood W., San Jose, CA

Sean Davis is always a pleasure to work with. He listens well to what is being asked for and delivers on it. Uriel did a wonderful job in the shaping of my front yard Chinese pistache tree. I was very impressed.
Chris F., San Jose, CA

Everything went as planned from the original estimate to completion of the work. Work was completed on time and they totally cleaned up when finished. All the workers were very professional and courteous and demonstrated extensive experience at their jobs. I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again and recommend Bartlett highly.
Robert W., San Jose, CA

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