Each tree species has special requirements for care. Knowing the history, culture, concerns, and management practices is Bartlett's business. With our extensive research lab, we make it our business to learn everything there is to know to keep your trees healthy. Explore information on the common tree species in your area.


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Lacebugs are common insect pests on many deciduous and evergreen landscape plants. Common host plants include azalea, sycamore, andromeda (Pieris), oak, hawthorn, hackberry, Rhododendron, crabapple, cherry and serviceberry (Amelanchier). Most lacebugs, such as the azalea lacebug or the sycamore lacebug, are limited to the host genera suggested by the common name, while others such as the hawthorn lacebug attack a variety of related genera. Adult lacebugs are light colored with dark brown or black markings, somewhat square in shape, with wings that appear lacy or similar to a stained-glass window. Nymphs are typically black and may have some spines along their backs or sides.

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