How to plan and budget tree and shrub care for any property can be a daunting task. It’s difficult to know where to start and how to focus your efforts. But, the experts at Bartlett are here to help and have devised a simple and easy to follow Tree and Shrub Care Plan based on your property's landscape needs.

We start with a site visit from your qualified Bartlett Arborist. This consultation helps us understand the tree and shrub species on the property, the insect and disease populations, the cultural and environmental conditions, and any other factors needed to provide professional recommendations for a well-maintained, safer, and healthy landscape.

Bartlett Arborists use our exclusive web-based management programme, ArborScope™, to document the tree and shrub needs on your property. This programme provides our clients with a multi-year or phased plan that prioritizes immediate needs and intermediate and future recommendations. The plan also includes recommendations on specific soil or plant health care when observed issues affect tree condition or growth.

When a property requires a more in-depth approach: assessments of the risk trees may be posing, or data on tree environmental services, Bartlett’s tree inventory, tree risk assessment, or management plan services accompanied by our management software may be more appropriate. All of Bartlett Tree Experts' advanced tree and shrub services give our clients the knowledge and power to maintain a sustainable, beautiful landscape on any commercial or residential property.

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